Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/14/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/14/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Kate calls Joelle; the secretary at Basic Black, from Alice’s to ask if John ever called in to check his messages. Getting a no, Kate checks her PDA for an e-mail message from him. She flashes back to when Bo burst in to tell her and John that Roman and Marlena are alive and seeing the caskets opened. Kate wonders what is going on when she sees no e-mail message either.

Rex couldn’t hear Mimi’s announcement because of a speaker above his head. Rex comes around from behind the bar to talk with Mimi where it’s quieter. Bonnie freezes the scene to give herself time to think. Bonnie now knows about Rex’s teaching job but still believes him to be too poor for Mimi. Bonnie enlists her dog Max’s help in her plan to break up Rex and Mimi.

Nicole leads Brady to his bed. Brady still believes he is with Chloe. Nicole takes off Brady’s shoes and Brady comes back to reality and realizes that Chloe is really Nicole. Nicole comes on to Brady and Brady slips back into thinking that she is Chloe. They begin to make love. Nicole notices pictures of Chloe and Victor on Brady’s nightstand. She proclaims that she finally won and tosses Brady’s shirt over their pictures.

Bo searches the jungle for Hope. He turns toward the sound of a woman’s scream and sees whom he believes to be Hope unconscious on the ground. He rushes to her and turns her over, only to realize it isn’t Hope.

Hope and Patrick continue their search for Jack. Patrick was unable to find whoever was following them and rejoins Hope. Hope tells Patrick about Billie coming between her and Bo.

Billie comes to in Bo’s arms. Billie tells Bo that she knew he’d come for her.

Max shakes his head no about Bonnie’s request until Bonnie promises to let him watch Clifford the Big Red Dog if he does it. Bonnie has Max run out the door with a chicken wing and pretends to fret that Max will choke. Rex rushes after Max to get the chicken wing from him. Mimi starts to follow Rex outside but Bonnie stops her, claiming that they need to talk.

Kate sits on a bench outside of Alice’s as she talks to her and Roman’s wedding picture on her PDA. Max runs up and jumps into Kate’s lap. Rex chases Max to the bench and throws out the chicken wing. Rex senses that Kate is upset and asks what is wrong.

Bonnie pulls Mimi away from going to talk to Rex. Bonnie insists to Mimi that Rex can never find out that Mimi is pregnant.

Hope and Patrick call out for Jack with no response. Patrick continues to grill Hope about Bo and Billie. Hope begins to tell Patrick about how Billie came to be in their life. Hope wants to stop talking about Billie when she gets to the part about when she came back from being held hostage by Stefano. Patrick persists and Hope picks up the story about Billie from when she came back believing to be on assignment from the ISA but was really working for Larry Welch. They press on in their search.

Billie and Bo each question whether they’re dreaming. Billie says there is only one-way to find out and kisses Bo.

Brady still believes Nicole to be Chloe as they make love. Brady passes out. Victor’s “ghost” who criticizes Nicole for her actions haunts Nicole. Victor’s “ghost” says they should ask Brady who he’d rather sleep with, her or Chloe.

Rex offers to talk with Kate. Kate dismisses it by saying that she is worried that she hasn’t heard from John yet. Rex presses on but Kate claims its business related. Rex questions Kate’s sincerity but Kate blames her behavior on not having eaten. Rex offers to bring her into Alice’s for a drink but Kate turns him down. Kate shows Rex the picture of her and Roman and explains that she was thinking about Roman, took a walk, and ended up at Alice’s. Kate is surprised when Rex declares that Roman isn’t really dead.

Bonnie and Mimi argue. Bonnie claims that having this baby with Rex will ruin her life because it will be just like Bonnie’s relationship with Mimi’s dad. Mimi refuses to let Bonnie ruin her celebration with Rex and turns to leave to tell Rex about the baby. Bonnie grabs Mimi and makes her sit down and listen to her lecture about how hard it will be to have a baby so young. Mimi points out that she and her siblings had it so hard growing up because Bonnie gambled away their Dad’s paycheck. Bonnie warns that if she has this baby, her life as Mimi Lockhart is over.

As they continue their search, Patrick asks if Hope is worried that Bo still has feelings for Billie. Hope evades answering the question by claiming that Billie is no longer an issue.

Bo pulls away from Billie’s kiss. Billie apologizes and claims it was the only way to prove that her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her. Billie tells Bo about how she was working with the ISA on the serial killer case and after figuring out that Marlena was the killer, had found another lead and then was kidnapped and wound up on the island. Bo has more questions but suddenly Billie senses that they are being watched and leads Bo away from the area. A stranger with only their eyes uncovered lurks in the bushes.

