Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/26/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/26/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

 Shawn is at the hospital, waiting for Philip. He's just gotten off the phone with Mimi's mom, so he figures it will be good to have a bartending job for the extra money.

Also at the hospital, Sami has a long chat with Belle. First they are inside the hospital, where they talk about Shawn and Philip, and Belle's feelings for them. Sami is exasperated when Belle says that she doesn't love Philip the way she loves Shawn. Sami takes her outside to the terrace. She gives her advice about motherhood and how her life will change after she has the baby. Belle wants to have a baby but points out that they can afford a nanny as well. Sami argues that Belle's life will still be changing quite a bit, even though kids are great. She says it is a full-time job. She advises Belle to get over Shawn instead of thinking that maybe someday they will get together. Belle wonders why Sami says this, so Sami tells her about hearing Mimi tell Bonnie that she almost slept with Shawn, and how Bonnie encouraged her to after the man she always wanted. Belle is shocked to hear that Mimi has always had a thing for Shawn. Sami theorizes that she may also be after Shawn's inheritance. A nurse comes out and tells Sami that the lab is ready for her. Sami hugs Belle and reminds her that it was awful for her to have divorced parents. She doesn't think Belle should wish that on her kids, either. Belle counters that she thinks her baby should have two parents that are happy together. As Sami leaves, Shawn comes out, so she makes a comment about him. Shawn wants to know what they were saying about him. Belle blurts out that she can't believe he almost slept with Mimi. Shawn scoffs and blames this on Sami. He assures Belle that nothing happened. He says they were just listening to music and kissed once. Belle is skeptical. She is angry at Mimi and suspicious of her motives. He reminds her that she is married to Philip and told him to move on. He insists that Mimi did nothing wrong, so he wonders why Belle is so angry. Belle is silent, so Philip says that she must be jealous. Hurt and angry, Belle retorts that she doesn't want Shawn to get hurt, and she thinks that Mimi could be using him to get at her. They discuss Mimi's long-time crush on Shawn, but he dismisses that as just a high school thing. He reminds her that Mimi is still in love with Rex and will be for a long time. Belle asks what he will do if he's wrong. She wonders if he will be able to love Mimi back. Shawn says with a tortured voice that is not ready to love anyone because of Belle. They are both angry, shouting, and she's tearful. He tells her that he's finally accepted that they are not going to be together, so Belle needs to move on, too. The nurse comes out and tells Belle that her husband is ready. Shawn barks at her to go be with her husband.

Sami gets a phone call. She angrily yells into the phone, "Who is this and what do you want?" A voice tells her to do what Tony says, or else she can kiss Lucas and the life she knows goodbye. Sami asks wearily what he wants her to do. The voice replies that she must help Tony escape.

At the church dance, Abby's date, Josh, tells her that he has to go floss now. He is a bit weird, but she clearly likes him. Caroline comes up and they chat about Josh and about being happy. Caroline muses that this past year was like a bad dream for her. This leads to them talking about Jack.

Jack locks Frankie and Jen into a storage closet at the dance. They hear music playing from outside. Jack is holding a boom box against the door, playing one of the old 80's songs they loved. They reminisce about those times and a costume party/dance they went to, where Frankie was dressed like a gangster, and she was dressed like a flapper. Jen is shocked to discover a box with those same costumes in it. They try them on for fun and then dance. Jack watches them through the keyhole. He regrets that he is dying and can't be there for Jennifer.

Josh and Abby dance and then walk near the storage closet. They hear the music playing from Jack's boom box and comment that it must be playing just for them. They kiss. Jack sees them from nearby and is shocked. He doesn't want them to kiss, but he also doesn't want to explain why he's hiding there, playing music. Caroline comes along, so the teens leave, having been caught kissing. Jack tries to keep Caroline, who is looking for Jen and Frankie, from going into the storage closet. Caroline hears the music and wonders where it's coming from.

Jen asks Frankie if it makes him uncomfortable dancing there with her, but he says that it's just memories and that's all. Jen wonders if they were locked in on purpose. She states that it's as if someone wanted them to revisit their past. She isn't sure why someone would do that, but she says it was nice. She kisses him on the cheek. Just then, Caroline opens the door, with Jack standing behind her. Jen is embarrassed and stammers that it's not what they think. Jack grins and says he knows that it was very innocent. They joke around about trying on the costumes. Frankie gives Caroline the cups she needed. Jen kisses Jack and asks about his business meeting. He says that everything is right on track. Jen tells him that they need to talk about Abby and this boy she was kissing. Jack agrees, explaining that he saw them doing that, too. It occurs to Jen that it was probably the teens that were playing that music they heard. After she leaves, Jack thanks Frankie for what he is doing to help him and Jennifer out.

