Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/23/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/23/04

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Philip watches through the window as Lexie preps Belle to go in with Shawn. Rex returns to the room to ask about Shawn and Belle. Rex and Philip argue over who is best for Belle. Rex asks Philip to let Mimi know he’ll be back and leaves to get some food.

Jan watches Belle through the window of Shawn’s room. Jan is determined to get rid of Belle. Jan pulls her Q-pie doll out of her purse and hears it tell her that Shawn will be all hers once she kills Belle. Philip comes up and asks Jan why she is there.

Belle holds Shawn’s hand and asks him to squeeze her hand if he can hear her. Shawn squeezes her hand and begins to mutter Jan’s name. Belle asks Lexie why Shawn wants Jan.

Kate tells Lucas what the ISA agent told her about Billie’s death. Kate pulls Lucas into a hug and vows that whoever did this to Billie is going to pay.

Hope comes back downstairs to tell Jennifer that Jack and the baby are still sleeping. Hope asks if Jennifer plans to sleep. Jennifer says she can’t relax enough to sleep and Hope sympathizes by sharing her experience not being able to sleep while with Larry. Jennifer is grateful that Hope is there and they hug. Hope gets angry that Bo isn’t here with her but Alice enters the room and points out that Hope isn’t angry with Bo, she’s angry with Billie.

John arrives at Roman’s house but pauses to flash back to Marlena’s shower confession and his kiss with Kate. John believes he can’t be angry with Marlena and Roman because of what almost happened between him and Kate but then thinks that he and Kate were only acting on the thought that their spouses were dead while Marlena and Roman knew that their respective spouses were alive. John knocks on Roman’s door. Roman answers it, surprised to see John standing there. John tells Roman that they need to talk.

Tony is meditating. He senses that he is not alone. Master Hattori arrives with a stranger, face unseen, only their hands and pinkie ring shown. Master Hattori pulls out his sheathed weapon and announces that it is time before entering the room. Tony picks up his identical sheathed weapon and opens the sheath slightly as he greets Hattori. Hattori repeats the gesture. The small window in the door is opened and someone peers through the window.

Hope admits that Billie is the source of her anger but defends her feelings. They discuss what happened when Bo went searching for Billie in Europe. Hope shares her fears that Bo could be out there chasing a hallucination. Hope rushes out to talk to Roman about finding Bo.

Roman lets John in and admits that he thinks he knows why he is there. Roman begins to explain but John interrupts to say that Marlena told him everything. Roman admits that it was a mistake and blames it on his near death experience. John declares that he is willing to put this matter behind them for he’d rather talk with Roman about their captor and a plan to get off the island. John proposes that their captor knows exactly what they’re doing with the signal machine and suggests that they turn the tables and have the hunter become the hunted.

Tony and Hattori spar with the weapons still sheathed. Then they spar with the weapons unsheathed. Hattori acknowledges that Tony’s sparring skill has improved. Hattori tells Tony to convince his enemies that he is one of them yet still be able to strike at a moment’s notice. Tony gloats when Hattori’s attempt to spar again is defended by a sharp cut to Hattori’s abdomen. Hattori’s bows to Tony and Tony returns the bow. Hattori declares that Tony is ready for the real work to begin. The stranger enters the room. Tony is shocked to see them.

Sami brings Kate and Lucas a box of tissues and a glass of water before leaving them alone. Will comes back into the living room and asks why Kate is crying. Sami tells Will about Kate and leads him into the bedroom. Kate is sure that Billie’s death could have been prevented and feels that Bo was responsible for Billie’s death.

Jan tells Philip about passing by Shawn’s accident scene and plays the part of a concerned friend. Philip doesn’t buy her story and demands to know why Jan is really there.

Shawn becomes agitated and continues to call out Jan’s name. Belle can’t understand why Shawn is reacting this way. Lexie asks Belle to leave because they believe the sound of Belle’s voice to be causing Shawn more harm than good.

Jennifer worries that Hope will go after Bo and Billie. Alice tries to convince Jennifer that Hope will rethink her impulsiveness. Jennifer worries that seeing Billie with Bo is the one thing that would destroy Hope.

Hope arrives at the force field. She flashes back to when Bo went through it and curses him.

Roman’s house begins to experience power surges. John shares his plan that power surges could be the way to get off the island. John suggests that they get rid of the power supply. Roman worries that there will be retaliation. John suggests that they develop a way to get their fellow captives into a safety zone before attacking. They pour over Abe’s map of the area. They determine that the shoreline and the military airspace aren’t viable options for escape. They decide to head for the power source in the jungle. John and Roman plot out a way to do their plan in stages with the first stage to be centralizing the captives and making sure no one goes off alone. Hope bursts in to tell them that there’s a snag in that plan because Bo has gone off in search of Billie.

