Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/7/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/7/04

By Sharon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Suzanne

Mimi goes to the doctor's office to meet with Lexi to get the test results. Mimi ask Lexi if she is dying.

John and Bo are on the Basic Black plane, headed to the The Caribbean.  John discovers that the mirrored paperweight detected a hidden message on the satellite photo of the island that said "NEW SALEM."

Marlena is tending to an ailing Roman; she urges him to hang on but that she needs to go and retrieve some water. While Marlena is away, a mysterious person hovers over Roman with a syringe full of medication.

Bo and John figure out that the presumed dead are being held hostage on this island that is called "NEW SALEM".  The pilot tells them that they cannot fly out because of an FAA clearance problem.

Roman notices that the intruder is standing over him, but he does not recognize the person. He screams out and scares off the intruder. Marlena comes to his rescue. She tries to calm Roman and assure him the no one was there. Roman wishes that he had not lost his eyesight, so that he could see Marlena's beautiful face before he dies. He tells her he loves her.

Meanwhile, back in Salem, Rex is looking for Mimi. He worries that something is wrong, so he orders her two dozen roses, but his credit card is declined. Rex is wishing he had a better job when a professor from Salem University knocks on the door. Mimi is relieved to hear that she does not have cancer. As Mimi is thanking God for the good news, Lexi has a flashback of Abe's casket being empty. Mimi notices the faraway look in her face and asks Lexi what is wrong. Lexi opts not to discuss her thoughts with Mimi but assures Mimi that she is fine. Lexi leaves the room to get another lab report, and Mimi asks to use the phone. Mimi calls Belle on her way to Green Mountain Lodge and leaves a message on her voicemail that she does not have cancer. While Mimi in on the phone, Lexi gets Mimi's last lab reports and states, "Oh, Mimi, you're not out of the woods yet."

Bo and John desperately tries to get clearance but is refused. After hanging up the phone, John releases the pilot and decides to fly the plane himself.

Marlena tells Roman that she loves him, but Roman tells her not to force any feelings upon herself to try and please a dying man.  She then admits that when Roman asked her to make love with him that the old feelings for him came flooding back to her. Roman starts to feel nostalgic from their life together. Roman says he loves her and asks Marlena to hold him until it is over. Marlena then kisses Roman on the lips and tells him again how much she loves him. The intruder watches from the bushes.

Lexi comes back into the examination room and gives Mimi some shocking news. Mimi is pregnant. Lexi tells Mimi that the bleeding could have come from taking aspirin or allergy medication. Mimi is in shock. Lexi tells her that the father must be notified.

Back at the apartment, The professor talks to Rex about his job at Alice's and tells him that he is overqualified to be a bartender. The professor asks Rex to join the faculty at Salem University.

Bo tries to talk John out of trying to fly the plane; he argues that they are defying the FAA and is scared that they could be shot down. John, hell-bent on flying the plane, tells Bo that he could either go or stay, but he is going to find Marlena.

Roman tells Marlena to live for the both of them, then he loses consciousness. The intruder slips back up behind a weeping Marlena, who thinks Roman is dead. She is holding Roman in her arms and crying.

Rex accepts the professor's offer to work for Salem University, and the professor leaves, passing Mimi in the hallway. When Mimi comes in, Rex rages about where she'd been and why she left so abruptly during Chloe's memorial. Rex is angry at Mimi for keeping secrets, but she tells him that she thought she was sick, but she knows now that she is O.K. The two vow not to keep secrets, but she doesn't tell him she is pregnant.

Bo, unable to stop John from flying the plane, hops into the copilot's seat; the two are off to the mystery island.

Marlena sees the intruder and chases the person off. She finds that the intruder has left a medical bag and a syringe full of medication at Roman's feet before being chased off into the bushes by her. Marlena holds up the syringe and recognizes the contents.

Lexi sits in her office, looking at a picture of Abe, and wonders if Abe is alive. She has a flashback of finding Abe's coffin empty. She wonders if her father is responsible.

After making love, Mimi and Rex both have news to share with the other, but they argue about whose news is bigger. Mimi rubs her stomach and thinks about her new baby, Rex, unaware of the pregnancy, grins at Mimi as he puts groceries away.

The two pilots take off in the Basic Black jet, ignoring the "no clearance" orders coming from the radio. As the plane races down the runway, they are surrounded by airport security.

Marlena thinks the medication in the syringe could be an antidote for Roman's illness. She injects Roman and prays that it works. Roman comes around and then falls into a seizure as Marlena tries to figure out what went wrong.

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