Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/21/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/21/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi calls information for Family Planning Abortion Services. Rex overhears the call as he enters with the flowers and asks Mimi who is having an abortion. Mimi says she can explain but Rex stops her and says that he knows exactly what is going on.

Brady and Nicole are dining at the Chinese restaurant. Brady jokes about how making love four times can give one an appetite. Nicole thinks to herself that with Chloe dead, no one can come between her and Brady.

Jan arrives at the Chinese restaurant and spots Nicole’s car. She plans to ask Nicole for help to get Shawn before he can break up Belle and Philip.

Philip, flowers in hand, listens to Belle talking to Shawn’s picture. Philip tosses the flowers in the trashcan and turns to leave. Belle turns around and sees him and tries to apologize. Philip comes back into the room and tells Belle that as long as Shawn is alive, he will remain this brick wall between them.

The doctor consults Lexie on Shawn’s case. Lexie curses motorcycles and talks about the severity of the injuries as she looks over the file. Lexie is shocked to see Shawn lying in the bed when she arrives in the room. The doctor tells Lexie that Bo and Hope might have to deal with losing Shawn.

Hope refuses to let Bo go back out into the jungle. Bo insists that he has no choice because Billie is out there who knows something and he has to find her. Hope questions whether Bo was really hallucinating when he saw her. Bo flashes back to his kiss with Billie. Bo insists that he’s sure that it was really Billie. Bo tells Hope about finding Billie having been hit by a dart and being knocked out. Hope warns Bo that he might be falling into a trap set by Billie.

The waiter arrives with a flaming appetizer. Nicole explains to Brady that she ordered it special because it is as hot as he is. Brady jokes about the food being so hot after tasting it that he should dunk his head in the fish tank. Nicole jokes that the fish don’t look too friendly and then sees Jan’s face on one of the fish. Brady’s interest is peaked when Nicole says Jan’s name.

The doctor tells Lexie that the neurosurgeon is not optimistic. Lexie takes Shawn’s hand and tells him to squeeze it if he can hear her. Shawn flashes back through the events leading up to his accident. Lexie checks Shawn’s pupils as she curses him for not wearing a helmet. The doctor mentions that there was a helmet found on the scene but Shawn must not have had it strapped on. Lexie tells the doctor about how Hope is presumed dead and Bo went to find her and is now missing as well as she wonders what else this family can take.

Bo and Hope argue about Billie. Hope reminds Bo that the last time they saw Billie, Larry Welch had kidnapped her and Zack. Bo defends Billie’s actions at that time. Hope suggests that Billie would have wanted her to end up dead at the hands of Larry. Bo asks Hope if she wants Billie dead. Hope denies wanting that but questions whether Billie is being tricked again. Bo insists that he can take care of himself. Hope suggests that Billie may be in on a big plan to break them up.

Rex believes that Mimi was calling the clinic to get advice on birth control for Belle. Mimi goes along with his theory and asks to change the subject. Mimi notices the flowers and thanks him for them. Rex explains that he thought the flowers would cheer her up and he wanted her to know how much he loves her. They kiss. Rex asks Mimi if she regrets having sex with him. Mimi immediately insists that she doesn’t but thinks to herself about how she wishes she hadn’t gotten pregnant. Mimi flashes back to Belle telling her that she should tell Rex about the baby. Mimi asks Rex why he thinks she regretted having sex with him. Rex explains that the last time they made love Mimi was overly emotional as she was when she last regretted sleeping with Rex. Mimi tells Rex about how it was good that Shawn and Belle waited and she wished they had waited but that she’s sure that she wants them to be together forever. Rex tells Mimi that he is glad that they can talk about these things for Mimi is the one person who has always been good to him. Rex is thankful that they can share everything together. Mimi decides that she has to tell Rex about the pregnancy.

Philip apologizes to Belle. He takes her hand as he tells her that he loves that she’s a helpless romantic who is in for the long haul when she loves someone. Belle tells Philip about how it felt like Shawn was with her but then something horrible happened. Philip asks what happened but Belle doesn’t know, only explaining that she has a gut feeling that she’s never going to see him again. Philip vows that he will never push Belle and that their relationship is meant to be. Belle begins to sob as she realizes that she and Shawn were supposed to be meant to be. Belle tells Philip that she’s not sure that she could ever love again the way she loves Shawn. Philip promises to track Shawn down so Belle can hear that it’s over from him directly. Belle says she has a horrible feeling that it is too late.

The hospital staff has wrapped Shawn’s head in bandages. The first doctor checks out the monitors and shakes her head no to Lexie. Lexie prays to let Shawn live.

Bo can’t believe that someone would go to such expense simply to break them up. Hope shares her theory about how it’s more of a grand plan to break up the current couples in Salem so that those who are meant to be together are kept from their true soul mates. Bo believes the theory to be far fetched and accuses Hope of being forced to fall in love with Patrick. Hope scoffs at the idea but defends Patrick. Bo asks if Hope wants him to leave Billie out in the jungle and Hope insists she doesn’t. Bo says he is going into the jungle but Hope insists that he won’t go without her.

Nicole tells Brady that she didn’t say Jan but said man. Nicole leans in close to Brady to wipe some sauce off Brady’s cheek and sees Jan standing behind the fish tank dressed as if she works at the restaurant. Jan tells Nicole about Shawn escaping and asks for her help. Nicole refuses to help and tells Jan that she should burn down her house to get rid of the evidence that she ever held Shawn captive and to get out of Salem. Jan says she can’t do that.

