Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/17/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/17/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami and Lucas anxiously wait for Will to return home from summer camp. Sami can’t believe that they haven’t told Will yet about their engagement. Sami suggests that they have Will join them on the honeymoon. Sami gives Lucas a list of places to call to schedule a rehearsal dinner. Sami turns her ring around so Will won’t see it and spoil the surprise. The doorbell rings and Sami thinks it is Will and begins to greet him accordingly. It is actually Kate at the door.

Bo and Patrick argue about who will go down to the ledge. Hope takes it upon herself to go. Bo and Patrick pull Hope’s vine back up, despite Hope’s wishes. Bo is against Hope going down and Hope thinks that it is because she is a woman.

Mimi leaves the loft. She stops to flashback to Rex saying that having a baby would be a mistake. Mimi seeks a quiet place to think and decides to let herself in to use Belle’s loft.

Belle sits outside the room. Philip joins her and she apologizes for spoiling their night. Philip suggests they go back inside and Philip vows that he loves Belle and will wait until she is ready. They kiss and head back into the room.

Jan has taped Shawn’s mouth again. She returns him to her country home. Jan promises Shawn that she would never let Belle hurt him again. Shawn pretends to be ill to get Jan to remove the tape around his arms. With his arms free, Shawn pushes Jan to the floor and warns her to shut up.

Shawn pushes the wheelchair across the room out of his way. Shawn vows that Jan will pay for everything she has done. Jan insists that she has been nothing but good to Shawn. Jan pleads with Shawn to forget about Belle. Shawn declares that if Belle is gone, he has nothing to live for. Shawn promises to find Belle and tell her what Jan did to him. Jan tries to convince Shawn that it is too late but Shawn grabs her and pulls her close to his face so he can tell her that it is not too late before shoving her to the ground. Jan gets on her knees to beg Shawn to stay as Shawn walks away.

Sami asks Kate why she is there. Kate explains that she came by to see Will. Lucas explains that another child’s parents are bringing him home. Kate offers to wait and Sami agrees that that is okay. Lucas tells Kate that he wants her to go.

Hope is angry with Bo for his sexist thinking. Bo explains that he believes Hope to be able to do anything. Hope insists that Patrick can vouch for her ability to fend for herself. Bo doesn’t want to hear anything about Patrick and Patrick says he doesn’t want to be involved. Hope tells Bo that he wouldn’t believe what she and Patrick have been through which leads Bo to confront Patrick about what he’s been up to with Hope.

Kate can’t understand why Lucas doesn’t want her to stay. Lucas explains that he and Sami want to take Will out to dinner and tell him about their engagement. Kate agrees to leave and offers to take Will out to a ball game tomorrow afternoon. Sami is against the idea at first but Lucas suggests that it would be a good idea because they could use the time to buy Will’s school clothes. They say goodnight and Kate leaves. Kate worries that Sami is up to something because she is being too nice. Kate flashes back to when Lucas demanded that she and Sami call a truce. Kate wonders if Sami is only being nice to her because she doesn’t want to lose Lucas.

Jan takes her anger out on the items in the love cage. She picks up the Q-pie doll to throw it but suddenly stops. She hears the doll tell her that she can get Shawn back again.

Shawn rides away on his motorcycle. He flashes back to seeing Belle and Philip together. Shawn vows to get Philip.

Hope defends Patrick to Bo. Hope suggests that if it were Billie, Bo wouldn’t have any problem sending her down to the ledge. Bo suggests that this isn’t about Billie and it could be Billie down on that ledge. Hope believes Billie to simply be a figment of Bo’s imagination, a result of his head wound. Bo insists that he really saw Billie in the jungle and once he finds her he will make sure that she never comes between them again. Bo is adamant that Hope will not be going down to the ledge.

Mimi helps herself to a drink and stares out the window. In the quiet, Mimi thinks about her conversation with Bonnie. She ponders what to do.

Sami wants to call Adam, Will’s friend’s, mother to see why they aren’t home yet. Before she can call, Will walks in the door. Sami gives him a huge hug and Lucas shakes his hand. Sami wants to hear all the details but Will doesn’t want to tell her. Lucas asks for the details and Sami playfully objects when Will is willing to tell him everything. Lucas and Sami spring the news that they’re taking Will to his favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Hope and Bo make up after arguing only to realize that Patrick has gone down to the ledge.

Shawn returns to Green Mountain Lodge and to Belle’s room. He hesitates at the door as he flashes back to seeing Philip carry Belle to the bed. Shawn throws open the door and yells to get away from Belle. Shawn realizes that there is no one in Belle’s room. He goes into Philip’s room and finds it empty. A waiter brings room service. Shawn asks the waiter where Belle and Philip are. The waiter says he doesn’t know and that Shawn shouldn’t be there. Shawn grabs the waiter and demands to know where Belle and Philip are.

