Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/22/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/22/04

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Lucas, Sami, and Will are playing poker. Will easily beats them. Will tells Lucas and Sami about a fellow camper who taught him how to play but had to go home early to attend his parent’s wedding. Will asks Lucas and Sami when they plan to get married.

Kate is startled as she leaves her hotel room by turning around to see a man standing there. The man confirms her identity and holds up his ISA badge. The man tells Kate that Billie has died. Kate bursts into tears.

Hope comes downstairs in Jennifer and Jack’s house and looks out the front window. She flashes back to when Bo left her at the force field. Hope joins Jennifer in the living room that is resting on the couch. Maggie brings Jennifer a cup of warm milk. Jennifer tells Maggie and Hope that she feels safe and warm being with them. Jennifer says that she is blessed and grateful to be alive despite being so far from home. Jennifer brings up how good watching an old movie right now would be which reminds Maggie of the live feed from Salem they were shown. Maggie worries about what might be going on back home.

Max rests on the floor by the bed as Mickey and Bonnie lie in bed and joke about their love life. Bonnie tells Mickey about how great it is to relax without having to worry about the next ambush hiding around the corner. Max rolls over and hides his eyes when Mickey and Bonnie resume their lovemaking.

Julie sits at the kitchen table replying to an e-mail from Laura. She types to Laura that she has trouble sleeping and that she fears every time the telephone rings, it’ll be bad news. The phone rings and it is the news about Shawn.

Jan stands by Shawn’s bedside. She flashes back to seeing the crime scene. A nurse walks up and Jan asks if Shawn is going to be okay. The nurse asks if she is family but when Jan says no, she is told to leave. Jan turns to leave and tells Shawn that he can’t die because she has their whole life together mapped out.

Jan eavesdrops as Lexie fills Belle, Philip, Rex, and Mimi in on Shawn’s condition. Lexie tells them that they are going to do surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain. Mimi says she feels sick and leaves. Rex follows her. Belle asks Lexie for her opinion on Shawn’s chances. Lexie tells Belle to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Belle sobs and turns to Philip for comfort. Lexie leaves.

Belle asks Philip if Shawn could have been on his way home when he crashed. Belle tells Philip that she can’t lose Shawn because she still loves him. Belle asks Philip to join her in the chapel to pray for Shawn. Philip agrees and they head for the chapel.

Rex waits outside the restroom door for Mimi. When Mimi comes out, Rex asks if she is okay. Mimi says she is okay but felt sick to her stomach. Rex suggests that it could be a bug. Mimi flashes back through talking with Bonnie and Rex about having a baby. Mimi blames her upset stomach on nerves. Mimi suggests that they go back and see if they can find out anything about Shawn. Rex has an idea and leads Mimi away.

Julie arrives at the hospital and tells the nurse at the desk that she is here about Shawn. Mickey and Bonnie rush up to the desk. Mickey steps up to explain that he is Shawn’s power of attorney and needs to sign the papers to authorize the surgery. The nurse leads Mickey away to sign the forms. Julie lashes out at Bonnie for arriving without taking the time to dress properly. Bonnie criticizes Julie for using this time to lash out at her and walks away to find a seat. Julie laments about how this isn’t fair to the family but suddenly notices that Bonnie is crying. Julie walks up and offers a handkerchief to Bonnie. Bonnie blows her nose in it and hands it back to Julie.

Mickey watches the staff wheel Shawn into surgery. Mickey calls Lexie over to ask about Shawn. Lexie promises to do everything she can but is thankful that Bo and Hope aren’t there to witness this.

Maggie asks Jennifer if she should be worried about Bonnie and Mickey. Jennifer assures Maggie that she is the love of Mickey’s life. Maggie begins to sob as she thinks of losing Mickey to another woman. Maggie goes into the kitchen to make sandwiches. Jennifer tells Hope how bad she feels for lying to Maggie about how much Bonnie has moved into Mickey’s life. Hope tells Jennifer how she is convinced that their captor is messing with the couples of Salem. Jennifer begins rattling off the names of the already split up couples but Hope explains that she meant her and Bo. Hope tells Jennifer about how Bo is out in the jungle right now looking for Billie.

Kate lets the ISA agent into her room to ask how Billie died. The ISA agent hands Kate a large envelope. The agent tells Kate that Billie was on an undercover assignment and the mission was compromised. The agent leaves and Kate sits on the couch and sobs.

Sami prepares popcorn. Will insists on knowing when Sami and Lucas will set a date. Sami thinks through a series of what if questions as to whether she should go through with the wedding. Lucas does the same. Sami tells Will that they haven’t set a date because everyone is still in mourning. When Will points out that a wedding would cheer people up, Lucas agrees and asks Sami if she’s ready to get married.

Jennifer asks Hope to fill her in. Hope tells Jennifer about how Bo says he saw Billie tonight in the jungle. Hope suggests that Billie may have gotten too close to the truth and was put here. When Jennifer asks why Billie wasn’t just killed, Hope worries that Billie may have been put on the island for Bo to find her. Hope wants to know why Bo insisted on going out to look for Billie alone instead of asking John or Roman or Abe to join him. Maggie drops the food when she walks in and hears that Billie is on the island.

Rex brings Mimi to the hospital nursery.

Jan has now dressed up like a nurse so as to stick around unrecognized. She eavesdrops on Bonnie and Julie’s conversation. Bonnie apologizes for falling apart. Bonnie tells Julie how much she admires her for being able to go on after losing so many people. Mickey joins them and tells Julie about Shawn’s surgery. Jan is convinced that Shawn’s accident is Belle’s fault and vows to make her pay.

