Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/20/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/20/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn finds Belle’s torn picture of him. He flashes back to seeing Philip carry Belle to the bed. Shawn believes that Belle did sleep with Philip.

Mimi urges Belle to forget about Shawn and give Philip a chance. Belle can’t stop thinking about Shawn. Belle senses that something is wrong and inquires about Rex. Mimi tells Belle about Rex’s new job and Belle goes on about getting married and having kids. Mimi begins to cry at the mention of kids. Belle pushes Mimi to tell her what is wrong and Mimi proclaims that she is pregnant and that it’ll ruin Rex’s life.

Rex stops in at a flower shop to buy a dozen roses for Mimi. The florist says that it is his last dozen. Philip walks in to the shop and offers to pay 3 times what Rex is paying for those roses. Rex refers to Philip as someone who thinks he can buy a girl but warns him that his relationship with Belle won’t work.

Maggie lays a blanket over Jennifer who is asleep on the couch. Marlena tends to Jennifer as Maggie explains that Jennifer is so weak that she could only make it to the couch on her way to have dinner. Marlena worries about the loss of blood and Maggie wonders if Jennifer might not survive. Jennifer talks in her sleep as she dreams that Jack has come back to say goodbye. Marlena and Maggie exchange glances as they listen to Jennifer call out no in her sleep.

Jack is shown as the body on the ledge. Hope and Bo pull up the vine from their end and realize that they’ve lost Patrick. They flash back to when Patrick fell. They figure that Patrick didn’t survive the fall. Bo decides that there’s still a chance to save the body on the ledge, which they don’t know yet to be Jack, but Hope refuses to let Bo go down to the ledge.

Mimi regrets not having used any other birth protection besides a condom. Mimi is convinced that Rex’s whole life will be ruined if he ever found out about the baby. Belle insists that Rex deserves to know and would stand by her.

Marlena and Maggie try to comfort Jennifer as she dreams and calls out Jack’s name. In her dream, Jennifer pleads with Jack to stay and tells him about their baby. Jack tells Jennifer to tell the baby that he’ll love them all forever. They kiss and Jack walks away into the light. Jennifer calls out to beg him to come back. Maggie pulls Marlena aside to ask if there is anything she can do to help her. Marlena says that the only thing that can help is to have Jack there so she can know that he is alive.

Hope tries to convince Bo that she can’t risk losing him. Hope points out that the vine wasn’t strong enough for Patrick and that she should go because she is lighter. Bo agrees to that logic and decides it’s better that he stays up top so he can pull them both up. Bo makes Hope promise not to take any chances. They exchange “I love you’s” and kiss. Bo helps lead Hope down to the ledge. Hope realizes that it is Jack on the ledge and attempts to find a pulse. Hope makes the assessment that Jack is dead when she determines that he isn’t breathing nor has a pulse.

Philip tells Rex that he wasn’t talking to her. The florist leaves them alone. Rex insists that Belle is in love with Shawn. Philip vows that he will never desert Belle like Shawn did and that if Rex cared about Belle, he’d realize that Shawn doesn’t deserve Belle.

Shawn rushes back to town on his motorcycle. He flashes back to seeing Belle tell Philip that she wants to wear his ring. The motorcycle begins to sputter.

Bo wraps his shirt around a bloody hand from the thorns on the vine. He calls down to Hope to ask about Jack. Hope yells at Jack to come back for his family and Jack slightly moves his head. Hope yells back up to Bo that Jack is alive but unconscious. Bo warns Hope to be careful and brace herself against the wall as he pulls Jack up. Hope breaths a sigh of relief as she waits on the ledge. Bo unties Jack from the vine and sends it back down for Hope. Bo worries about Billie and Hope worries about Patrick but they both decide to get Jack back first. They gather their things and balance Jack between them before heading back out of the jungle. Jack comes to, muttering about having to save Jennifer.

Mimi makes Belle promise not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. Belle asks if anyone else knows besides Lexie. Mimi tells Belle about how Bonnie knows and that she was the one who urged Mimi to get rid of the baby. Mimi tells Belle about how Rex doesn’t want kids right now. Belle insists that Mimi and Rex will find a way to make their family work and advises Mimi not to keep a secret like she did with Shawn. Belle insists that while this situation may not be ideal, Rex will gladly take responsibility. Mimi is convinced that because Rex would want to do the right thing, their relationship will suffer and she’ll be stuck having to raise the baby alone. Mimi sees her future turning out like Bonnie’s life. Belle is shocked that Mimi could be considering getting rid of the baby.

Rex accuses Philip of going behind Shawn’s back. Philip threatens to physically fight Rex.

