Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/13/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/13/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Brady is downing drink after drink at Alice’s Bar. Bonnie is bartending and offers her condolences about Chloe. Brady hands her a large wad of cash to keep the drinks coming and Bonnie gladly pockets it. Nicole arrives with a plan to seduce Brady and make him forget about Chloe.

Nancy brings Chloe some ice chips. She tries to convince Chloe to let Brady know that she is alive.

Mimi works on preparing dinner for her and Rex. Rex shares his news about being offered the job of the computer science and engineering teaching assistant at Salem U. Mimi is happy for him and relieved. She puts off telling her news until after dinner. Rex goes to take a shower. Bonnie calls Mimi and Mimi tells her that her cancer test results were negative and about the dinner but not about her pregnancy. Bonnie plots to break up Rex and Mimi and bring Mimi and Shawn together tonight.

Philip and Belle kiss as they dance in the dining room of Green Mountain Ledge. Shawn and Jan watch from the bushes. Shawn works the tape off his mouth and calls out to Belle. Jan quickly covers his mouth and holds a gun on him until Belle and Philip have left the room. Jan gloats that Belle and Philip are going to their room to make love.

Belle decides to end the evening and she and Philip kiss goodnight before going into their separate rooms. Belle pulls the purity rings from her purse and looks at them. Both Philip and Belle begin to undress for bed and turn to realize that the door to their adjoining rooms is open.

Marlena and John have to be held back from running to each other. Caroline is relieved to see Roman but is worried that he is hurt. Marlena assures Caroline that Roman and Jennifer and the baby will be fine. Bo inquires about Hope. Abe tells Bo about Hope and Patrick being in the jungle searching for Jack.

Hope calls out to the noise in the bushes. Patrick sneaks up behind her and covers her mouth. He holds the pocketknife up near Hope’s face.

Shawn struggles against Jan’s successful attempt to put more tape over his mouth.

Philip apologizes for the door being open and Belle admits that she didn’t know the door was open either. Philip offers to stay up and watch TV together but Belle declines the offer and closes the door. Belle talks to a picture of Shawn to ask what happened to their relationship. Belle pulls out her cell phone and sees that there is a message. She hopes it is from Shawn.

Bo doesn’t trust Patrick. Jennifer defends Patrick and Marlena explains how Patrick helped Jennifer and the baby. Marlena tells Bo and John about how Tony used the plant sap to save Jennifer and Roman tells about the stranger who left the antidote help him. Victor asks Tony how he got through the force field and Abe fills him in on how Tony used his Zen powers but doesn’t believe that to be true. Tony defends his story. John tells Tony to use his Zen powers again to bring down the force field.

Hope elbows Patrick in the stomach to break free of his grasp. Patrick explains that he only grabbed her to keep her from screaming as he hoped he could catch whoever was possibly following him. Hope wonders how the rest of the group will be able to get through the force field without the coin that she holds. Patrick brings up Tony’s story about using his Zen powers. Hope questions Patrick about how he knew about Tony. Patrick denies knowing anything but Hope doesn’t believe him. Hope asks Patrick if he is in love with Jennifer since he’s gone to such lengths to save her.

Belle’s phone message is actually from Mimi.

Rex returns from his shower but the phone ringing interrupts their kiss. It is Bonnie calling to tell Rex to come into work to bartend even though it’s his night off. Mimi doesn’t want Rex to go. Rex tells Bonnie that he can’t since he and Mimi have plans but Bonnie insists, threatening to fire Rex if he doesn’t come in. Rex decides to go into work, fearing that he can’t risk losing the bartending job until he starts the teaching job. Mimi starts to tell Rex about her pregnancy but is interrupted by another phone call. Rex leaves Mimi to answer the phone as he heads to Alice’s. Mimi answers the phone and it is Belle. Mimi tells Belle what Lexie thought could be causing the bleeding and asks about Belle’s trip with Philip. Mimi asks Belle if she’s slept with Philip yet.

Nicole approaches Brady and asks for a dance. Brady turns her down but Nicole persists. Brady turns around to look at Nicole but in his drunken state, he sees Chloe instead and reluctantly accepts the dance.

Chloe refuses to call Brady, insisting that he is better off thinking she is dead because she is disfigured and her voice is damaged to the point that she will never sing again. Nancy tells Chloe that Brady will love her no matter what she looks or sounds like. When that doesn’t convince Chloe, Nancy uses the argument that Nicole will steal Brady from her if she doesn’t call him. Nancy dials the phone for Chloe and holds it up to her ear.

Brady’s phone ringing brings him out of his fantasy and he quickly steps away from Nicole. He answers his phone but hears no reply. Chloe hears the sad song playing in the background at Alice’s and has a hard time saying anything to Brady.

Rex arrives at Alice’s for work and shares his anger with Bonnie about his romantic dinner being interrupted. Bonnie warns Rex not to get too serious with Mimi because there are things about Mimi that he doesn’t know about.

Mimi urges Belle to not postpone sleeping with Philip because of Shawn.

Jan prepares to take Shawn back to the love cage. Shawn rocks the wheelchair and knocks Jan into the bushes, knocking over a light fixture. A waiter comes outside to see what is going on.