Belle and Philip arrive at the hospital chapel. Belle tells Philip about how she and Shawn came here to pray for Marlena. Philip offers to pray with Belle and they kneel at the altar. Together, they recite the Lord’s Prayer. Belle asks God how she will be able to let Shawn go. Shawn’s spirit appears behind them and tells Belle that she has no choice this time. Belle exclaims that Shawn is gone.

Bonnie offers to go to the cafeteria and bring back tea. Mickey accepts the offer and Bonnie leaves. Julie tells Mickey that this family can’t stand another funeral. Lexie returns to the waiting room and tells Mickey and Julie that she is sorry but they did everything they could.

Rex tells Mimi that he likes to stop by the nursery no matter what he has to come to the hospital for. Mimi asks if Rex ever thinks of them standing there waving at their own baby. When Rex says he does, Mimi prepares to tell him about her pregnancy. A nurse who used to work with her when Mimi was a candy striper interrupts Mimi. The nurse offers to let Mimi rock a baby but when Mimi hesitates, she asks Mimi if she is pregnant. Bonnie observes them from a distance.

Kate calls Austin and leaves a message for him to call her for she has some bad news. Kate empties out the envelope of Billie’s things and finds keys to Lucas’ apartment. Kate remembers that Lucas’ apartment originally belonged to Billie.

Sami hesitates to answer Lucas because as she points out, she has a bad record at the altar and wants to have a long engagement to make sure this one turns out right. Will accuses Sami of stalling. Sami insists she is only asking for time to be able to get everything done. Will gets up to grab a calendar from his backpack but Sami stops him with the reasoning that she doesn’t want to get married until June of next year. Will asks why Sami and Lucas can’t be like Leave it to Beaver where in one scene Ward was proposing to June and the next, they were walking down the aisle. Sami and Lucas tell Will that there are a lot of things to consider before they get married and Will accuses them of not really wanting to get married.

Maggie feels bad for going on about Bonnie while Billie was here. Hope tells Maggie and Jennifer about Bo tricking her. Jennifer tries to convince Hope not to beat herself up over this but Hope can’t help it. Hope worries that Bo will be killed trying to rescue Billie. They are reminded of Patrick and Jennifer blames herself for his death. Hope and Maggie are quick to tell Jennifer otherwise. Hope tells Maggie and Jennifer that if given the chance, Billie would stop at nothing to break up her and Bo. Hope feels that their captor also has that plan in mind.

Jan continues to eavesdrop. Julie and Mickey fear that Lexie is telling them that Shawn is dead but Lexie assures them that Shawn survived the surgery. Lexie explains that they weren’t able to completely stop the bleeding and that if Shawn’s body doesn’t clot and repair its own membrane, he won’t be able to survive. Lexie leaves to check on Shawn, promising to return to speak with them. Belle overhears Mickey mention that he can’t imagine life without Shawn and fears that Shawn really is gone.

Sami assures Will that they are going to get married. Lucas wants to wait until he gets another job. Lucas and Sami suggest the idea of waiting until they could afford a house. Will suggests that they move in together and get rid of Billie’s apartment.

Kate stands outside Sami’s apartment as she asks Billie how she is going to be able to tell Lucas.

Rex introduces himself to the nurse as Mimi’s boyfriend and insists that if Mimi were pregnant, he’d know about it. The nurse apologizes for her mistake and gushes about how great a mom Mimi would make before leaving. Bonnie walks up and explains that she came with Mickey. Bonnie asks Rex to talk alone with Mimi. Rex leaves to find Belle and inquire about Shawn. Mimi insists that she has to tell Rex about the baby. Bonnie tries to convince Mimi that telling Rex is a bad idea because while he’ll do the right thing, he will eventually leave her. Mimi defends Rex and quickly ends the argument. Bonnie warns Mimi not to wait too long to make a decision before leaving. Mimi turns back to look in the nursery window where the nurse offers again to let Mimi hold a baby.

Julie and Mickey assure Belle that Shawn isn’t dead. Jan eavesdrops on their conversation. Julie suggests that Belle go in and talk to Shawn to help encourage Shawn to pull through. Julie grabs Lexie to ask if Belle can go in and Lexie likes the idea. Belle worries that Shawn won’t respond to her because he was upset with her before the accident. Philip supports the idea and tells Belle that if anyone can save Shawn, it’s her. Lexie leads Belle to get scrubbed up.

Sami is against the idea of moving in together but Lucas agrees with Will. Lucas gets on one knee and holds out a pocket calendar asking if Sami will set a date. Sami agrees and they kiss. Kate knocks on the door and Will yells at her to go away. Kate identifies herself and Will opens the door and apologizes. Lucas notices that Kate is upset and sends Will out of the room. Kate says that she has horrible news and Sami jokes that planning their wedding is not horrible. Kate tells Lucas that Billie is dead.

Maggie tries to calm Hope down. Maggie wonders why their captor would try and break up their relationships. Jennifer points out that love is the most precious thing. Hope points out that if it is Stefano, then he’s out for revenge. Maggie assures Hope that Bo will never leave her. Hope senses that something bad is going to happen and returns to stare out the front window. Hope worries that their captor is positioning them for a great fall that would change their lives forever.

The nurse hands Mimi a baby to rock. Mimi looks at the baby and worries about what she is going to do.

Julie and Mickey talk about their hopes that Belle can bring Shawn back. Bonnie joins them and adds that love is a powerful thing.

Rex joins Philip who is watching Lexie help Belle get dressed to sit with Shawn. Rex tells Philip that he is going to the cafeteria to get something for Mimi’s stomach and asks Philip to let Mimi know that he’ll be back. Philip walks away from the room and runs into Jan.

Belle holds Shawn’s hand and lets him know that she’s there. Lexie watches as Shawn mutters Jan’s name.

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