Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/10/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/10/04

By Sharon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Suzanne

Sami walks into the living room of her apartment in her housecoat and is startled when she see Lucas waiting for her to come out. Lucas demands answers and asks, if Brandon came back to Salem, what did it mean for them?

Philip approaches Belle outside of the restaurant. As Jan and Shawn D watch, from the woods, Jan tells Shawn that if he makes one wrong move, Belle gets it. As Philip and Belle kiss, Shawn calls out her name. Belle tells Philip she heard Shawn call her name, but she thinks it could've been a mental connection. Philip also claims to have heard Shawn say, "I don't want Belle, and I don't want Philip to have Belle, either." Philip and Belle go back into the restaurant. Jan tells Shawn to behave or they are going home.

Sitting in the New Salem Brady Pub, Caroline brings Bo an icepack for his head. They talk about the transmitter, Tony being on the island, and how he managed to destroy it once before.  They wonder if he had any involvement with it being destroyed a second time. Victor says that John's map of New Salem is accurate as far as the identical version of their home in Salem goes, but the jungle is another story. Bo says he knew Hope was alive all along. John says he just knew Marlena was dead and wondered how she survived a shot through the heart.

Marlena demands Jennifer be taken to a sterile environment. Hope and Patrick plan to go find Jack, but Tony announces that Jack is dead, causing Jennifer to become extremely upset. Marlena, Abe and Roman surround Tony and demand to know how he could say such a thing, but Tony maintains that he knows for a fact that Jack is dead. Abe accuses Tony of being the one that killed Jack. Tony yells at all of them in his defense. He proclaims himself a hero for saving Jennifer's life. Roman then asks if Tony thought his father was the mastermind behind their captivity on the island, and Tony says, "Absolutely not because my father died in my arms." Marlena reminds him that she, too, died in John's arms, but yet she is alive and well on the island. Tony agrees that their captors are geniuses, just like his father, but changes the subject and encourages them to get Jennifer back to New Salem.

Victor tells Bo and John that there is no way through the force field without the medallion and code, and that Patrick Lockhart was the only one who had a medallion. Their suspicion of Patrick becomes stronger as they learn that Patrick knew how and had access to get through the force field. John and Bo decide that there has to be another way through the force field. With Victor and Caroline leading the way, Bo and John set off to find a way to get through the force field.

Back in Salem, Philip and Belle are back in the restaurant, with Jan and Shawn still in the woods watching them. Jan taunts Shawn about Belle and Philip being romantic. Shawn sends a mental message to Bell, telling her to concentrate on him. Inside the restaurant, Belle is picking at her food and seems to be deep in thought. Philip asks Belle if she is thinking about Shawn, and then he gets angry. Philip tells Belle that he is getting tired of it, leaving Belle shocked and confused from his outburst.

Lucas and Sami still argue about Brandon. Sami claims Lucas is being ridiculous to think she still wants Brandon. Lucas asks Sami again if she still loves Brandon. Sami still does not him a direct answer.  Lucas goes on to say that he is tired of the games, and he accuses her of stringing him along while she waits to see if she has another chance with Brandon. Sami says she betrayed Brandon's love. Lucas reminds Sami off all her past schemes, like changing Lexi's baby's DNA to get Brandon, and also changing Will'ss DNA to get Austin. Sami tells Lucas she is ready to answer his question about what she would do if Brandon came back to town.

Marlena pleads with Roman about Hope going after Jack. Tony asks Jennifer how she is doing.  She tells him she is fine and thanks him for saving her life. He asks if he can hold the baby, so Jennifer reluctantly hands the baby over to Tony. As Tony admires the baby, he tells him, "Welcome to the world, Mr. Deveraux. Boy, you are going to have a tale to tell when you get older." Tony also tells him he deserves a long, healthy life. The others listen but are skeptical.

Patrick tells Hope he is going after Jack and thinks she should stay behind. Abe tells Patrick he still doesn't trust him. Hope argues with Abe and Roman. Roman finally tells her to go ahead but to watch her step and be careful. Tony gives the baby back to Jennifer, and Hope promises Jennifer she will find Jack and bring him home to her. Abe tries to help Jennifer to stand up, but she collapse in pain. Tony rushes to her other side for support.

Victor, Caroline, Bo and John find the force field perimeter. Victor explains to them how it works, that the combination of the coin and code disables the force field. Bo gets an idea and decides he wants to try something.

