Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/1/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/1/04

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Lucas answers the phone at Sami’s to hear Brandon on the other end of the line. He asks Brandon why he is calling as Sami walks into the room. When Sami learns that it is Brandon on the phone, she anxiously takes the phone from Lucas. She is happy to hear from Brandon. Lucas jealously watches as Sami and Brandon talk about Will and how much Sami misses Brandon.

While Rex gets something to drink for Mimi, she calls Lexie at work and insists on talking to Lexie. She tells Lexie that she must see her right now. Mimi explains that she thinks she is dieing.

As Jan stands outside Belle’s apartment and films through the curtain, Phillip tells Belle that he is sorry that he didn’t tell her sooner that it is her that he is in love with. Back in the cage, Shawn is going nuts watching all of this on the monitor and finally breaks free from the chains. He hurts his ankle in the process though. As Phillip continues to express his love for Belle, Shawn rushes to the door of the bedroom only to find it locked.

On the island, Roman tells Marlena that he has always loved her and that he wants her to grant him one last wish before he dies. He wants her to make love to him. They lay down in the clearing that they are in and start to make out heavily.

In Kate’s office, Kate and John are just getting started when Bo busts through the door looking for them. Bo is obviously disgusted that they were going to make love. John and Kate both try to explain that Roman and Marlena are gone and they both need to move on with their lives. Bo tells them they are wrong. Roman and Marlena are alive, and he has proof. Kate passes out. Once John gets Kate to come around again, he lashes out at Bo. Bo swears that he has proof and explains about the secret code that he and Roman made up when they were kids. Neither John nor Kate believes that it could be possible. Bo is very adamant. He ‘knows’ this is the real thing, and that Marlena and Roman are alive.

Back in the jungle on the island, Hope and Abe interrupt Roman and Marlena. Hope and Abe are clearly disturbed that they walked in on Roman and Marlena obviously getting ready to make love. Roman and Marlena try to act as if nothing wrong was going on and ask about Jennifer and Jack. Hope tells them that they were deliberately thrown off course. Marlena informs Hope and Abe that Roman has developed a bad infection and that none of the antibiotics that she has available to her right now are helping. Roman tells Marlena to go ahead and tell Abe and Hope that he is dieing.

Sami is still on the phone with Brandon. As Lucas listens with green eyes, Sami tells Brandon about Will getting ready to go back to school. She tells Brandon that she loves him too, and thinks of their time together all the time. Lucas is getting more and more jealous by the second. Brandon’s phone starts to cut out and they lose connection. Lucas immediately jumps on Sami demanding to know why Brandon called. Sami tries to explain to Lucas that he has nothing to be jealous of. She and Brandon are just friends. Lucas is in the mood to argue now though, and won’t let it drop. He asks if Brandon has forgiven Sami for switching the results of Lexie’s paternity test. They start to argue about that whole situation when the phone rings again. Sami answers again to Brandon. Lucas hears her joke with Brandon that he probably tells all his ex-wives the same thing, and she thinks it is very sweet.

Mimi confirms that she will see Lexie in a little bit and hangs up the phone. Rex returns to the table with the drinks and asks who was on the phone. Mimi lies and tells him that it was Belle, and she has to go and meet Belle right away. Rex excitedly asks if Mimi told Belle about their trip to Hawaii. Mimi tells him that she did and that Belle is happy for them. Rex brings up that they should start looking at brochures right away because he needs to start getting the motel rooms booked and stuff. Mimi is obviously distracted and tells him that she can’t right now. She didn’t realize how late it was. She quickly kisses him goodbye and takes off.

Phillip continues to profess his love for Belle as Jan continues to film and send the images to the monitor in Shawn’s cage room. Belle tells Phillip that she is a little shocked. She had no idea he felt this way. She thought he loved her as a friend. Jan encourages Phillip under her breath to hurry up and close the deal so that she and Shawn can get on with their lives. When Phillip tells Belle that he wants to make love to her, Shawn goes ballistic and grabs the pry bar he used to break out of the cage. He uses the bar on the door to the room and finally breaks out. As Phillip continues to surprise Belle, her phone rings. It is Mimi telling Belle that she needs to meet her at the hospital right away. Mimi begs her not to tell Phillip or anyone where she is going, but stresses that it is very important for Belle to come. Belle agrees to meet her right away. She quickly tells Phillip that she has to go, and they will talk about all of this later. As she rushes out, a disappointed Jan hopes that she got enough of the scene to convince Shawn that Phillip and Belle are an item now. She heads back to her ‘lover boy in his gilded cage’.

