Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/24/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/24/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi rocks another baby in the hospital nursery. The nurse compliments Mimi on her ability with the babies. Mimi flashes back to Lexie telling her that she was pregnant.

Lexie tends to Shawn. Jan sticks to her story. Philip and Belle refuse to believe it, insisting that Shawn would have never given Jan his Brady family cross. Jan shows off her ring, claiming that Shawn is her fiancé. Belle wants to know why Shawn didn’t give her the purity ring back himself. Jan gloats again as she repeats that Shawn was willingly at her house the whole time they were there. Philip yells at Jan to stop lying. Jan tells Belle to have Philip take her home because Shawn doesn’t want her there. Brady and Nicole walk into the ICU waiting room having heard the news about Shawn. Brady is shocked to see Jan there. Nicole asks Jan why she is there.

Jennifer tries to convince Hope not to go to Tony to get back into the jungle. The rest of the captives (minus Alice, Jack, Victor, Bo, Caroline, Tony, and Cassie) burst in to insist that Hope is not going back into the jungle. Hope tries to insist but John demands that she stop because she isn’t going anywhere.

Tony rolls up the map of the island. Bart is still marveling at the setup of New Salem. Tony orders Bart to stay out of sight. They discuss Stefano’s orders that anyone who leaves New Salem must be killed. Bart asks Tony how he and Stefano were able to pull this plan off. Tony stalls and laughs before finally agreeing to tell Bart about how the plan was able to work.

Marlena tries to convince Hope not to go out into the jungle alone. Jennifer tells everyone that Hope had plans to seek Tony’s help. Doug and Abe share how they’re against that idea. Hope points out all the things that Tony helped them with. Maggie shares her concern but it doesn’t dissuade Hope. John empathizes with Hope’s need to find her loved one. When Roman speaks up, Hope accuses Roman of thinking it okay that Bo is out there alone but that it’s not okay for her to go. Roman empathizes with Bo’s reasoning for going but insists that if he’d known he would have stopped Bo.

Bart asks Tony about how he made Marlena think she committed all the murders. Tony tells Bart about how Marlena took medication that enabled her to have ideas implanted in her subconscious for each of the killings. As Tony describes how Marlena killed Abe, it is shown what really happened. Marlena was made to think that she really was killing Abe but it was actually Tony standing behind her shooting a dart that made Abe fall unconscious. Tony then injected a drug in Abe that slowed his body systems to simulate death. Tony then fabricated the wound so that it looked like Abe had been shot in the neck. Tony tells Marlena that she’ll think she killed Abe but won’t remember having done it yet. Tony explains that the bodies were really look a likes and how the funeral director was in on it. Tony adds that all the bodies were given another drug to bring them back to life after being brought to the island. Bart thinks it sounds simple but Tony says that each death had special challenges.

The nurse apologizes to Mimi for blurting out that she thought Mimi was pregnant. A young new mom comes in and adds to their talk about how Rex would feel about being a father to add that the father doesn’t always react the way you wish he would.

Nicole and Jan pretend that they hadn’t seen each other until now. Brady interrupts them to ask about Shawn. Belle fills Brady and Nicole in on Lexie’s last update. Lexie comes out of Shawn’s room for a cup of coffee. Both Jan and Belle ask Lexie if they can see Shawn. Lexie tells them both that they can’t because she doesn’t want Shawn to get agitated again and leaves with a promise to update them soon. Jan gloats that Shawn was calling her name and tells Belle that he doesn’t want her there. Brady asks Jan why she is even there and Jan insists again that Shawn is her fiancé. Brady can’t believe it and Philip fills him in on what Jan has been saying. Jan insists that she is the only woman Shawn wants to be with before walking away. Nicole rolls her eyes. Philip, Belle, and Brady talk about Jan’s past lies. Jan overhears them and takes offense. Nicole asks to speak with Jan alone, under the guise that she wants to try to get Jan to admit that she’s lying. Nicole pulls Jan into the hallway and asks if she has a death wish.

The captives talk about getting off the island. Abe brings up how careful they’ll have to be with Alice and Jennifer explains that Alice is upstairs with Jack and the baby. Roman explains that Caroline and Cassie are preparing food for the journey while Victor is at the force field watching for signs of Bo. Marlena declares that they need to stick together. Hope refuses to leave without Bo.

Bart asks about Jack’s murder. Tony says the difficult part was finding an exact body double because Jack was an organ donor. Tony tells Bart about how he was almost caught by Mickey and the police when Maggie was shot with the dart but that he had put the killer’s mask back on so as not to be seen. Tony tells Bart about how they drugged Caroline’s tea and timed it so that she would die in church. Tony tells about how he caught Cassie on the way to the police station and drugged her and put her up in the piñata. Tony explains that it was early and around Thanksgiving so no one thought anything of seeing him put a piñata up in Salem Place. Tony adds that since Marlena had gone away with John, she hadn’t been programmed about killing Cassie so they had to do that before she confessed. Bart asks about Victor’s death. Tony explains that they took advantage of how Victor’s killer didn’t fully kill Victor. Bart wants to know who did it, knowing that Marlena didn’t but Tony refuses to tell him. Next, Tony explains how Marlena stood in a catatonic state, believing to have killed Roman, while Tony stepped in with the death-simulating drug. Tony explains how he really was the one who struggled with Doug at St. Luke’s cemetery. Tony explains that Doug had time to write the note because he could only inject Doug with half the dose of the drug. Tony explains that he didn’t mean for Alice to become a victim but they couldn’t risk it. Tony tells Bart about how Marlena was made to look like she was killed because of the dart from a sharpshooter that was under their payroll. Bart then asks about why Tony made himself a victim. Tony explains that he had to be a victim for everyone suspected him to be the killer. Bart points out that Tony was almost really killed. Tony flashes back to being attacked by the tiger as he admits that he got sloppy. Tony pulls open his shirt and scratches as he mentions that the scars get itchy sometimes.