The first doctor believes there is nothing to be done for Shawn. Lexie argues for a chance to perform a craniotomy on Shawn. The other doctor is against it because it could kill Shawn and that he’s not stable enough to withstand surgery. Lexie insists that they have to try because Shawn has no hope for a meaningful life without the surgery. Shawn’s monitors go off as he begins to code. Lexie orders the other doctor to get a crash cart.

Rex notices Mimi’s serious look. Mimi says this is hard to tell him. Rex asks if this is about the surprise she wanted to tell him. Mimi begins to tell him about her pregnancy but instead says that she wants to get married and start a family with him. They kiss and Rex tells Mimi that that is what he wants too. Rex tells Mimi about how thankful he were that he and Cassie were twins because there was always someone there. Mimi is overjoyed when Rex tells her that it is his life’s dream to be a great father. Mimi’s good mood is dashed when Rex repeats that having a baby right now though would be a bad idea. Mimi agrees with Rex that there’s plenty of time for them to wait and start a family.

Belle insists that she has a strong feeling that Shawn needs her. Philip insists that him finding Shawn is the best thing for them. Belle says that she doesn’t want to hear from Shawn that it’s over. Belle believes that when she sees Shawn face to face that their love will overcome everything. Philip tells Belle that if she goes back to Shawn, he’ll break her heart again. Philip pulls Belle close when she starts to sob again.

Jan is adamant that she can make Shawn fall in love with her. Nicole tries to convince Jan that she can’t make someone love her, especially after committing crimes against him. Nicole advises Jan to forget about Shawn and to disappear. Jan accuses Nicole of wanting to get rid of Jan because she has proof that Nicole killed Colin and has Victor’s will. Nicole notices several large knives on a nearby table and considers reaching for one. Jan notices what Nicole is thinking about and warns her not to do it because she has it set up so that her lawyer will send the evidence about Colin if Nicole kills her. Jan believes that Shawn is close to falling in love with her based on the Stockholm syndrome. Jan uses Brady and Nicole’s relationship as an example but Nicole insists that it took Chloe dying to even get to where Brady is now barely opening up to her. Jan tells Nicole about her plan to kill Belle so that Shawn would then turn to her like Brady turned to Nicole after Chloe’s death. Nicole warns Jan that she can’t do that because Belle is Brady’s sister. Their conversation is suddenly interrupted when Brady walks by to inquire as to what is going on.

Bo tries to convince Hope to stay in New Salem. Hope is adamant that Bo doesn’t go back into the jungle alone where she could risk losing him. They begin to kiss but Hope pulls away fearing that this is Bo’s way of saying goodbye. Bo gives in and goes back inside with Hope to get supplies. Bo fears that they will regret this.

Nicole covers by telling Brady that she was ordering a special platter for them. Jan acts like a waitress and leaves to place that order. Brady thanks her and suggests they had back to the table. They make their way back to the table and Brady asks if Nicole is all right. Nicole insists that she is fine. Out of sight, Jan pulls off her disguise and decides to continue on with her plan to find Belle and kill her.

Lexie orders two shocks from the defibrillator to try and resuscitate Shawn. Shawn remains flat line.

Brady senses that Nicole is now preoccupied. Brady takes Nicole’s hand as he tells her that they’ve lost a lot of people but need to move on. Nicole grows restless as she listens to Brady talk about how devastated he’d be if he ever lost his dad or his sister. Nicole blurts out that Brady can’t lose Belle.

Belle returns downstairs shortly followed by Philip. Mimi tells Belle about sending Philip up to see her. Mimi notices that Belle has been crying and Rex lashes out at Philip, believing him to have made Belle cry. Rex and Philip start to argue but Belle defends Philip and explains that she was crying about Shawn. The phone rings and Mimi offers to answer it. It is Lexie who asks to speak to Belle. Belle gets on the phone and Lexie tells her that she needs to come down to the hospital so she can tell her what is wrong in person. Belle asks Philip to take her to the hospital. Philip asks what happened and Belle explains that Lexie wouldn’t tell her but that she fears it is about Shawn.

Jan is out walking and happens upon Shawn’s crash site. A police officer stops her from getting any closer. Jan questions the officer about what happened. Jan realizes that it is Shawn’s bike and begs the officer to tell her that Shawn isn’t dead.

Bo and Hope return to the force field. Bo picks up a rock and throws it at the force field to see how powerful the force field is. The force field throws the charred and smoking rock back on their side. Bo fakes being dizzy to get Hope to leave him alone. Hope rushes off to fill a canteen with water from a spring. While Hope is gone, Bo disarms the force field and steps through. Hope rushes back and tries to join him but the force field comes back before she can cross through. Bo fears that Hope is the one who got zapped but it was only the canteen. Hope is angry that Bo tricked her. Bo apologizes and insists that he has to go. Hope calls out to beg Bo not to go. Bo ignores her cries and heads into the jungle.

Nicole quickly changes the subject. Brady wants to talk about having a happy life together. Nicole thinks to herself about how they can still have a happy life if Jan leaves town.

Jan arrives at University Hospital to look for Shawn. She quickly hides when Belle, Philip, Mimi, and Rex arrive looking for Lexie. Lexie joins them and pulls Belle aside to tell her that Shawn was in a very serious motorcycle accident. Belle sobs as she thinks that Shawn is dead. Philip quickly steps in to comfort Belle. Jan eavesdrops on the conversation.

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