Roman begs Marlena to tell Hope and Abe the truth – that he is dieing. Marlena finally admits to all that she can’t do any more to help Roman and that he is in critical condition. Abe thinks that maybe this is what the whole plan was about all along. Whoever is holding them captive intends to kill them all off one by one. Roman begs them all to leave him there to die alone, and to go back and save all the others. Marlena, of course, doesn’t want to leave him, but Roman continues to beg them to promise him that they will go back and save all the others.

John and Kate continue to argue with Bo. They just can’t believe that Roman and Marlena are alive. Kate tells Bo that it just isn’t possible. When Bo comments that maybe Kate just doesn’t ‘want’ it to be true so she can make a play for John, Kate slaps him across the face.

Roman looses conscience as Marlena begs him to hold on. She admits to Abe and Hope that he doesn’t have much time left.

Kate is appalled that Bo would say such a thing. John and Kate continue to argue with Bo as all tempers rise. They get into a yelling match. Bo accuses both of them of wanting their spouses to stay dead so they can be together. John tries to explain that they are just trying to get on with their lives. Kate points out that Lexie signed the death certificate for Marlena. Bo points out that Marlena’s body is missing, and he believes that this message from Roman is real. John and Kate both think it is some kind of a trick. John thinks that Bo is only holding on to this because he wants to believe that Hope is out there with all of their dead loved ones waiting to be rescued. Bo tells him that he does believe that. He knows he is right on this one.

As Sami continues to talk to Brandon, a disgusted Lucas leaves the apartment. Sami tells Brandon about Will’s progress with his karate lessons. She tells him that even Will couldn’t wait to tell Brandon about it. She guesses that Will wants to tell Brandon because Brandon was the one that got him interested in karate in the first place. Sami asks if Brandon might ever come back to Salem. She then tells him that he has just given her great news.

Belle meets Mimi at the hospital. As they sit to talk, Mimi tells Belle that she has been bleeding and she thinks that she has cancer of the uterus. Belle is shocked to hear this. Mimi explains that her grandmother died of the same thing and she believes that it runs in the family. Mimi tells Belle that always does this to herself. As soon as she gets one small symptom, she totally freaks out and that causes everyone around her to flip out. Belle hugs her and tries to calm her down. She tells her not to make all of this worse by coming down on herself. Mimi agrees to try not to. Belle asks if Mimi has told anyone else about this. Mimi admits that she told her mother, but Bonnie totally freaked out on her about it. She didn’t want Bonnie there at the hospital when she acts like that. Belle agrees that Bonnie shouldn’t be there either. When Belle learns that Mimi hasn’t told Rex yet, she tells her that she thinks Rex has a right to know.

Rex walks into the apartment building to see Phillip trying to take the trash out. He offers to get the door for Rex, and then asks Rex what is up with him and Belle. Phillip admits to Rex that he finally told Belle that he loves her. Rex blows up at him and tells him what a jerk he thinks Phillip is. Phillip doesn’t understand why Rex cares. Rex explains that he cares because Belle is in love with Shawn. Phillip reminds Rex that Shawn dumped Belle, does Rex think she should spend the rest of her life pining away for Shawn? Rex tells Phillip that he knows that Shawn and Belle love each other. Phillip says that if Shawn loved Belle, he would never be treating her the way he has been. Rex asks Phillip what he is going to do if Shawn comes back.

Shawn has on his leather jacket now and shoes. He is in the shed where Jan hid the bike. There is blood stains on his socks and shoes. He is trying to get his bike started, but it won’t turn over. He doesn’t understand why the bike won’t start.

Jan returns to the cage room and realizes that Shawn has escaped. She screams ‘NO!’

Bo continues to insist that he believes they are alive. Kate doesn’t understand how any of this can be true. John tells her that they will get to the bottom of this. He suggests that he and Bo go to the station and listen to these signals. Bo thinks that is a wonderful idea. John promises to call Kate as soon as they find out anything. After John and Bo leave, Kate picks up a picture of Roman and cries that she would love to hold him just one more time. Lucas enters the room and asks Kate what is wrong.

