Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/22/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/22/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami sobs at the idea that Tony could name her as Stan and Roman walks in. Sami claims it is only nerves. Roman questions Sami about Tony but Sami swears that she didn’t agree to do anything for Tony. Lucas runs into Nicole outside of the Brady Pub and taunts him with the true identity of Stan when he gloats about her recent losses. Lucas returns to Sami’s apartment still wanting to talk about Stan so Sami seduces him to get his mind off of Stan.

Chelsea is furious with Billie still for breaking up her and Max last night. Chelsea throws back the covers to prove to Billie that there is no guy in her bed. Billie reiterates her promise to Chelsea’s mother but Chelsea believes that her mother would want her to be happy even if that means sleeping with Max. Chelsea pushes Billie out of her room and slams the door in her face. Patrick walks by and repeats his theory that Chelsea could be Georgia but Billie doesn’t want to hear it. Patrick asks Billie if she doesn’t want to consider the idea because Chelsea isn’t how she envisioned Georgia to be. Patrick points out how Chelsea fits Tony’s clue of it being a name that they would recognize. Billie decides to seek answers from the source and visits Tony with a tearful request for Georgia’s true identity. Tony decides to finally tell the truth and reveals that Georgia is Chelsea. Meanwhile, Chelsea spots Patrick outside cleaning the pool and argues with him at first about Billie because Patrick defends Billie against Chelsea’s ill remarks. Chelsea uses the suntan lotion at first by putting some in Patrick’s hand and turning around as an understood request for him to lotion her back but Patrick remains still. Chelsea turns around to face Patrick and moves his hand for him so that he rubs the lotion on her shoulder and down her arm as she tries to convince him that he’d be better off with her. Chelsea leans in to kiss Patrick and Patrick kisses her back.

Kate stops at the Brady Pub to see John and receives an icy welcome from Caroline. Caroline watches John and Kate discuss the possibility that Marlena may only remember her time with Roman.

Marlena wakes and finds Alex in her bedroom watching her sleep. Marlena admits to Alex that she remembered being in love with him. Alex maintains that it’s still transference. A scent memory brought on by familiar flowers makes Marlena speak to Alex as if she loves him but then quickly apologizes. Alex tells Marlena to go with the memories not to fight them, even suggesting that they could be memories of Marlena’s love for a third man. Alex purposefully convinces Marlena to take a soothing bath in a romantically decorated bathroom. The romantic mood reminds Marlena of bathing with Alex. Marlena, driven by her flashback, steps out of the bathroom and kisses Alex.

Nicole orders food from the pub as she downs a drink and tries to pay with a credit card. Kate steps up and offers to pay for Nicole’s food when Nicole’s credit card was declined. Kate uses the good gesture as a way of enticing Nicole to help her. Nicole turns down the offer of getting revenge on Sami at first but Kate persists by offering Nicole $500 for information. Nicole pockets the money and gives Kate enough clues to deduce that Sami was working for Tony.

Roman stops at the Pub to have breakfast despite having to run into Kate there. John walks over to where Roman is eating at the bar and they argue about John’s decision to send Marlena away with Alex. Roman fears that Alex could be have ulterior motives. Caroline breaks up the argument by insisting that whatever will happen with Marlena will happen and there is no use in them fighting about it. They decide that Caroline is right and John insists that they both have to trust Alex because they have no other choice.

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