Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/23/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/23/05


Written by Hilary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Jill

Patrick and Chelsea are kissing when Bo and Hope come in. Patrick tries to explain to them that ďit's not what it looks likeĒ. Hope tells Bo to calm down. Bo asks Patrick what is he doing here, and calls Patrick a sleaze.  Hope tells Patrick and Bo to stop fighting, and she asks Bo to let Patrick explain what is going on.  Explain what, Bo says...that he is a low life scum who is taking advantage of a girl half his age?  Bo orders Patrick to answer. Patrick then looks at Chelsea and replies that it wasn't what Bo thought.  Bo asks Patrick if he denies kissing her; Patrick says no.  Chelsea interrupts and says that she is 18, not a child. Bo ignores her and says that what Patrick did was wrong, and he knows it.  Hope asks Chelsea to explain what just happened. Chelsea replies that it's not a big deal. Hope then asks Chelsea if Patrick wasn't coming on to her...was he?  Chelsea replies that she does not want to talk about it, and runs off. Patrick begins to go after her to make sure she is okay, but Bo stops him. He asks Patrick where does he think he is going?  Patrick says that Chelsea is upset.  Bo replies that Hope can talk to her.  Hope then says that Chelsea is fine, just a little embarrassed.  Bo replies that Patrick is the one who should be embarrassed. Hope says that Bo and Patrick should calm down, and that they are all overreacting.  Bo agrees and he leaves after Chelsea.

After Bo leaves, Hope gives Patrick a ďlookĒ, and he asks her if she wants to lay it on him now too. Hope says she has a pretty good what just happened. She asks him if Chelsea kissed him.  Patrick says he doesnít want to talk about it. Hope tells Patrick that it would have been much easier if he had told them it was Chelsea who tried to kiss him.  Patrick asks Hope to let it go. Hope says that he would never criticize any woman, even one who can see exactly what is going on. He says that he doesn't want to get into it. Chelsea has a lot of baggage; her parents were in a car accident. She does alone expect for Billie. She's a mess, and she is confused. Hope says that she is not disagreeing with him, but she knows women like Chelsea. Patrick replies that Chelsea is only a kid. Hope disagrees; Chelsea may be young, but she can still scheme like anyone else. Patrick tells Hope to give Chelsea a break; she has problems. Big ones, Hope replies, but if he doesn't pay attention to them Chelsea will create even bigger problems for him.

Hope helps Patrick with his cut. She says that he is lucky he didn't lose a tooth. Patrick says that her husband is the lucky one. Hope asks Patrick, how can he be so blind when it comes to women?  Patrick asks her if she is talking about Chelsea. She says damn right she is; it takes a woman to understand women. When she was Chelsea's age she knew women like Chelsea.  Patrick asks Hope, just like Chelsea? She says Chelsea is trouble with a capital "T". Patrick says that Chelsea is lonely and afraid, and says she is not the first one to have a crush on an older guy. Hope replies that she knows exactly who Chelsea is. Because of her, Bo is more suspicious. Patrick says that itís Boís problem. Hope says that itís Patrickís problem too. Patrick says that Chelsea has lost her house and her parents, and it's not like Chelsea is living alone with him; Billie is there. He says that he let them live there as an act of friendship. Hope says that she knows, and she is not questioning his motive, only Chelsea's. Then Hope suggests that they get more ice.

Bo and Hope come in to speak with Chelsea. Bo says that he is sorry about what happened. Chelsea says that it's no big deal. Bo tells her not to say that. Chelsea tells Bo that she knows he is trying to help her, but she can take care of herself. Bo replies that he is not so sure and that Patrick Lockhart is dangerous. Bo tells her to keep her distance from him. Bo doesnít understand why women are so blind that they canít see Patrick for who he is.  Bo starts to tell Chelsea that he knows it was a rough year for her. Chelsea acts bored and says here we go again. Bo ignores her and continues; he says that losing her parents, plus dealing with her own injuries, has been a lot to deal with. She can talk to him, or she can talk with Hope if she is more comfortable with a girl. Bo says that guys like Patrick are going to take advantage of her. Chelsea replies that Patrick wasn't taking advantage of her. Bo disagrees. He says that if she was here, he would agree with her. Just then Bo's cell phone rings; it's Billie.  Billie tells him that itís important, but she canít tell him over the phone. She asks Bo to meet her at the Brady Pub. Bo says that he is on his way, and hangs up. He asks Chelsea if she is going to be alright. Chelsea says that she is fine. Bo tells her that he doesn't know where Hope went, but asks her to tell Hope that he had to take off; it was kind of an emergency. When Bo leaves, Chelsea remarks to herself that Billie has Bo jumping through hoops, pathetic.

