Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/9/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/9/04

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As Shawn hitchhikes to Green Mountain Lodge, he remembers Kate's voice on Phillip's answering machine, telling him to have a good time at Green Mountain Lodge with Belle. Suddenly, a car stops and Shawn is shocked that it is a nun, but accepts the ride, not realizing it was Jan in disguise.

Belle thinks back to kissing Phillip in the hot tub. She tells herself she still loves Shawn. She goes to her closet and opens it, only to find herself in Phillip's room.  He is naked. Looking very embarrassed, she apologizes and says she thought it was her closet.

Bo and John quickly lose altitude; John fights to keep the plane in the air.  Victor and Doug are out looking for the airfield with flashlights when they notice a plane barreling out of control right at them. Doug and Victor take cover as the plane crashes into the ground right in front of them. Victor recognize John's plane, and he and Doug rush to pull John from the wreckage.

A stubborn Roman argues with Abe about going to find the others. Abe insists that Roman not go anywhere because he still has an infection in his foot.  Abe demands that Roman stay put.

Marlena does not have the tools to save Jennifer. Marlena yells to the captors to please save Jennifer. She asks the captors why they are playing God with their lives. Patrick finds the intruder standing over Jennifer, so he threatens the person. The intruder then kicks Patrick in the stomach so hard he is thrown against the wall. When the intruder turns around, the removes the hood and reveals himself as Tony DiMera. Tony is holding Jennifer's baby in his arms and says, "Now, why would I want to hurt Jennifer Deveraux and her precious newborn child?"

Basic Black's plane has crashed into a million pieces that are burning.  The cabin is still intact but is filling up with smoke. Doug and Victor rush to extract John from the cockpit, and they realize that Bo is also in the plane. Maggie hears the commotion and runs out to help. She realizes that the plane is on fire, and just as soon as she says, "Oh my God, the plane is on fire!", there is an explosion.

Patrick demands that Tony give Jennifer's baby back to her. Marlena asks Tony what he is doing there.  Tony says the baby looks just like his dad, and then asks where Jack is. Hope moves the conversation outside of the cave and demands to know how Tony got through the force field perimeter. Tony claims he had the deflector, and the he came because he was the only one who could save Jennifer.

Belle keeps apologizing for walking in on a totally nude Phillip. Phillip says he doesn't care that Belle saw him naked, but he apologizes to her for the hot tub incident, where the two were kissing. Phillip tells Belle he has a gift for her and runs to get it. When he comes back, he hands her a slender black box. She opens the box and gasps at the gift.  She says she can't accept it. Phillip slides the necklace around Belle's necks and then rubs her arm. He kisses her on the head. Belle thanks Phillip for being a good friend.

Shawn and Jan are off to Green Mountain Lodge.  Shawn still does not recognize Jan in the nun costume, so he asks her if she has a cell phone, and if he could use it. She tells him that the battery is dead, but he picks up the phone and proves otherwise. He tries to make his call but gets no signal. Jan encourages him to talk about the girl he is desperately trying to reach. As Shawn pours his heart out to her, he tells about the psycho who kidnapped him.  Jan swerves the car but maintains control. Shawn keeps talking about Belle, but his voice is hoarse. Jan offers him herbal tea from a thermos.  At first he refuses, but she insists, so he accepts.

John and Bo are rescued before the explosion, but they are hurt and unconscious from the crash. Maggie kneels down beside John and encourages him to wake up. John comes around groggily and recognizes her. Victor hovers over Bo and tells him that he loves him and is proud of him, so Bo comes to and asks Victor if he is dead.

Tony says he has the medicine to save Jennifer. Hope asks him what he wants in return, but Tony assures her that he wants nothing, just to help. Jennifer lets out a blood-curdling scream, so Hope, Marlena, Tony, and Phillip run inside to check on her. She is doubled over in excruciating pain, clutching her baby tight to her chest. Tony says, "I'll be right back," and races off into the jungle.

Wearing a slinky sleeveless red dress, Belle admires her new necklace in the mirror. She takes Shawn's picture out of the trash and tells him that she still loves him and wishes that they could have been together forever. She then wishes that her mother were there to give her advice. Marlena's image appears before Belle in the mirror. She tells Belle not to settle for less than someone who will cherish her. Shawn comes to the door wearing his Navy dress uniform and hands Belle a flower. Glancing into the mirror one last time, Belle sees Marlena again, and then she is gone. The two leave for dinner.

Shawn is very loopy from the herbal tea that Jan gave him. He tells the nun that he is sick and then tells her she passed the exit to Green Mountain Lodge. The nun starts to laugh, and suddenly Shawn realizes that the nun is Jan. Jan holds up a gun to Shawn and says she knows what it took to make sure Belle Black was dead.

Patrick walks up behind Tony as he cuts a branch from a palm tree. He asks Tony how he plans to save Jennifer. He then asks Tony if he is Count Anthony DiMera. Tony glares at him and says that they will talk later. Tony and Patrick go back inside the cave and give the palm tree branch to Marlena. Marlena administers the antidote to Jennifer, and suddenly the blood clots off and she starts to get better. They credit Tony for saving Jennifer's life.

Maggie bring Bo and John water as they regain their composure. Bo and John ask lots of questions, but Victor and Doug encourage them to go into the pub until they are stronger. Bo, says "Pop, you've got to be kidding me." They all go to the pub; Doug and Victor walk in first and tell Alice and Caroline they have a surprise.  Alice and Caroline are so happy to see Bo and John; they greet them both with hugs and kisses. Bo and John are happy to have found them alive.

Belle and Philip are seated in the restaurant, and she thanks him again. He calls Shawn a bastard for leaving her behind; he also says that if she can love him as much as she loves Shawn, he will never leave her. Belles gets upset and runs out of the restaurant.

Jan has Shawn tied to a wheel chair in the woods.  Facing the restaurant, she puts tape over his mouth and tells him to behave or Belle dies.

Bo and John, still at the pub eating, catch up on things. John asks how they got there, but they all maintain that they woke up on the island. John asks where Marlena is. Caroline admires Bo, and she is glad that he is there. She also asks if he heard the transmitter. Bo and John say they did hear the transmitter and that they found out the funeral director was involved in their kidnapping. Caroline mentions the force field perimeter, and then Victor explains that the Island is divided into two sections, New Salem and the jungle. Bo asks for his wife, but no one answers.

Marlena wants to get Jennifer into a sterile environment. Patrick carries Jennifer and the baby out of the cave. Hope thanks Tony for saving her cousin. Tony asks Marlena if she still thinks he is a monster.  She replies that the jury is still out on that one, but when they do find their captors, there will be hell to pay.

Phillip and Belle are outside of the restaurant as Shawn and Jan watch from the woods. Belle asks Phillip to be patient with her, and then she asks him to hold her. The two kiss and Shawn screams out Belle's name.  Belle and Phillip hear him, but they didn't see him. Jan starts dragging Shawn away in the wheelchair as he is yelling for help.

Bo and John are told that Hope, Marlena, Jennifer, Jack, Patrick, Abe and Roman are in the jungle They decide to go into the jungle to look for them, but the families protest. Bo and John are determined.

Abe and Roman run into Hope, Marlena and the rest of the pack. All are glad to see each other, hugging and laughing. The laughter stops when Roman asks why Tony is there.  Tony says he has the deactivator. Hope tells them that Tony saved Jennifer's life. Hope and Patrick decide to go back into the jungle to find Jack, and Abe offers to carry Jennifer the rest of the way. Before Patrick and Hope can leave ,Tony announces that he knows for a fact that Jack is dead. Jennifer screams, "No!" at the top of her lungs.

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