At the restaurant, Belle apologizes, but Philip expresses his anger towards Shawn . Philip tells Belle she has a right to hate Shawn. Jan compares their visual of Philip and Belle to being at the drive-in movies. Shawn catches Jan off guard as he breaks free and runs into the restaurant. Philip stands as Shawn rushes into him with a forceful punch to the face. As the two fight, Belle stands in total shock at the sight of Shawn, and she calls out his name. The fight is broken up by security and by the restaurant staff. Shawn tells security he came to get his girl back and that he was held prisoner by Jan as he points her out to the security. The security goes after Jan and catches her. Shawn tells Belle that he spent every hour of every day thinking of her. The two kiss, causing applause from the audience of restaurant patrons and staff. Then Shawn wakes up and realizes the whole fight scene and reunion with Belle was all a dream. Inside the restaurant, Philip vows to make Belle forget about Shawn, just as he forgot about Chloe. Shawn watches as Jan smirks.

Jennifer still needs a transfusion; she doesn't have the strength to go any further and rests against a rock. Abe goes to carry Jennifer, but Tony has a plan to get Jennifer back to New Salem comfortably.

Hope and Patrick wander around in the jungle, and Hope says she is disoriented.  She asks Patrick which way the ravine is. Patrick points into the direction of the ravine, and the two walk in that direction. Meanwhile, another intruder (other than Tony) watches from the bushes.

Bo and John do paper, rock, and scissors to see who gets to try to run thru the force field. Bo loses.  As John punches in the code, Bo throws his keys thru the force field, causing sparks to fly from the perimeter.  Then he takes a running jump against it. The impact Bo made with the force field perimeter is like an electric brick wall.  It explodes and knocks him on to his back.

After eating dinner, Philip and Belle are outside watching the stars.  The two start to dance.. Shawn is forced to watch as Jan keeps taunting him.

Sami blames her shortcomings on her love and desperation to be with Brandon and Austin. Sami says that it doesn't make her feel better to know that someone still cares for her. Sami admits to Lucas that Brandon doesn't want her back in his life. Sami says that the only reason Brandon called was to check on her. Lucas fears that Sami was about to dump him, and he tells her she would be making a big mistake. Lucas starts to leave, but Sami yells for him to wait.  She then assures Lucas that she didn't want Brandon and that he, Lucas,  was the only man for her.

Jennifer drinks water to keep from becoming more dehydrated then she already is. Tony and Abe cut Bamboo for a makeshift stretcher to carry Jennifer on. Jennifer nurses her baby as they carry her back to New Salem.

Patrick asks Jennifer about the Dimeras. Hope lets Patrick know that she is on to him and also on to his feelings for Jennifer. Silently, Hope thinks that Patrick knows more than he is letting on.

Caroline cries over Bo, thinking the electric jolt could have been fatal. Bo comes to quickly and decides it was a bad idea to try jumping through the force field. John, desperate to get through, wants to dismantle the box, but Victor fears it could be a booby trap. He then decides he will try to go over it. Bo and John scramble around, trying to find bamboo to use for pole vaulting.

Sami asks Lucas to trust her, so Lucas laughs a little and asks Sami, "Are you kidding?" Sami says she would make him understand. She tells Lucas that Brandon asked if she was happy with Lucas, and she also said she had a choice to make, but she told Brandon she had to think about it. Although she enjoyed Lucas's jealousy, she made her decision, and that decision is him. Sami tells Lucas that he is Will's father and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Lucas, not wanting to quite trust Sami, asks if that is the only reason she wants to be with him, because of Will. Sami tells Lucas she lovs him and that he makes her family complete. She says she wants to show him how much she loved him, and rushes into his arms.  The two kiss passionately, then Lucas picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.

Shawn watches Belle and Shawn dancing on the terrace. The tape across his mouth falls off from one side, so he starts to yell for Belle. Jan starts to panic.

Bo thinks back to when Hope and Patrick's plane was shot down, how he frantically swam the choppy waters trying to find her. Their plane was in a thousand pieces all around him. He then remembers being in the helicopter with Tek, and telling Tek that Hope wasn't dead. He has another flashback of sitting in his office and Tek bringing him the news that Hope's blood was found in the wreckage; Bo still refused to believe Hope was dead.

As Bo and John try to build a contraption that would place them above the force field perimeter, they hear commotion coming from the other side. Bo and John stand up and find themselves face to face with Marlena, Abe, and Roman. John is so glad to see Marlena that he tries to go to her, but Bo has to hold him back. When Marlena sees John, she is breathless and shocked all at the same time. Eventually, her shock turns into smiles and she delivers the news about Jennifer's new baby.  She then has a look of worry as she tells them about Jennifer's condition. Bo ask for Hope, but no one will answer him; they all just look around, not wanting to explain to Bo that Hope went back into the jungle.

Hope asks Patrick a question but gets no response. She looks around and finds herself all alone. Not only has Patrick disappeared, but she is being watched from the bushes by the new intruder.

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