Hope comes out. Chelsea asks Hope if she is looking for her. Hope says that Chelsea doesn't seem very upset over what just happened. Chelsea asks Hope, what is she trying to say?  Hope says that she knows the whole story; Chelsea can drop the whole innocent girl routine. Hope tells Chelsea that she may not want to hear this, but when Chelsea plays with older guys, she is playing with fire. Chelsea is lucky that Patrick is a nice guy, because there are men out there who would take advantage of her. Hope asks Chelsea if she understands. Chelsea replies that she understands force; she is not stupid. Hope tells her to stop acting like she is stupid then. Chelsea accuses Hope of not really caring about her. Hope tells Chelsea that she does care and so does Bo. Chelsea replies that she is going to tell her then what she told Bo; she can take care of herself. Chelsea gets frustrated and asks Hope why they canít just leave her alone? Hope replies that she is not picking on her, but anyone can use friendly advice. Chelsea says that her parents were great; they taught her everything she needed to know. Hope says that she doesn't think Chelseaís parents would approve of her behavior. Chelsea tells Hope that if she doesn't like her, tough. She also says that she doesn't need old witches like Hope and Billie telling her what life is all about. Chelsea also says that she doesn't need Hopeís advice about a world of scary men; Chelsea can handle men just fine. Hope says that she is just asking Chelsea to be careful. Chelsea tells Hope to go to hell. She says that if she were Hope, she would be worried about her and Patrick; she would be more focused on her own husband. Hope asks her where that comment just came from. Chelsea says that all she is saying is that Bo could be cheating on her right now.  Does Hope even know where Bo is? Chelsea tells her that she is not making it up; Bo did go to see Billie.  Hope says that she is sure he did. Chelsea asks her what is she doing here, she should go save her marriage. Hope tells her that she is not worried about her marriage. Chelsea says Billie doesn't care about Bo.  As for Patrick, she really doesn't care as long as her needs are being met. Hope asks Chelsea why she still doesn't like her, after everything Hope has done for her?  Chelsea tells Hope that she used her to get Patrick. Chelsea says that Billie definitely knows what she wants when it comes to men, right now Billie wants Bo.

Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, Bo surprises his mom. He startles her, and then apologizes, saying that he didn't mean to scare her. Caroline says that this is a nice surprise. Bo says that it's nice to see her. Caroline replies that it feels good to be home. She notices that Bo is distracted and asks him what it is. Bo says that he is meeting Billie here. Caroline asks him if Hope knows that he has gone here to talk to Billie.  Bo says no, but she will understand; Billie said it was an emergency. Caroline says like that emergency when she got Bo trapped with her in a pit? Bo says that he is looking for his daughter. He knows what he is doing. He then sees Billie and goes over to talk to her.  Caroline hopes that Bo knows what he is doing.

Billie and Bo meet. Billie tells Bo that Tony said Chelsea Benson is their daughter.  Bo says that if Chelsea is their daughter then she is pretty messed up. Billie tells him that she doesn't disagree, but she also says she doesnít think Bo knows her very well. Bo tells her about going to the Lockhartís house. He tells her that she is not going to like what he saw. She asks him what it is now? He tells her that he saw Patrick and Chelsea kissing. Billie looks shocked. Patrick?!  Bo says yeah, and he wonders just how far they would have gone if He and Hope hadnít walked in. Billie tells him that Patrick wouldn't let it get that far... not with Chelsea. Bo says she wouldn't say that if she saw what he saw.  Billie explains to Bo that Chelsea has had a little crush on him. She tells him that when she was taking a shower Chelsea "accidentally" walked in, wearing only a towel. It was obvious to Billie that she has hoping to see Patrick. She tells Bo that when Chelsea realized it was Billie in the shower, she was a little annoyed. Billie says that this thing with Patrick was probably started by Chelsea. Bo tells Billie that Patrick was all over Chelsea. Billie says that he only sees it like that because he doesn't like Patrick. Bo, annoyed, accuses Billie of defending Patrick once again. Bo asks her if she is going to try and convince him that it wasn't Patrickís fault. Billie asks him, what if he is wrong?  Bo says that he has already been warned. Billie asks Bo what he did. Bo says that he slapped Patrick, that's all. He also says that if Chelsea is their daughter, and Patrick touches her again, then Patrick is a dead man. Billie asks him if Chelsea was hurt or upset. Bo says no. Billie asks him does that tell him Chelsea wasn't the victim? Bo says that Patrick was forcing himself on her. Billie replies that Bo didn't see how it started. Soon they agree to disagree, and they start to discuss Chelsea as their daughter.

