Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/15/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/15/04

By Danielle
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Rex and Mimi return to the loft. Mimi offers dinner but Rex insists on hearing Mimi’s big news first. They are interrupted by Bonnie’s call. Mimi answers and Bonnie asks her if she’s told Rex about her pregnancy yet.

Marlena brings John back to the penthouse replica on New Salem. They kiss and John starts to carry Marlena upstairs to make love when the doorbell rings.

Brady and Nicole begin to make love but Nicole stops them. Nicole wants to make sure that this time Brady knows exactly what he is doing.

Jan gloats as she makes Shawn watch Belle and Philip make love.

Belle and Philip step out onto the balcony where Philip apologizes for pushing Belle. Belle apologizes for not being able to go through with it. Belle flashes back to when she stopped their love making session. Belle feels that it was a mistake to come to the lodge. Jan moves Shawn closer to see what is going on.

Bonnie tries to convince Mimi not to tell Rex about the baby. Mimi slams the phone down on Bonnie and tells Rex that it was simply a nuisance call. Mimi goes to get dinner out of the oven but it is burnt. Mimi gets upset and begins to cry. Rex asks what is going on.

John wants to ignore the doorbell but Marlena points out that it could be news about Bo or Jack. John answers the door and it is Victor and Roman. Marlena invites them in. Roman suggests that they fill John in on what they know about the island and Marlena leaves to make coffee. John pulls Marlena aside to ask her to make up an excuse to put the debriefing off until tomorrow so they could spend the night together. Marlena is against the idea. John wonders if Marlena doesn’t want to be with him.

Brady insists that he knows exactly what he is doing. Nicole is satisfied with his answer and they make love.

Marlena insists that she wants nothing more than to be alone with John right now but it is more important to find a way to get off the island. John agrees that Marlena is right. John promises Marlena that he will get her and everyone else off the island. Marlena leaves to make the coffee. John asks Roman and Victor how they survived the murders. Roman and Victor share their theory that the murders were staged. John tells Roman and Victor about how he and Bo found out about the island and that the victims were all alive.

Philip joins Belle and asks if Belle really thinks that coming to the lodge was a mistake. Belle explains that part of her is still not willing to give up on Shawn. With the door closed, Jan and Shawn can’t hear what is being said but Jan makes Shawn watch anyway. Philip asks Belle what she really wants. Belle begins to cry as she pulls the purity rings out of her purse. Philip sees that as Belle’s way of saying that she still wants Shawn and is willing to wait for him.

Belle says that she feels guilty but Philip points out that Shawn not being there is his way of not honoring their commitment. Shawn grows angrier as he listens to Jan gloat. Philip pleads his case for being the best man for Belle. Philip offers his ring. Shawn tries to send a telepathic message to Belle to tell her not to take Philip’s ring.

Mimi blames her mood on the events of the day. Rex suggests that they screen their calls and watch a movie that Mimi has to watch for a communications class. Mimi is relieved when Rex wants to watch a movie whose plot describes their situation perfectly. Mimi asks Rex how he would feel if they were in that situation and Rex says that nothing would excite him more.

Nicole shares her hope that Brady making love to her was his way of forgetting about Chloe. Nicole criticizes herself when the mention of Chloe’s name makes Brady stop and turn away. Victor’s ghost appears to Nicole and laughs in her face.

Roman tells John that they had thought that their bodies were switched with ones that looked like them and that their fatal wounds had to have been fake because they were all fine when they arrived on the island. Marlena returns with the coffee and agrees that that theory could be possible. John says that that theory can’t be possible.

Mimi is relieved at Rex’s response until Rex adds that having a baby right now though would be a serious mistake.

Belle hesitates to answer Philip. Philip acknowledges that accepting his ring is a big step and asks how he has to prove that he is sincere, suggesting that he can even stand on his head if that will help. Belle turns from him as she talks about being conflicted. When she turns around to face Philip, she finds that he is standing on his head against the wall and laughs.

