Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/6/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/6/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie, Tek, John, Kate, and Celeste are at the cemetery to have Abe and Roman's graves dug up. They find they are empty. Celeste insists that all of the people who "died" are still alive. John just thinks their bodies were stolen, but Bo has hope they are alive. They talk about how they should proceed next to try to find the missing friends. Bo has the cops put the coffins back underground.

Brady, Phillip, Belle, Mimi, Rex, et al. are at the church for Chloe's memorial service. Jan is lurking around as a nun, hoping that Shawn D. will show up, since he escape. After Brady gives his moving testimonial about Chloe, they show a lot of clips of her and of the two of them as we hear Chloe's voice singing. During the service, Mimi worries about her own mortality as she flashes back to finding blood. Sami has a flashback to Brandon proposing to her. Kate and John show up at the end of the service to give their support. Sami tells Belle that she's glad she's with Phillip instead of Shawn and urges her not to stick to her purity vow. They talk about Brandon. Belle says that Brandon wants to give her another chance, so Belle wonders what that means for Lucas. Lucas is nearby when a confused Sami runs off, telling Belle she shouldn't expect Shawn to come running back to her. Rex wonders why Mimi is so distressed by Chloe's death.

Nicole is supportive to Brady; she even manages to turn on the tears about Chloe's death. He is moved by her concern. She smiles to herself when he's not looking that she will soon have him. Phillip tells Kate about where he and Belle are going. She is very happy for him. Jan asks Nicole for help in finding Shawn, but Nicole turns her down. Sami and Phillip say some cutting things about Nicole, so Brady gets angry. Sami leaves, saying she's not wanted there. Brady is shocked to hear that Belle is going up to Green Mountain Lodge with Phillip, but Phillip assures him that they will have separate room. Belle tells him to mind his own business. Brady yells at Phillip for not supporting Chloe's concert hall. Nicole tells Brady that Belle is right; she's a big girl now. Lucas demands that Sami answer his question: if given the choice, would she choose him or Brandon?

Later, Mimi wanders around the altar. She has a fantasy vision about her and Rex getting married there. She asks Celeste if she can see them getting married there. Celeste says she doesn't, but she does see Mimi getting wheeled in there. Mimi freaks out, thinking she means in a coffin. Before Celeste can correct her, Lexie phones Mimi to tell her that the hospital got the test results back. She asks her to meet her at the hospital.

Shawn, still drugged up, is on Belle's couch, wondering where she is. He tries to phone her but gets no answer. He turns on the TV and sees that Chloe is dead and that they are having her memorial service. Shawn is shocked to hear that Chloe is dead and figures that Belle must be at the church. He finds his clothes in Belle's closet and thinks that's a good sign. He starts to out when he hears Kate leave a message on the machine. Phillip's voice is on the machine with Belle. Kate knows that Belle and Phillip are heading out to Green Mountain Lodge after the service, but she wanted to let him know how happy she is for him. Shawn gets very angry about the two of them going up there and swears he will kill Phillip first. He leaves angrily.

John tells Tek to look for where the signal from Roman came from. He and John talk about it. Later, Tek tells Bo and John that he has pinpointed where the signal came from. It is an island called Melaswn that is not on any regular maps, but he found it on an old pirate's treasure map. Because Bo and Patrick's plane went down there, he thinks this proves that Patrick knew where it was all along. John asks for the co-ordinates and says he will have to take his Leer jet there.

On the island, Roman barely holds on as Marlena comforts him. He tells her that everything is blurry. He apologizes for asking her to make love to him. She tells him that her feelings for him never changed. She loves John, but she still loves Roman. Later, he shivers and tells her that everything is getting dark. He is glad that if he has to die, it's for a good cause (Jen's baby). He dies and Marlena sobs.

Patrick tries to help Jen, who has given birth to her baby. She is worried about her health, but he assures her that she will be okay. Hope arrives and sees that Jen had her baby. Jen shows her the baby and says that she and Jack a son. Patrick tells her that Jennifer is hemorrhaging. He blames himself for having to use his knife to help get the baby out. Hope assures him that it is not his fault; she already stitched up that incision. Hope says that Jen is bleeding internally. Jen talks to her baby, telling him that it will be fine and she can't wait for Jack to see him. Hope tells Patrick that if Jen doesn't get a blood transfusion soon, she will die.

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