The stranger turns out to be Bart who is overjoyed to see Tony alive. Bart grabs Tony in a big bear hug, much to Tony’s disgust. Bart defends his reaction. Tony demands to know why Bart is there. Bart explains that Stefano told him to accompany Hattori on a trip to the Caribbean. Tony notices that Bart is wearing his ring and asks for it back. Bart hands over the ring and sheepishly tries to defend his reasons for wearing it. Hattori announces his plan to leave but offers the wisdom to Tony to never forget who is the student and who is the teacher as he leaves the room. Bart asks Tony who came up with the stalker idea. Tony admits that Stefano came up with the entire plot and that once they are finished with everyone in Salem, they’ll wish the Salem Stalker really killed them. Tony licks his fingers and snuffs out a candle as he laughs.

Kate is convinced that if Bo had never left Billie for Hope, she would still be alive. Lucas tries to convince Kate that Bo didn’t have anything to do with Billie’s death. Kate is angry that Lucas is defending Bo. Sami rejoins Kate and Lucas to say that she agrees that Bo is the reason for Billie’s death, also blaming Bo for Marlena’s death. The phone rings and Will answers it. Will comes back into the living room to tell everyone that that was Rex calling to tell them that Shawn was in an accident.

Jan repeats her story to Philip about how she came across the accident scene. Philip points out that Jan and Shawn were never close. Jan flashes back to trying to make love to a bound and reluctant Shawn in the love cage. Jan tells Philip that Shawn has always been there for her. Philip asks for examples and Jan brings up how Shawn took care of her after Paul raped her. Philip accuses Jan of having guilted Shawn into taking care of her. Jan gets offended at the interrogation. Philip asks how Jan and Shawn could have become such good friends. Jan repeats her story about seeing Shawn and being asked to return his ring to Belle. Belle approaches them to confront Jan about Shawn calling out her name. Lexie joins them to confront Jan as well. Jan declares that she has a confession to make.

Bart and Tony return to the DiMera living room. Bart is amazed at how much the New Salem looks like regular Salem. Tony shows Bart a map of the island that shows that there is a holding area for the captives and an area for everyone else. Tony tells Bart about Bo using the lucky coin to go in search of Billie. Tony orders Bart to keep the captives from discovering the inhabitants on the other side of the island.

Hope fills John and Roman in on Bo’s actions and her fears that Bo is hallucinating. Roman curses Bo for going out on his own. Roman apologizes for not going to help Hope find Bo. Hope decides to go after Bo herself but Roman and John block her from leaving.

Jan announces that she and Shawn were lovers. Philip and Belle can’t believe this news. Belle presses Jan for more details on where and when. Jan tells Belle and Philip that when they came to her house, Shawn was in bed waiting for her and that the noise she blamed on the cat was really Shawn telling her to get rid of them. Belle still has a hard time believing Jan so Jan shows her Shawn’s Brady family cross, claiming that Shawn gave it to her. Philip tries to lead Belle away but Belle wants to know why Shawn would cheat on her with Jan. Jan tells Belle that Shawn never wanted to see her again and hated her. Lucas, Sami, and Kate arrive at the hospital where Rex brings them to the ICU. Sami and Lucas hug Belle and comfort her while Rex and Kate consult Lexie on what is going on. Kate remarks that she knew that Shawn would end up breaking Belle’s heart. Philip wants to hurt Shawn for hurting Belle. Jan tells Philip to drop the noble act and to go after Belle now that Shawn is spoken for by her.

Hope orders Roman and John to step aside and let her go. John and Roman try to convince Hope that they need her around when they put their plan into action. Hope insists that she’ll find a way to get to Bo and leaves Roman and John with the warning that if something happens to Bo, his blood will be on their hands.

Rex points out that Shawn simply saying Jan’s name doesn’t mean that he was wanting her instead of Belle. Kate begins to defend her stance on Shawn being bad for Belle but decides that this isn’t the right time. Rex asks what is wrong and Kate tells him about Billie. Kate asks Rex to protect any children he may have.

Sami has to be held back by Lucas to keep from going after Jan for hurting Belle. Belle joins Jan who is standing outside the window to Shawn’s room. Jan walks away. Belle refuses to believe that Shawn could ever love Jan. Lexie tends to Shawn. Shawn’s monitor goes off as he imagines himself making love to Jan, then Belle, then Jan again. Sami remarks to Lucas that for once they’re the happiest couple in Salem before heading back to comfort Belle. Philip tells Jan that his relationship with Belle is none of her business. Philip insists that Jan is lying and when Shawn wakes up, they’ll know the truth. Belle approaches and demands that Jan tell them the truth.

Roman laments that they don’t have Bo to help them in their plan. John points out that if Stefano is behind this then he won’t stop until he accomplishes the complete destruction of all of his enemies. John suggests that they pray that Hope stays out of the way.

Hope returns to Jennifer’s house and tells her about how John and Roman won’t help her. Hope asks Jennifer how she got through the force field without Patrick’s coin. Jennifer tells Hope about Tony’s medallion and Hope rushes out to “make a deal with the devil.”

Tony works on the map coordinates when the phone rings. It is Stefano. Tony tells Stefano about Bart being there and Hattori having been there to offer advice. Tony circles where he wrote Bo’s name on the map as he tells Stefano that anyone who tries to enter the jungle through the perimeter will be killed.

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