John points out that Roman’s theory can’t be true because the identical corpses would have still been in the coffins and fills Victor, Marlena, and Roman in on how Bo ordered an exhumation of all the caskets to find them all empty. Victor suggests that the bodies were taken so that no tests could be run on them but no one believes that their captor could have imagined that they would have thought to dig up the caskets. John asks Victor if he has any idea who killed him but Victor simply states that that information is personal and he will take care of it when he gets back to Salem.

Nicole apologizes to Brady for mentioning Chloe. Brady says that Chloe would want him to move on and find happiness and resumes making love to Nicole.

Mimi asks Rex why it would be a bad idea to have a baby right now. Rex points out that they aren’t married, that he isn’t making a lot of money right now, and that Mimi is still in college. Mimi agrees with his points and Rex leaves to take a shower. Bonnie calls back and asks Mimi if she told Rex yet. Mimi says she hasn’t but the problem is that she’s already pregnant. Bonnie brings up the notion that there are ways to get rid of a pregnancy.

John suggests a theory about Victor’s death but Victor asks to let him be the one to take care of things. John asks how Victor arrived on the island when he wasn’t part of the serial killer’s victims. Victor suggests that someone snuck in and gave him the simulate death drug in between being electrocuted and when Brady found him. John tells Victor about how Nicole is treating Brady and Victor brings up the live video feed they were shown. Roman confronts John about having seen John and Kate having dinner together. John claims that they were only comforting each other over their losses. Victor offers to continue their talk in the morning and turns to leave. Roman asks Marlena if it is all right to go upstairs and retrieve his things before they leave. John questions the request and Roman admits that he’s been living at the penthouse with Marlena.

John takes offense at the fact that Roman has been living with Marlena. Victor defends Roman’s actions before leaving for the night. John confronts Roman and Marlena about living together. Marlena points out that it was very dangerous on the island to be living alone. John extends his hand in gratitude to Roman and Roman asks about Kate. John flashes back to his almost lovemaking with Kate but only tells Roman that Kate misses him. Roman heads upstairs to get his things. Once alone, John apologizes to Marlena for his reaction to the news that Roman and Marlena had been living together. John admits that he is grateful to Roman for protecting Marlena. Marlena would rather focus on being together. John says he loves her and they kiss.

Philip stands up and bows. Belle tells Philip about how she’s been hoping that Shawn would come back and they’d put the rings back on and go back to how things were before but now she believes that that will never happen. Belle agrees to wear Philip’s ring but only on the necklace he gave her. Belle decides that Shawn is never coming back and agrees to make love with Philip. Philip questions her decision to make sure this is what she truly wants. Jan impatiently waits for Belle and Philip to make love.

John wraps his arms around Marlena. Roman returns downstairs and makes eye contact with Marlena before leaving. Victor has been waiting for Roman out in the hallway. Victor mentions that he has noticed how Roman reacted to John’s return. Roman brings up how Caroline is anxious to return to Shawn Sr. just like Victor must be to get back to Nicole. Victor delights in the thought of getting revenge on Nicole.

Nicole lies in Brady’s arms. Nicole gloats to herself that she now has everything she wants, determined that no one is ever going to take Brady away from her.

Mimi is offended that Bonnie would suggest an abortion. Mimi brings up adoption but Bonnie insists that Rex will grow to resent Mimi as he watches her growing belly. Rex returns and Mimi quickly hangs up the phone. Rex wants to start the movie and Mimi tries to hide her tears. Rex asks if she is okay and Mimi gives Rex a big hug as they both agree that they’d make any sacrifice to keep them together.

Belle confirms that she is sure that she wants to make love to Philip. Philip is willing to wait but Belle insists that she is ready to be with Philip tonight. They kiss and Philip carries Belle to the bed. Shawn grows frustrated as Jan gloats and rubs it in.

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