Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/27/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/27/04

By Sharron
Pictures by Juanita

Sorry, this is a short one.

Hope goes to the DiMera makeshift mansion and asks Tony for help to disengage the force field, so that she can find Bo. Bart eavesdrops on them. Tony thinks that Hope has discovered his remote that controls the Force Field, so hw diverts her attention by telling her that he couldn't help.  He also tells her that the others, her loved ones, would not want her to risk her life going back into the jungle. Hope distracts Tony and makes a getaway with the remote control. Hope makes her way through the force field into the jungle, and is long gone when Tony discovers the remote missing. He declares that "anyone in the jungle is fair game to be killed."

Meanwhile, Bo is steadily searching for Billy.  When he does find her, she is critical (not sure what this means, sorry). She asks Bo to please warn the others, but before Bo can respond, they are both shot by a dart gun.

Shawn, out of surgery, wakes up.  Lexie asks if he wants to see Belle, or Jan.  Before he can answer, he has a flashback of Philip and Belle being intimate and becomes enraged. He argues with Philip, who tries to defend Belle, but Shawn is angry and he refuses to forgive either of them. Shawn says he remembers what happened with him and Jan, making Jan nervous about being his captor. Shawn remembers kissing Jan but does not remember being held captive by her. Shawn remembers being intimate with Jan and even comments that she is a "hot babe". Jan, taking charge of the situation, shatters Belle even more by convincing Shawn and the others that they were in love and engaged to be married. Belle is broken-hearted and Jan is delighted that she won, yet again.


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