Shawn’s motorcycle is working again as he heads toward town. He flashes back to Jan gloating about how Philip and Belle are making love. Shawn blinks back tears and tries to swerve before crashing into some trashcans.

Marlena affixes a bandage to Jennifer’s arm after the blood transfusion. Alice asks Marlena about Jennifer’s health as Maggie cares for the baby. Jennifer lies down to go back to sleep. Marlena tells Alice that Jennifer could use some good news to help her feel better. Hope announces that they can help with that as they enter the house with Jack. Jack calls out to Jennifer and Jennifer wakes up to see him standing there. Jennifer holds out her arms for him and Bo and Hope lead him to the couch where he and Jennifer embrace and kiss. Everyone laughs as Jack delights in the news of having a son. Maggie brings the baby to the reunited couple.

Marlena offers to check Jack over as she assures Jack that Jennifer will be fine. Jennifer is shocked to hear what Jack has been through. Jack insists that he is fine. Alice believes that this is a sign that their luck is changing. Jennifer profusely thanks Hope and Bo for rescuing Jack. Marlena asks about the force field and Jennifer inquires about Patrick when Hope mentions the coin. Hope delivers the news that Patrick is dead.

Rex and Philip are about to step outside to fight when the florist returns with two different bouquets where he has split up the roses and added other flowers. Rex and Philip agree that that is fine and they each pay for their flowers. Rex scoffs at Philip’s plan to give the flowers to Belle before leaving to bring his flowers to Mimi.

Mimi insists that having an abortion is the last thing she wants to do but it may be the only option. Belle insists that Mimi must tell Rex the truth before she makes any decision. Suddenly, Belle stops talking because she senses that Shawn is in danger.

Paramedics arrive to help Shawn who is unconscious on the ground and covered in blood. One paramedic takes his pulse and tells his partner that this is bad. The other paramedic suggests that they may need a body bag.

Jennifer has a hard time believing that Patrick could have died. She urges Bo and Hope to go back out and find him. Bo and Hope tell her that there is no way that Patrick could have survived. Bo still has his suspicions about Patrick but Jennifer and Hope defend him. Jennifer asks for the doubloon in hopes that it’ll help bring Patrick back. Marlena returns to deliver the news that she has checked Jack over and once the antibiotics, aspirin, and fluids kick in, he should be fine. Jennifer leaves to be with him. Marlena notices Bo’s cut on his head and offers to look at it. Bo insists he is fine but Hope makes him let Marlena look him over too. Hope leaves to get some water. Marlena asks Bo about dizziness to which he admits he’s been a little dizzy. Bo winces when Marlena puts her hand on his shoulder. Marlena asks what happened and Bo flashes back to being knocked out while chasing Billie. Bo tells Marlena that he is fine but asks her to keep Hope busy so she doesn’t know about him going back into the jungle.

Mimi declares that she has decided not to tell Rex about the baby so things will stay as they are now. Belle urges her to tell Rex. Mimi makes Belle swear to secrecy. Mimi feels that her life may as well be over. Belle pulls her close for a hug and goes upstairs to get her shawl when she realizes that Mimi is shaking.

Rex and Philip step off the elevator at their lofts. Rex offers a final warning before heading into his loft. Philip enters his loft and greets Mimi. When Mimi sees the flowers, she tells Philip that he should go upstairs and give them to Belle right now because he is exactly what she needs.

Belle has a hard time finding the shawl. Belle picks up Shawn’s picture and asks it why she feels like she’s losing him all over again.

Shawn is wheeled into the hospital. The paramedics tell the hospital staff about being able to resuscitate Shawn at the scene. The doctor calls for a head CT and tells a nurse to page the neurosurgeon with the news that they have a severe head injury that may not make it.

Rex enters Belle’s loft to give Mimi the flowers and overhears Mimi calling information for the number to a family planning abortion service. Rex asks who is planning on having an abortion.

Philip sneaks up behind Belle to give her the flowers. He hears Belle tell Shawn’s picture that she loves him and will never get over him. Philip dumps the flowers in the trashcan.

The doctors consult the scans. The first doctor decides that even if they can drain the hematoma, Shawn may end up brain dead.

Jack sleeps on the couch. Jennifer covers him with a blanket as she tells him that he will be okay and they’ll be a family again back in Salem. Bo asks Jennifer for the doubloon, promising to bring it back but refusing to say why he wants it. Jennifer gives him the coin and Bo leaves.

Bo begins to head away from the house but Hope catches him. Bo tells her that he is going back out into the jungle. Hope thinks that Bo is going to look for Patrick but Bo says he isn’t going back for Patrick. Hope realizes that Bo is going back into the jungle for Billie.

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