Caroline overhears this and drops her cup. Bo cleans up the mess. Caroline tells Bo that if it were her daughter out there, she would want her found; she says she would love her unconditionally. Caroline asks him, what will this do to his marriage with Hope. Bo says that they talked about this. Bo then tells Caroline where Billie got this information. Caroline says that they canít trust that man. Bo says it could be true. Caroline asks him, why didn't he tell Hope that he was coming here? Bo tells her that Hope was off somewhere. Caroline asks Bo if he has tried to call Hope.  Bo answers, defensively, that he just got the news himself. Caroline tells Bo that he is a grown man and doesn't need her advice anymore. Bo says that she will need his advice. He assures Caroline that everything will work out, and returns to Billie. Caroline remarks that those are famous last words. When Bo comes back, Billie tells him that they shouldn't tell Chelsea this yet, not until they are one hundred percent sure. Bo says okay, then letís go find out if she is our daughter. Bo tells Billie that he knows a way to find out for sure.

Meanwhile, Patrick is thinking about him and Hope. How she has always been there for him. How she helped him when Bo attacked. At the island, when he and Hope had been together. It appears that Patrick has a crush on Hope.

Kate goes to the police station to see Tony. When she sees Billie coming out looking shocked. Kate asks Billie, why is she here? Billie says that she could ask Kate the same thing. Kate says that Billie looks like she has just seen a ghost. Billie replies that she has just heard something amazing, something that will change her life forever. Billie tells Kate that Tony just told her that Chelsea Benson is her daughter. Kate asks Billie if she is sure. Billie says not, but maybe. Kate says that she is very happy for her, but is Billie happy?  Billie says yes, she is, if itís true. Kate, though, doesn't know why Tony would just give Billie this information. She asks Billie if Tony gave her any evidence.  Billie says of course not. She tells Kate that Patrick also thought the same thing. Billie says that when Tony told her this she called Mickey Horton. Kate asks her why Mickey? Billie tells her that because he was the one that handled the Benson work. Billie also tells Kate that they could not find anything, but she thinks they could have just deleted the information, right? Kate hopes that Chelsea is in fact Georgia; it will bring Bo and her closer. Billie replies that she canít really think about that right now, first she has to find out if Chelsea is Georgia. Kate says that Georgia is Bo's daughter too, she does need both of them. Billie then talks about the blood transfusion she gave to Chelsea, which could prove that Chelsea is Georgia. Billie also reminds Kate that Tony has set them up so many times before. Kate keeps talking about how this will bring Billie and Bo together. Billie reminds Kate that Bo is married. Kate answers that she has always hoped Billie and Bo would end up together. Billie decides to leave then so she can tell Bo what she has learned.

Kate still wants Bo and Billie to be together, but right now she has to focus on splitting Lucas and Sami apart. Unfortunately for her, the guards wonít let Kate in. Kate tries to get in by using her daughter Billie's name. When that doesn't work, she uses her husband Roman's name. Nothing works. She calls John for help; he agrees to call the guards to tell them to allow Kate in. The guards come out and tell her that she has been permitted, but only for 10 minutes. Kate hopes that this will be enough for her to get dirt of Sami and find out if Chelsea is really Georgia.

Back at the Cabin, Marlene remembers being in the shower with Alex, and she kisses Alex. They fall onto the bed and begin kissing. Alex stops and tells her that they canít do this. Marlena gets shy and embarrassed, and says that here he is, trying to help her, and she is trying to seduce him. She says that she is married and she knows she already cheated on her husband once, with her ex-husband. Alex asks her if she is remembering this. Marlena says no, she has just been told this over and over again. She says that now, she's seducing her therapist. Marlena thinks that she is a terrible person. Alex says that she isn't, and if she knew more about her past she wouldnít be so hard on herself. He says that the most recent of the terrible events that have happened to her, was that she was captured and chained together with her ex-husband. He tells her that she had been abducted once before too. When she was abducted before, she was taken into a lab, and impregnated by another man. Rex and Cassie were two people she loved and cared for, until they were brutally and cruelly taken away from her. She cries for him to stop; she canít take anymore. Alex does and he says that this amnesia is just a way for her mind to get a break. Marlena says that he makes sense, but asks him why is she so drawn to him? Marlena asks Alex if they had a relationship, and did she know him back in the past. She asks him if he works for DeMira? Then she gets embarrassed for asking him that question and apologizes to him. Alex says that he wants Marlena to feel good and safe with him. She tells him she does. Marlena says that she doesn't know what she would do without Alex. She gives Alex a hug. She then tells him about all the memories and feelings she is having towards him. He says that the feelings are common and not to worry. Alex also reassures Marlena that she is not being unfaithful towards her husband. She says that she doesn't want to go back home; she loves everything about this place. She knows that people back in Salem are her friends and family, but she has no desire to see them ever again. Marlena says that she doesn't care about the people back
home. She asks Alex if that is wrong? Alex tells her that it isn't. Alex tells himself that this is what he is counting on...

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