Hope recounts all the times that Patrick has risked his life to save Jennifer. Patrick denies having feelings for Jennifer. Hope accuses Patrick of wanting to kill Jack so he and Jennifer can live happily ever after. Patrick sarcastically admits that Hope is right.

Tony denies having broken the signal machine. John and Bo explain how they tracked them down. Tony asks about a rescue team but John admits that they lost communication before crashing and told no one about their trip. Roman accuses Tony of not wanting them to be rescued. Tony pretends to meditate and use the medallion to disarm the force field but secretly holds a remote control in his other hand. Tony fears that Roman caught him using the remote control.

Brady calls out to ask if anyone is on the line but Chloe refuses to say anything. When Chloe turns away from the phone, Nancy hangs up the phone. Chloe tells Nancy that hearing the sad song that Brady was listening to, reminded her of how she’ll never be able to sing for him again. She says that Brady deserves something more than what she can offer.

Nicole inquires about the call. Brady mentions that the caller ID was blocked and Nicole suggests that it could have been a wrong number. Nicole offers another dance but Brady refuses. Brady returns to the bar and tells Rex to pour him some more drinks. Rex cautions Brady against drinking so much but Brady tells him to shut up.

Rex questions Bonnie about her earlier statement. Bonnie tells Rex that Mimi has ADD when it comes to men and will soon be bored with him and ready to move on.

Belle tells Shawn’s picture that it’s over and tears it up.

Jan covers Shawn with a blanket. The waiter believes Jan to be a real nun and Jan offers to have the church pay for the damage. Jan tells the waiter that Shawn has palsy and she was taking him for a stroll around the grounds. The waiter turns down the offer to pay for he could never take money from the church and leaves. Jan grabs Shawn around the neck and threatens him with penance for crossing her.

Hope believes Patrick to be sincere about wanting to kill Jack until Patrick explains that he was being sarcastic and shares his anger about always being considered a suspect. Patrick declares that he knows that Jack is the love of Jennifer’s life. Patrick asks Hope if anything ever came between her and Bo. A branch snaps in the bushes and Patrick tells Hope to stay there as he rushes off to try and find the person following them.

Roman didn’t catch Tony using the remote control. His outburst was only about Tony working with Stefano. Tony stops meditating and throws his medallion up into the force field. At the same time, he presses the button on the remote control and turns off the force field. Abe and Bo carry Jennifer and the baby across. Bo greets Roman and Abe. Roman watches John and Marlena reunite. Caroline hugs Roman, grateful to see him alive. Bo assures Jennifer that he will find Jack and Hope and bring them back alive. Bo steps onto the jungle side. John calls out to stop him and offers to go with Bo since Bo is hurt and still smoking from the shock. As John steps toward the force field, Tony uses the remote control to secretly turn it back on, keeping John on the new Salem side. Bo assures everyone that he will find Jack and Hope and keep them safe.

Hope searches the jungle for Patrick when several large bats accost her.

Philip is about to climb into bed when Belle knocks on the connecting door. He opens it and finds Belle in her robe. Belle explains that she didn’t want to be alone.

Jan wheels Shawn to the balcony doors of Belle’s room so he can watch Philip and Belle.

Brady orders another shot but Rex cuts him off. Brady wants to go somewhere else that will serve him but Rex takes his keys away. Nicole offers to give Brady a ride and takes the keys from Rex. Nicole leads Brady out of Alice’s. Brady continues to see Nicole as Chloe, even calling Nicole by Chloe’s name.

Bo searches the jungle calling out Hope’s name. He comes across what he believes to be Hope lying on the ground unconscious.

Chloe insists that Brady will be better off with someone else. Chloe unwraps her bandages to reveal a large scar from her forehead to her chin. Chloe fears that no one could love her when she looks like this.

Nicole leads Brady to his bedroom. Nicole begins to undress Brady for bed but Brady, still believing Nicole to be Chloe, pulls Nicole to him for a kiss. Nicole takes advantage of the situation and begins to undo Brady’s belt.

Mimi arrives at Alice’s to tell Rex about her pregnancy. Bonnie pulls Mimi aside to keep her from seeing Rex and messing up her plan. Mimi tells Bonnie about her pregnancy and rushes over to the bar to tell Rex before Bonnie can stop her.

Shawn watches through the door as Belle tells Philip that she’s accepted the fact that Shawn’s gone and she doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Philip promises Belle that she will never be alone again and leads her to the bed. They begin to make love. Jan gloats.

Marlena leaves John’s embrace to tend to Jennifer and the baby. John tells Abe to take care of Marlena as he plans to head into the jungle to help Bo. Caroline notices Roman’s feelings at seeing John and Marlena reunited. Roman insists that he belongs with Kate and Marlena belongs with John. John confronts Tony about putting down the force field again. Tony insists that he can’t help.

Patrick returns to Hope, who is fine after being scared by bats. They return to their search and their conversation about Bo and Hope’s past. Hope mentions that a woman by the name of Billie Reed once came between her and Bo.

Bo turns the woman over so he can see her face and realizes that it is Billie.

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