Rex explains that he meant that Roman lives on in his family. Kate notes that Rex is more like Roman than Sami is. Rex tells Kate that she reminds him of Cassie. Kate shares her memories of Kate and Rex shares his wish that they could all be a family. Kate asks about Rex’s bartending job and offers him some extra money. Rex turns the money down, insisting that he is an adult who needs to earn his own money. Rex tells Kate about his new job. Kate mentions that pretty soon Rex will be starting a family of his own but Rex says that is the last thing he needs right now.

Nicole tells Victor to go haunt someone else. Victor says he is Nicole’s conscience. Nicole insists that Brady wants her and not Chloe. Victor suggests a bet that Brady isn’t even thinking of her right now while they’re in bed together. Nicole is determined to make Brady forget about Chloe. Nicole rouses Brady who tells “Chloe” that he can’t get enough of her. Nicole gloats to Victor and turns to make love again to Brady.

Mimi tries to convince Bonnie that she and Shawn will never be together. Bonnie claims that Mimi won’t be able to finish college with a baby. Mimi insists that Rex will work his way up the chain at work and money isn’t what makes a marriage anyway. Mimi is hurt that Bonnie isn’t happier for her. Bonnie claims she only wants her children to have what she doesn’t and fears that when Rex hears about the baby he’ll want to marry Mimi and Bonnie can’t fathom that Mimi would want to box herself in like that. Mimi calls Bonnie a hypocrite.

Hope and Patrick call out for Jack. Patrick asks Jack to make a sound to show he can hear them and Hope calls out the news that Jennifer had a baby boy. There is no reply from Jack. Hope asks Patrick why he is so interested in hearing about Billie. Patrick asks about Bo going to Europe to search for Billie and Hope tells him about how she thinks that Billie would stop at nothing to get Bo back.

Billie runs through the jungle and is shot by a dart in the neck. She falls to the ground unconscious. Bo reaches her and finds her on the ground. Someone comes up behind him and knocks him out. He falls to the ground next to Billie.

Hope gets the feeling that Bo is nearby and she and Patrick rush through the jungle to try and find him.

Kate questions whether Rex doesn’t want to be with Mimi. Rex assures Kate that Mimi is the girl for him but he doesn’t want to have a family until he can get his own life more stable. Kate tells Rex that she is proud of him. Kate’s cell phone rings so Rex takes Max back inside Alice’s so Kate can talk in private. The call is from Tek who has bad news.

Mimi points out to Bonnie that she wanted her to get pregnant when she thought that Rex was a DiMera. Bonnie is convinced that Mimi and Rex will have nothing to fall back on and will have to move into Bonnie’s house. Mimi fantasizes a life of having to work 2 jobs and finish college while Rex sits around the house ignoring his responsibilities as a father. Mimi turns to go talk to Rex but Bonnie once again tries to stop her. Bonnie advises Mimi to find out if Rex even wants a kid before she tells him about being pregnant. Rex overhears the end of Bonnie’s statement as he brings Max in.

Victor gloats that Brady thinks Nicole is Chloe. Nicole tries to block Victor out as she makes love to Brady. Nicole gloats to Victor as Brady repeatedly says he loves her. Victor laughs when Brady finishes his sentence to say that he loves Chloe and disappears from the room. Brady sobers up and realizes that Nicole is in his bed. Nicole tells him about how he called out Chloe’s name while they were making love. Brady realizes where he is and questions how he got there. Nicole gets upset; acting as if she thought Brady really wanted her. Nicole storms out of Brady’s room into the hallway where Victor’s “ghost” calls her a slut who no one will ever love. Nicole tries to slap Victor but her hand passes right through him. Victor laughs as Nicole rushes into her room and slams the door. Nicole leans against the back of the door and cries.

Nicole slides down to the floor and sobs as she decides that Victor was right and that Brady would never love her. Brady brings Nicole a blanket. Nicole lashes out at him, accusing him of not caring. Brady insists that he does care and asks to make love to her.

Mimi covers by claiming that Bonnie was talking about Rex and his new teaching schedule. Bonnie goes along with Mimi’s story. Mimi tells Rex in front of Bonnie that Bonnie said that she would give Rex the rest of the night off with pay. Rex thanks Bonnie and leaves to go punch out. Alone, Bonnie warns Mimi that she is making a big mistake. Mimi tells Bonnie that they will end up as one happy family. Bonnie still has her reservations that this will all end badly.

Tek tells Kate that John’s plane was shot down.

Bo comes to and calls out to Billie but there’s no reply. His vision is blurred as he stands up. Hope hears the sound of Bo’s voice and leads Patrick toward the sound. They return to the ravine where they find a male laying face down on a ledge. They worry that it could be Jack.

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