The nurse introduces Mimi to the new mom, Lori Jean. Lori Jean has stopped in to nurse her new baby girl Ariana. The nurse brings Lori Jean her baby and leaves her and Mimi alone. Lori Jean assumes that Mimi is the new mom of the baby she is rocking but Mimi explains that she used to volunteer at the hospital by coming in and rocking the babies. Mimi asks Lori Jean about her husband but Lori says that not only isn’t she married but also her boyfriend broke up with her when he found out that she was pregnant. Mimi asks her if she ever considered not having the baby.

Belle asks Lexie to see Shawn but Lexie says she has to check Shawn’s vitals and will let her know. Philip offers to get Belle some tea but Belle insists on staying. Brady asks Belle if Jan could be telling the truth.

Jan wants to leave Nicole and get back to Shawn. Nicole tries to convince Jan that being around when Shawn wakes up is a bad idea. Nicole insists that once Shawn wakes up, he’ll tell everyone what Jan did to him and then Jan will be arrested and be put away. Nicole urges Jan to get out of town but Jan is adamant that once she kills Belle, Shawn will want to be with her.

Roman and Abe insist that Hope is going with them. Hope insists that Bo is still alive. Marlena tries to convince Hope that being home with Shawn and Zack should be her first concern. Hope agrees that she wants that the most and promises Doug that she’ll do whatever she can to help with their plan. Jennifer, Maggie, and Marlena leave to check on Jack, Alice, and the baby. Abe, John, and Roman look over the map. Hope tells them that she is going to make coffee but secretly slips out the back to go after Bo.

Tony peels the scars off and explains to Bart that he was wearing body armor when the tiger attacked him and the paramedics under his employ removed it. Tony suddenly remembers that he has an appointment. Bart goes on about how brilliant this scheme is but Tony tells him to stop sucking up. Bart asks what is going to happen to all the people on the island and everyone back in Salem. Tony buttons his shirt and agrees to tell him.

Mimi regrets asking Lori Jean about having an abortion but Lori assures her it’s okay as she tells Mimi that she may not have a lot to give Ariana but she’s going to be a great mom. Lori tells Mimi about her pregnancy and labor. Mimi asks Lori if she has her mom for help but Lori explains that the farther away her mom is from them the better. Lori insists that Ariana’s father will come back. Lori tells Mimi that they had planned to have the father go to school and her work but now the father will have to find a job right now.

Belle insists that there is no way that Jan could be telling the truth. Philip asks how can Shawn have given Jan his purity ring if Jan isn’t telling the truth. Belle is adamant that she’ll find out the truth when Shawn wakes up.

Nicole tries to talk Jan out of killing Belle. Jan believes that Shawn was calling for her. Jan refuses to believe Nicole’s insistence that Shawn will incriminate her. Jan hopes that Shawn’s head injury has caused him to forget about being held captive. Jan threatens to bring Nicole down with her if she doesn’t help her kill Belle.

Marlena, Maggie, and Jennifer return downstairs and ask about Hope. Roman still believes Hope to be in the kitchen making coffee. Jennifer breathes a sigh of relief, believing that Hope has given up the notion of seeking help from Tony.

Bart holds the remote as he asks what’s next. Tony says he’ll tell Bart as soon as he carefully puts the remote down. Tony begins to tell Bart what will happen next but is interrupted by the doorbell. Tony orders Bart to hide out of sight before answering the door. It is Hope who tells Tony that she needs his help.

Nicole threatens to turn Jan in herself if she does anything to Belle. Jan threatens to turn over the evidence on Nicole if she does before heading back into the waiting room. Jan asks Lexie about Shawn who says that he is still sleeping. Mimi returns to ask Lexie about Shawn. Lexie asks Mimi about how she’s feeling and Mimi tells Lexie that she wants to have an abortion. A nurse coming to tell Lexie that Shawn is waking up interrupts their conversation. Lexie rushes into Shawn’s room and tells everyone that Shawn is awake and will let them know if they can see him on her way by. Brady pulls Nicole aside to ask about her conversation with Jan. Nicole says that Jan wouldn’t change her story. Brady offers to try to talk to Jan but Nicole talks him out of it. Philip and Belle approach to ask about Nicole’s conversation with Jan and Nicole repeats that Jan didn’t say anything new. Belle suggests that Brady go home and get some rest. Brady agrees after telling Philip to take care of Belle. Brady and Nicole leave. Lexie comes out of Shawn’s room and says that Shawn is awake and they can see them now. Jan and Belle go into Shawn’s room with Lexie. Lexie tells Shawn that Jan and Belle are both here to see him and asks him which of them does he wants to see.

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