Caroline thanks Jen for helping at the dance. She remarks that Jen looked just like did at 17 when she was wearing that costume. Jen flashes back to kissing Frankie. She says she almost felt 17, too.

Bo and Billie are at the hospital with Hope. They find out that Chelsea is their daughter. Hope is happy for them but emotional. They are astonished about the news. Hope leaves them alone to deal with the news. Bo asks her not to tell anyone yet. They hug and kiss. After Hope leaves, Billie tells Bo that she doesn't think they should give Chelsea the news, since Chelsea hates her. She also knows that Chelsea will be devastated to learn that her whole life was a lie. Bo disagrees. Billie admits she is scared. She wishes that she and Chelsea had gotten off to a better start and worries that she will resent them for trying to take the place of the parents who raised her. Bo points out that Chelsea will be gaining a lot with her new family. Billie keeps worrying. Bo says they have to give her time and hope she makes the right decision. He says they have to prepare for anything that might happen. Billie tells him that it would kill her not to have any relationship with her daughter. He feels the same way but says they have to go slow and think about how Chelsea is feeling. He reminds her about how she felt when she found out Kate was her mother. Billie remembers that it took them years to even be civil to each other. Bo reminds her that he went through the same thing when he found out Victor was his father. It is clearly a painful memory for him. Billie brightens, figuring that if anyone can understand what Chelsea is going through, it's them because of their past. She just hopes it won't take years, but Bo says there are no guarantees. He puts his hand on her shoulder as he says this. Billie has tears in her eyes, but they are tears of joy. They rush out to find Chelsea and give her the news.

Also at the dance, Chelsea phones Max to ask him to meet her at the beach. Patrick apologizes to Chelsea for hurting her feelings. He assures her that he cares for her as a friend and still thinks Max is only interested in one thing. Chelsea argues with Patrick and tells him off. She goes to Abby and tells her that she's meeting Max for sex, then she leaves. Patrick asks Abby if she knows where Chelsea is headed, but Abby lies that she has no idea. Hope arrives at the dance, so Patrick fills her in on how he's worried about Chelsea going off to make a big mistake. Hope leaves with him to look for Chelsea. First they look at his house. Hope tells Patrick that Bo and Billie found "Georgia". He is shocked and asks who it is. Hope tells him that it is Chelsea. He tells her that he had told Billie that it might be her, since Tony said it was someone Billie knew and Chelsea is about the same age (and has the same rare blood type as Billie). Hope tells him about the DNA test, too. Patrick is happy for Bo and Billie, but he asks how Hope is doing. She says the news is a bit daunting and that things will change in their lives now. She is worried because Chelsea seems to hate them all. She is also concerned that there may be another surprise about Chelsea from Tony. She wonders why he made it so easy for them to find her after all this time. Patrick agrees that she is probably right but says there is nothing they can do about that. He is determined to protect Chelsea, so he wants to leave to look for her. Hope asks him not to tell anyone about the paternity, and he agrees. He asks Hope to stay there and wait to see if Chelsea shows up. Hope protests that Chelsea hates her, but Patrick tells her that he has faith in her motherly instincts. She looks doubtful but can't think of a reason to argue, so he rushes off as she stands there, a bit open-mouthed.

Max remarks to himself that he will give Chelsea what she wants. Later, they meet at the garage. He is dressed up nicely. They kiss quite a bit. He stops kissing her and tells her that he wants to take her someplace more romantic. He puts a blindfold on her so that he can surprise her, then he carries her outside. He takes her to a place (in the woods? Or near the beach?) he has set up with a filmy tent, some tiki lamps, and a nice fire with a blanket. They sit on the blanket. She is clearly impressed. He jokes that they could have made love on the garage floor instead. She pulls him down on top of her for a kiss.

Bo and Billie go to Patrick's place; they find Hope waiting there. She explains why she's there instead of the dance. Bo is not happy to hear that Patrick, "that creep", went after his daughter. Hope says he just went to find Chelsea. Suspicious, Bo asks if Hope told Patrick about the DNA test. The look on Hope's face, and her silence, tells them that she did. Both Bo and Billie are annoyed at Hope for breaking her word. Hope apologizes. Bo thinks that Patrick is working for Tony. He and Hope argue about that. Billie wonders if Bo is right. She recalls that Patrick knew that her daughter could be Chelsea. Billie gets a little hysterical as she wonders if Tony is using him to steal Chelsea away. Bo and Billie get the idea to look first at Jen and Jack's place, so they rush out, leaving Hope behind. She looks a little ticked off.

Patrick goes to the garage. He looks at a paper on the tables and then leaves. Bo and Billie arrive there later, see that no one is there, and then also leave. Patrick somehow tracks Chelsea and Max down. He sees the tent and heads toward it, muttering that Max will regret it if he's laid a hand on Chelsea.

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