Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/13/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/13/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Chloe, driver, Brady, Nicole, Mimi, Rex, Bonnie, Hope, Abe, Marlena, Roman, Kate, John, security guard, Jennifer Patrick

Vienna: Chloe gets into her limo with a bouquet of flowers. Her driver tells Chloe that she has many admirers. Chloe says it’s a flattering, but she loves Brady.

Kiriakis Mansion: Brady swims in the pool. Nicole watches and remembers their kiss in the office. Brady gets out of the pool and says he’s glad Nicole is here. Nicole says they can pick up where they left off. Nicole kisses Brady.

Bonnie’s house: Mimi is convinced that she has cancer and that she’s going to die like her grandmother did.

Basic Black: John arrives at his office, He hears a noise and finds Kate is still at work. Kate says she’s just trying to stay busy. John says that they’re going to be doing this for a long time.

The Island: Hope doesn’t understand why the coin didn’t work. Hope says she did it exactly the same way as before. Roman says that their captor must have changed the code. Roman says they should walk the perimeter to see if there’s a break. Abe says there isn’t one. Suddenly, the person in the bushes turns off the force field. Roman says they should go through. Abe thinks that it might be a trap and that while they are walking through their captor will turn on the field again and kill them.

Jennifer imagines that Patrick is Jack. Patrick realizes that Jennifer is delirious. Patrick thinks that he should play along. He promises Jennifer that she and her baby will be ok.

John says that he is thinking about Marlena. John says he’s been having nightmares since he knew her body was taken. Kate says Sami thinks Marlena was buried alive. John is convinced he’s gone.

Roman says they have no choice but to go. Abe says he has seniority so he goes first. They all get through and then the force field comes back. Roman says that someone made sure they would get through. Hope says that she and Patrick didn’t have nearly as much time. Marlena asks if they are going to be able to get back in. They decide to worry about that when it happens.

Jennifer tells “Jack” to lie next to her. Patrick plays along. Unfortunately he doesn’t lie close enough and Jennifer thinks that Jack doesn’t love her any more. Patrick tells Jennifer not to push until Hope arrives with help.

Chloe remembers talking with Brady. Brady told her he never wanted to let her go. They kissed.

Brady stops Nicole from kissing. Nicole thought that Brady wanted to give them a chance. Brady says that the first kiss never should have happened. Nicole says that it keeps happening and they can’t ignore it.

Bonnie tells Mimi to go to the doctor in the morning. Bonnie tells Mimi not to panic until she knows what’s really going on. Rex shows up at the door. Mimi tells her mother not to say anything. Bonnie says that Mimi would never have to keep secrets from Shawn. Mimi tells her mother to shut up. Rex asks if anything is wrong.

Patrick tells Jennifer that she’s doing great. Jennifer imagines Jack is there. Patrick kisses Jennifer to make her feel better.

Kate asks John how he’s going to tell Belle. John says that Marlena would know just how to handle this. Kate says that when she was with Roman, she had hope for her future. Kate says there is a storm coming and that she should get going. Kate kisses John on the cheek.

Roman falls into a pit. Abe goes down to get him out. Marlena says that she has to get the shoe off in order to stop the bleeding. Abe says Roman was lucky to only injure his foot. The rest of them agree that Roman can’t walk. Marlena tells Hope and Abe to go ahead and that she’ll stay with Roman.

Brady says he wanted to kiss Nicole. He feels guilty he led Nicole on. Nicole pushes Brady back into the pool. Nicole asks to join in. Nicole splashes Brady. Brady dunks Nicole. Nicole says her top fell off.

Bonnie says she needs Mimi to pick up Connor and take him to day camp in the morning. Mimi says she’s fine, but that she’s upset over Patrick. Rex has good news and hands Mimi a paper.

Roman asks Abe for some kind of crash. Marlena tells Roman and Abe to take the rest of the medical supplies to Jennifer. Roman says his foot really hurts. He asks what it looks like. Marlena’s hand is covered in blood.

Jennifer wonders what will happen if they don’t make it. Jennifer asks Jack to recall some of the ordeals she’s been through. Patrick responds by asking Jennifer the same question. Jennifer has a lot of flashbacks. Patrick says that they’ll get through this. Jennifer tells Patrick to kiss her.

A security guard tells John that the door to the roof is open. John says that he knows who’s up there. Kate says she was right about the storm. John tells Kate they should go inside. Kate wonders if John thought she was going to jump. Kate says she’s too much of a coward for that. John says that Kate is very brave. Kate says John is a good man. John says that Marlena made him that way. John says that all he knows about his past is that he was an assassin for Stefano. Kate says John made Marlena one of the happiest women on earth. John says that Kate gave Roman a kind of love that he hasn’t seen since he lost Marlena.

Bonnie grabs the paper. Rex explains that he entered a contest to improve the insulation for a thermos company. He says he won enough money to pay for rent and other expense for a while and still have enough money to take Mimi to Hawaii next winter. Mimi says she’d love to and starts to cry.

Brady tells Nicole to tie her top tighter next time. Nicole asks Brady to tie it for her. Brady says that Nicole deserves better than him. Nicole says that Chloe is never coming back and that Brady deserves better than that. Brady says that even if Chloe did cheat he still loves her and would never be unfaithful. Brady says that he doesn’t even know what really happened. Brady starts to call Chloe to find out what really happened.

Chloe asks her driver how long it will be until they get there. He says a couple hours. Chloe is impatient. All the flights were grounded. The driver tells Chloe that she’ll be ok.

Mimi says that she’s just never had a man who’s loved her so much. Mimi says she’s just so happy. Mimi and Bonnie hug goodnight. Rex says it’s going to rain. Bonnie prays that Mimi be ok.

The driver says that the storm is really bad. Brady and Chloe say hello and then the car swerves off the road.

Patrick, as Jack, and Jennifer tell each other that they love each other. Jennifer says that the contractions are getting closer.

Hope says they’ll be at the ravine in about an hour. The mystery person brushes away their footsteps.

Kate says that she and John have lost the centers of their beings. John says that only the two of them know what it feels like. Kate says that Roman and Marlena would want them to be happy. And work through this. John and Kate kiss. They are both crying. John takes off his shirt as it starts to rain.

Roman wants to look at his foot before Marlena bandages it. Marlena kisses Roman to keep him from looking at it.


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