Marlena begs Roman to hang on, and realizes that he is burning up. Hope leaves with the canteen to find water. Marlena tells Abe that she knows he wasn’t happy to see her kissing Roman. At first, Abe tells her that it is none of his business. Marlena tells him that she knows he reacted that way because it makes him think that if she is moving on, maybe Lexie is moving on back in Salem. Abe tells her that this is exactly what none of them want to happen back in Salem, and here she is doing just that. Marlena explains that she was just trying to comfort Roman since he is dieing. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love her husband or that Roman doesn’t love his wife. She admits that things have not been great between her and John here lately though. She tells Abe that John may not even want to be married to her anymore.

At the police station, Bo shows John his notes, and how he figured out the code. John takes a look at the ‘evidence’ and finally starts to show a little bit of interest in it. Bo asks him if he now believes that Roman and Marlena are alive.

Back in Kate’s office, a concerned Lucas asks if Kate wants to talk about why she is crying. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk about that right now, and asks why he came by. He tells her that he just thought they might have dinner together or something. Kate can tell that Lucas is upset and guesses that Sami has hurt her little boy again. She goes off, saying that she is going to kill Sami. Lucas tries to calm her down and tell her that she isn’t helping matters by acting this way.

Sami continues to chit-chat and catch up with Brandon. She learns that he got a promotion at the children’s hospital. She is very happy to hear that. She tells him that she would love to spend some time in London. She realizes that they have been talking a long time and she still doesn’t know why he called.

Belle doesn’t understand why Mimi hasn’t told Rex. Mimi tells her that Rex can’t know. She wants Belle to promise that if the doctor confirms her fears, that she won’t tell Rex. Belle doesn’t understand why not. Mimi changes the subject and insists that she needs to hear what is going on with Belle and Phillip. It will take her mind off of her own worries. Belle tells Mimi that Phillip confessed to her that she is the mystery woman that he is in love with. Jan is happy to hear this. Belle is upset. She doesn’t know what to do about this, Phillip is her best friend and roommate. She doesn’t know if she ‘can’ be with Phillip and forget about Shawn. Mimi tells her that she has to.

In Jan’s house, she vows not to let Shawn get away, she just can’t! She goes outside to search for him. In the shed, Shawn gets the bike to start for a few seconds, then it dies again. As Shawn continues to try to get the bike started, Jan hears the engine rumbling and heads for the shed. Shawn hears her shaking the door to the shed and hides. Jan walks through the shed calling out for Shawn. She knows that he is in there and that he can’t leave without his bike. Shawn hides behind a window on the outside of the shed as Jan continues to search for him.

Mimi reminds Belle that Shawn left her. She hates seeing Belle hurt like this because Belle is her best friend, but she knows that they only way Belle will get over this is to face the truth. Shawn left and he isn’t coming back. Belle reluctantly tells Mimi that she knows that. Mimi reminds her what a great guy Phillip is and that he is in love with her. Mimi tells Belle she should allow herself to fall in love with Phillip and enjoy their time together. Mimi knows it can all be taken away – just like that.

Rex and Phillip continue to argue over what Phillip’s intentions were all along. The argument gets pretty heated and ends up with Rex offering to stand in for Shawn and fight it out 'one on one' with Phillip. They both agree and get into the elevator to head outside to settle this on the basketball court.

Lucas continues to try to get Kate to calm down. Kate finally promises to calm down, but wants to know what happened. Lucas tells her that Brandon called Sami. Kate is surprised and asks why. Lucas admits that he doesn’t know why, but Sami was very glad to hear from him. Kate calls Sami a slut and asks how Sami expressed that happiness. Lucas tells her that Sami told Brandon that she loves him. Kate is livid to hear this, calling Sami a total bitch. She asks Lucas to promise that this time he will be through with Sami forever.

Sami’s conversation with Brandon finally comes to an end as she promises to ‘think about it.’

Hope reminds Abe that they need to keep looking for Jennifer and Patrick. They both tell the still unconscious Roman to hang in there. Marlena is going to stay and take care of him. Hope and Abe take off in search of Jennifer again.

Back at the station, John is still being skeptical. Bo convinces him that if there is the slightest possibility that they are still alive, they should be doing everything they can to find them. John sits down at the computer to try to figure out where Bo’s ‘signal’ is coming from.

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