Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/16/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/16/04

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Philip and Belle are kissing. Shawn grows frustrated as he is forced to watch through the door. Jan is impatient for Belle and Philip to make love. Belle stops and apologizes to Philip for having a hard time committing to Philip because she thought it would be Shawn in his place. Belle decides to put Shawn out of her mind and requests that Philip make love to her. Shawn telepathically shouts no as he tries to break free from the tape that binds him to the wheelchair.

Marlena and John shower together. Marlena fantasizes that John is Roman who tells her that he loves her and always will.

Jennifer sleeps as Alice cares for the baby. Maggie arrives to check on them both. Maggie tells the baby that he is a miracle because he helped give Jennifer the strength to carry on. Alice points out that Jennifer was able to make it through because she is a Horton woman. Jennifer wakes with a start and asks for her baby. Maggie hands the baby to Jennifer. Jennifer asks about Jack.

Hope and Patrick call out to the man on the ledge.

Bo searches for Billie in the jungle. He flashes back to when he found her and waking up to find her gone. Bo hears Hope calling out to the man on the ledge.

Hope tells Patrick to lower her down on a vine. Patrick is reluctant, wanting to go instead but Hope insists. Patrick finally agrees and begins to wrap the vine around her waist. Bo reaches Hope and watches Patrick wrap the vine around Hope’s waist but believes that Patrick is trying to hurt her. Bo rushes out and assaults Patrick. Patrick tries to keep from falling off the side of the cliff. Hope yells to Bo not to hurt Patrick.

Philip is shocked that Belle feels lucky that he’s still around. Philip says he is the lucky one and that nothing she could ever do would make him love her any less. Jan gloats to Shawn. Shawn telepathically pleas to Belle not to make love to Philip.

Hope and Patrick try to convince Bo that their being there isn’t Patrick’s fault. Bo finally believes Hope and lets go of Patrick to hug Hope.

Maggie and Alice try to convince Jennifer that Jack will be fine. Maggie talks about how no one can destroy great loves like Jennifer and Jack and Marlena and John before realizing that Roman had walked into the room.

Marlena fantasizes that she is in the shower with both John and Roman who both ask if she loves them. Marlena comes back to reality and looks around for Roman. John asks what is wrong but Marlena claims that it hasn’t sunk in that John is really there with her. Marlena flashes back to kissing Roman in the jungle as John kisses her in the shower. Marlena pulls away from John again. John turns off the water and insists on knowing what is wrong. Marlena tells John about almost making love to Roman.

Shawn fears that Jan noticed his attempt to tear free from the tape on his arm but she actually noticed that he was crying. Jan wipes away Shawn’s tears. Belle imagines that Shawn is lying in bed with her but tells Philip that she’s ready. Shawn breaks his arm free and knocks Jan against the hot tub. Shawn tears his legs away from the tape and bursts into Belle’s room.

Hope wants to go down to the ledge but Bo says they shouldn’t risk it until the fog lifts. Bo tells Hope about his suspicions about Patrick. They discuss whether the body could be Jack because everyone else is back in New Salem. Bo mentions Billie’s name and tells Hope and Patrick about having just seen Billie in the jungle.

Roman has brought a crate full of baby supplies and explains that it somehow appeared at the Pub so he knew it had to be meant for the only baby in New Salem. Maggie and Roman leave to take the crate down to the kitchen. Alice promises to wake Jennifer the moment they hear any news but Jennifer doesn’t want to sleep. Alice assures her that Tom is watching over all of them.

Maggie insists on carrying the crate so Roman can rest. Roman insists that he doesn’t need to rest and wants to get back to the Pub to help Caroline. Maggie points out that Caroline is fine with Victor even though they share a past just like Roman does with Marlena. Maggie correctly guesses that Roman’s feelings for Marlena have resurfaced. Roman admits that they have.

John questions Marlena as to why she almost made love to Roman as they sit on the bed. Marlena explains that Roman was delusional and only asked to make love when he thought he was going to die. Marlena says she doesn’t know why she was willing to grant his wish, only not going through with it because Roman came to his senses and stopped it. John asks Marlena to be straight with him and say whether she has fallen in love with Roman again.

Belle and Philip don’t notice Shawn until he calls Belle’s name. Philip orders Shawn to get out but Shawn punches him out. Shawn worries that he is too late but Belle says he will be if he doesn’t ask soon. It all turns out to be a fantasy of Shawn’s as Shawn is even more determined to get to Belle. Philip shows Belle his plan to use protection. Jan decides to take Shawn away. Shawn tries again to let Belle know not to make love to Philip. Belle sees a vision of Shawn criticize her for betraying their relationship. Belle stops Philip and goes into the bathroom.

Bo recounts how he found Billie to Patrick and Hope. Hope worries that Bo might have been hallucinating because of a concussion. Bo insists that it was really Billie. Bo decides that they can’t wait for the fog to dissipate. Patrick offers to go down to the ledge but Bo is against the idea, wanting Patrick to stay away from his family and friends.

Maggie tells Roman that she and Alice thought the connection between Roman and Marlena was obvious. Maggie calls it more of a caring connection than a love connection and that once they get back home, everything will be as it was before they were all murdered.

Marlena says that she loves Roman but not like she loves John. Marlena explains that when Roman came to his senses, he wanted Kate and not her. John proclaims that he trusts Marlena and loves her. Marlena tearfully hugs him but then pulls away. Marlena asks John if he thought about moving on with Kate.

Belle proclaims that she can’t do this as she cries in the bathroom. Philip listens at the door as he asks if she is okay. Belle comes out of the bathroom and tells Philip that she couldn’t go through with it because she sensed his presence and could feel his pain at seeing them together. Philip opens the doors to show Belle that there is no one out there.

Jan wheels Shawn back out to the main entrance of the lodge. She takes the tape from his mouth and Shawn calls out to Belle. Jan suggests that they go back to their love cage but Shawn insists that there is no way that he’ll ever make love to her. Jan is adamant that she has a way to make Shawn not only sleep with her but end up begging for more.

Philip tells Belle to take all the time she needs for he will always be there.

Roman points out to Maggie that they need to be prepared for the fact that their loved ones could have moved on believing them to be dead.

John flashes back to Kate’s request to make love and their attempts at almost following through on that request. John tells Marlena that there isn’t anything he wants to tell her in reply to her asking him about moving on with Kate.

Alice tells Jennifer’s baby about Tom watching over them. Jennifer is sleeping soundly. Alice asks Tom if Jack is already dead when a strong wind suddenly blows in the open window and threatens to blow out the candle by Jennifer’s bedside.

Bo and Patrick argue about who will be the one to go down to the ledge. Hope insists that Bo can’t be the one to go because of his head injury. Patrick takes the opportunity while Bo is distracted with Hope to wrap a vine around himself. Bo turns and starts arguing with Patrick again when he sees what Patrick is doing. Hope decides to grab another vine and leave Bo and Patrick to their fighting as she jumps down to the ledge. Bo rushes over and grabs the other end of her vine as he tries to stop her from jumping.

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