Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/2/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/2/04

By Sharon
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As Brady desperately tries to find a way to Chloe, Mrs. Wesley comes to the door. She tells Brady that Chloe had died. Brady sheds tears as he thinks back to his times with Chloe. Mrs. Wesley refuses to let Brady accompany her and Craig to Austria, where Chloe died in a limo Accident, that also killed the driver. After she leaves, Nicole comes downstairs to find a broken hearted Brady on the front porch. Nicole embraces Brady and tries to console him.

Phillip and Rex play and angry game of basketball which turns into a fist fight. Phillip calls Shawn a "Looser" and told Rex that he was a "Looser" too. Rex said that Phillip was a "Spoiled punk" and yes he could relate to Brady's because they were honest people. Rex hits Phillip with the ball, then the two engage into a fist fight. The two broke apart when Mimi and Belle showed up. Mimi becomes extremely upset When she saw blood on Rex's face. Rex tries to get Mimi to open up to him, but she does not want to tell him that she is ill. Phillip ask Belle to go away with him, promising to be a perfect gentleman. Belle accepts.

Celeste has a premonition of Abe alive and swinging a sword. Then another as Abe tells her not to let Lexi break their Marriage vows. Lexi gets a dozen roses and a Card from Tech and calls him to make a date. Celeste overheard the conversation and tried to persuade Lexi to break the date. Lexi brusher her mothers premonitions off. Celeste declares that Abe and all the others were alive. Finally getting Lexi's attention, the two go to the police station to talk to Bo.

Bo, John and Tech are trying to decipher the Morris Code that Doug is sending them from the island. They were able to get a rough Satellite picture of the location. John determines that it is somewhere in the Caribbean. In the meantime Doug is distracted with the doorbell. Tony D'imera sneaks into the mock penthouse and destroys the transmitter.

Hope and Abe find the ledge where Hope left Jennifer. They find that the ledge below where Jennifer's was lying had broken away. Feeling that there was no hope for Jennifer's Survival they continue to search.

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