Belle and Philip return to the loft and find Mimi. Belle asks why Mimi is there and Mimi blames it on insomnia. When Mimi asks Belle why she came back early, Belle bursts into tears and runs upstairs. Mimi asks Philip what he did to her but Philip blames it on Shawn. Kate calls Philip. Kate mentions being at the Chinese restaurant and Philip agrees to meet her there. Philip asks Mimi to take care of Belle and leaves.

Bo orders Patrick to get back up but he refuses. Hope asks if the body on the ledge is Jack but Patrick can’t tell through the fog. Patrick lowers himself down to the ledge with the plan that he’ll tie the vine around the body and have Hope and Bo pull the body up.

Philip joins Kate at her table in the restaurant. Kate enjoys her food but hates that Philip refuses to order anything. Philip insists that he isn’t hungry, only coming to visit with Kate. Kate is worried that the trip didn’t go well but Philip tells her that they had a nice dinner and danced. Kate asks about Belle and Philip explains that Belle is back at the loft with Mimi. Kate wants to know if Belle is getting over Shawn. Philip insists that Belle is getting there. Philip is against Kate’s efforts to push him to be with Belle. Kate brings up how she is against Lucas being with Sami. Philip advises Kate not to try to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate promises to do her best to get along with Sami as long as Sami behaves herself.

Lucas, Sami, and Will are seated at the restaurant. Sami almost lets the news about their engagement slip when she suggests that they have this restaurant cater their wedding. When Will persists, Lucas and Sami agree to break the news early. Will thinks of how Kate probably went ballistic when she heard the news.

Jan continues to have a conversation with Q-pie. She hears the doll tell her that this isn’t Shawn’s fault but Belle’s. Jan figures out where her plan went wrong.

Belle returns downstairs to join Mimi. Belle inquires as to why Mimi seemed sad when they first arrived. Mimi insists everything is fine and asks about what happened between Belle and Philip. Belle tells her about how she couldn’t stop thinking about Shawn long enough to sleep with Philip. Belle can’t understand why she can’t stop thinking about Shawn. Mimi warns Belle to stop thinking about Shawn before she ends up an old maid.

The waiter threatens to call security. Shawn backs off and apologizes. The waiter gloats about how Belle must have been good because Philip spent a lot of money on champagne and imported chocolates. Shawn pushes the waiter aside and tosses the bottle of champagne against the fireplace.

Mimi explains that she didn’t mean to snap at Belle. Belle admits that Mimi is right about Shawn but that she doesn’t know how. Mimi tells her that she better find a way because life is short and that nothing ever works out the way you want it to.

Lucas tells Will that Kate and Sami have agreed to call a truce. Lucas promises that they will be one big happy family. Will finds the idea of a truce hard to believe until Sami insists that it’s true.

Kate insists to Philip that she’s serious about burying the hatchet with Sami but worries that Sami would still try to hurt her.

Patrick’s leg slips and the vine breaks. Patrick calls out that he is okay and Bo and Hope begin to pull him up.

Jan laughs hysterically as she tells Q-pie that she should have listened to her and killed Belle when she had the chance. Jan insists that as soon as Belle is out of the picture Shawn will be hers.

The waiter yells at Shawn for breaking the bottle. Shawn tells the waiter to charge it to Philip and to get out. The waiter leaves with the warning that Shawn better be gone before he comes back with the security guard.

Belle questions Mimi as she senses that Mimi isn’t herself. Mimi insists that things couldn’t be better and tells Belle about Rex’s new job. Belle goes on about Rex and Mimi getting married and asks about wanting kids. Belle is concerned when Mimi turns away from Belle with tears in her eyes.

After their orders arrive, Will suggests that Lucas and Sami eat a lo mien noodle and meet in the middle under the idea that if the noodle breaks, their relationship is doomed but if they make it to where their lips touch and kiss, all will be well. Sami refuses to eat the noodle. Lucas takes Will to look at the lobster tank next to their table.

Philip praises Kate for working toward a truce with Sami. Philip tells Kate about his plans to bring flowers back to the loft for Belle and says goodnight to Kate. Sami imagines seeing Kate as a fish in the tank. Kate overhears Sami telling the fish Kate that she is too old and mean to live and if Sami has anything to say about it, Kate won’t be around for long. Kate vows that if Sami wants war, she’s got it.

Hope and Bo work together to pull Patrick up from the ledge. The vine breaks again and Patrick falls into the river where he is pulled under.

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