Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/8/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/8/04

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Nicole comes downstairs and finds Brady watching home movies of him and Chloe together. He is drinking heavily. Nicole has a vision of herself as an evil imp. The imp tells her that she should not feel sad for Brady and to go after him.

Shawn, who can hardly walk, hitchhikes down the highway, but no one will stop for him.  He sees a sign that says "Green Mountain Lodge 20 Miles".

Belle and Phillip arrive at Green Mountain Lodge, and Phillip opens the door for her to her hotel room. They find that it has been set up for a romantic evening, and Phillip promises that he didn't ask for it, that it just came with the package; he promises to be a gentleman. After Phillip leaves, Belle finds a picture of Shawn in her purse and says to it, "If you're moving on, then so am I." She then throws Shawn's picture into the trash can.

Bo and John make the great escape, despite security trying to make them put the plane down. As the two are taking off, they either hit something, or something hits them. Bo worries that they may have been hit.

Roman is having a seizure as Abe walks up. He picks up the empty syringe and asks Marlena what had she done.

Hope holds Jennifer's new baby as Patrick does an assessment of Jennifer. He tells Hope that the stitches are holding, but still she lost so much blood that he doesn't know if she can make it. Jenn asks Hope to let her hold the baby one last time. Once the baby is in Jennifer's arms, she tells him how much she loves him. Hope is begging and pleading with her not to die. Jennifer loses consciousness.

John and Bo finally get the plane in the air, but Bo is still worried about whatever it was that they hit. The two are totally unaware that the plane's wheels are mangled up under the plane, and one of the wheels drops from the plane.

Marlena explains to Abe about the intruder and that the syringe was either meant to cure Roman or to kill him.  Since he was dying anyway, she took the chance in hopes that it would cure him. Abe advises her to wait it out and see what it does. The seizure stops,  and Marlena bursts into uncontrollable sobs; Abe holds her in his arms.

Shawn is still trying to hitch a ride but has had no success in getting anyone to stop. He tries to crank his bike again, but it won't work.

Phillip comes into Belle's room and finds it empty. He opens the balcony doors and find Belle in the hot tub with a bottle of Champagne chilling beside her on ice. She invites him to join her, and he tells her he is going to get his suit. Before he can leave, she asks him to open the Champaign. He has trouble with the cork and sits on the side of the hot tub to get leverage. When Phillip pops the cork, he falls backwards into the hot tub, fully dressed.

As Brady is watching the home videos of Chloe, Evil Imp Nicole continues to encourage the real Nicole to go and comfort him. Nicole goes into the living room and grabs the remote control while Brady is up fixing a drink. She starts to push the button, but Brady grabs her arm real hard.  Between clenched teeth, he says "Don't you dare."

Bo and John discuss Stefano and that fact that he could still be alive and behind the mysterious deaths. The radio goes off, and John realizes that they were being tracked; he is sure that the security would open fire on the aircraft.

Marlena is still crying.  Abe, trying to comfort her, tells her that seeing the two  of them together made him feel as if he was in another year, back when they were happily married. Roman stirs and comes to; he recognizes Marlena right off the bat. An excited Marlena exclaims, "He's come back!"

Belle and Phillip are in a hot tub. Belle worries that they were being disrespectful to Chloe by laughing and having a good time right after her memorial service. Phillip assures her that is what Chloe would have wanted. Phillip then tells Belle that he loves her and pours more Champagne. They toast to each other.

Brady lets go after Nicole tells him he is hurting her arm.  Brady tells her to leave him alone. Brady wishes he had gone to the morgue with Nancy to see Chloe one last time, to say good-bye. He then tells Nicole that the love of his life is dead. Brady leaves the room and Nicole sits down in front of the TV.  She talks to Chloe's image on the TV, telling her to let go of Brady. Nicole realizes that Brady was behind her and may have overheard her talking to the TV.

Bo asks John, "how fast can this thing go?" John tells him, "We are about to find out," as he maneuvers the plane.  Bo realizes then that they are off course. The two find out that they are flying over a restricted military airfield.

Abe tells Roman and Marlena that they found Jennifer and that she had a boy. He says the baby is healthy, but Jennifer lost a lot of blood.  He tells Marlena they need her. Roman encourages Marlena to go, and Abe offers to stay behind with Roman.  He says he will be on the look out for the masked intruder. Roman declares that Marlena saved his life.

Hope and Patrick discuss Jennifer's condition, then Patrick tells Hope he thinks they are being watched. Sure enough, the intruder is watching behind the bushes.

Brady admits to overhearing Nicole and tells her it's O.K., that it is up to him to let go of Chloe, in his own time and own way.

Shawn, still hitchhiking, stops a car and asks for a ride.  He recognizes the person in the car and has a shocked look on his face.

Nancy calls Brady and confirms that Chloe is dead. After he hangs up the phone, he burst into tears and collapse into Nicole's arms. "She's gone, she is really gone," he cries.

In Austria, Nancy sits at Chloe's bedside.  She tells Chloe that she delivered the news to Brady but wished she didn't have to. Chloe says it is best that Brady not see her that way. Chloe says that "ghoul girl is back, this time a thousand times worse".

Bo and John dodge bullets.

Marlena examines Jennifer, then comes out to tell Hope that there is not much hope for Jennifer.  She does not have the equipment to save her. Marlena yells aimlessly at the intruder not to let Jennifer die. While Marlena, Hope, and Patrick are outside, the intruder comes in and stands over Jennifer with a knife. Patrick comes in and catches the person red handed.

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