Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/12/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/12/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Mimi, Belle, Philip, Jan, Shawn, Hope, Doug, Roman, Abe, Marlena, Jennifer, Patrick

The loft: Mimi calls her mom to ask about the blood, but hangs up before her mother can answer. Mimi contemplates asking Belle.

Belle’s loft: Philip and Belle kiss. Jan tapes them on her video camera.

Hope asks if any of them took the coin. Hope says it’s the key to everything.

The cliff: The banana spider is on Patrick’s hand. One bite and he’s dead. Patrick is ok, but the spider lands on Jennifer’s leg.

Outside Belle’s window: Jan narrates her movie for Shawn. Jan says that Philip and Belle look great together. Jan says that Shawn needs to see this for his own good.

Philip tells Belle that he doesn’t want to make he do anything she doesn’t want to do. Belle says she’s tired of worrying and that she just wants to live. Philip agrees. Philip carries Belle to the bedroom.

Jan tells Shawn to imagine what Belle and Philip are doing. Shawn imagines Philip and Belle in bed together. Shawn says that this isn’t happening.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse: Marlena says that Hope became her patient when she gave her the shot and she demands Hope lie down. Hope says she can’t lie down. Doug asks Hope when the last time she saw the coin. Hope has a flashback of breaking through the force field. Hope says she was blinded by a light when the coin hit the field. Hope says it must be on the ground. Roman says he and Abe will go look for it. Abe reminds Roman that they must repair the transmitter.

Doug and Abe go to look for the coin. Roman gets started on repairing the transmitter. Marlena goes to get some water for Hope. Hope says it’s not Morse code. Roman says that they don’t want their host to catch on to the signal. Roman says that this is a code that he and Bo made up as kids.

Jan says that Belle never let Shawn touch her like Philip is. Jan says that Belle is the one who is being untrue, not her. Shawn tells Jan to shut up. Jan says maybe she can climb through the window and get some more footage. Belle and Philip hear something downstairs and Philip goes to check it out.

Abe and Doug wonder if the coin is on the other side. They hear a noise in the distance. They wonder if it’s Jennifer.

Patrick tells Jennifer to use his body like a ladder and climb up the cliff. Jennifer gets on solid ground finally. She offers her hand to Patrick, but he tells her to go on ahead. Patrick is still on the cliff.

Philip finds Mimi in the kitchen because she wanted to talk to Belle. Belle says that Mimi should have called first. Jan says Mimi always shows up at the wrong time.

Marlena gives Hope another shot. Roman fixes the transmitter. Roman says that no one is to tell Tony about the transmitter or else Tony might try to sabotage it again. Roman says that the signal isn’t as strong as it used to be. Hope hopes that Bo is listening.

Doug and Abe realize the noise was just a bird. Doug finds the coin on the ground. Doug doesn’t want Hope to put herself in any danger. Doug suggests that they go off to find Patrick and Jennifer on their own. Abe says that he promised to go back.

Patrick tells Jennifer to throw him a vine. Jennifer tries, but is overcome with a contraction. Patrick starts to slip.

Jan tells Shawn that she’ll be home soon.

Shawn was shaking his cage and he noticed that a bar broke loose. He tries to pry it all the way off.

Philip goes to take a shower. Mimi tells Belle she’s so sorry for ruining the evening. Mimi says they can talk later. Belle says nothing happened. Belle remembers what just happened between her and Philip.

Doug and Abe return with the coin. Hope says she’s the only one who can find Jennifer. Doug refuses to let Hope go. In the end, they agree that they need Hope to lead them. Marlena says that she needs to be there if Jennifer is in labor and goes to change her clothes. Roman tells Doug to stay here. Doug wants to go on the rescue mission.

Patrick climbs up off the cliff. He checks Jennifer’s pulse. Jennifer is unconscious.

Patrick carries Jennifer somewhere safe.

Roman says that Doug needs to protect the transmitter. Doug thinks the women should stay. Hope says she’s a cop and Marlena says she’s a doctor. Everyone leaves except Doug. Doug tells them all that they will come back.

Mimi shows up at Bonnie’s door. Bonnie says that she needs her beauty sleep. Bonnie says that Patrick isn’t dead because they haven’t found the body yet. Mimi says she’s not here to talk about Patrick. Bonnie asks if Mimi had a fight with Rex. Bonnie says that Mimi would be perfect with Shawn. Mimi says she might not have a future.

Patrick manages to get Jennifer into a cave. Patrick helps Jennifer with her labor. Patrick says he’s going to build a fire at the entrance to keep out the animals and says that maybe Hope will see the smoke and track them. Jennifer calls Patrick back over to her.

Shawn continues to try and break the bar on the cage.

Belle has a flashback of her conversation with Philip on the couch. Philip returns from his shower.

Mimi says that she didn’t have a fight with Rex. Mimi starts to leave. Bonnie stops her. Mimi asks her mother what her grandmother died from. Bonnie says it was cancer. Mimi asks what kind of cancer. Bonnie says uterine cancer. Bonnie asks Mimi what is wrong. Mimi tells her mother about the blood and says that she’s worried she has cancer.

Philip asks what Mimi wanted. Belle says that she just left. Belle says she never should have had the drink. Belle says she’s just going to bed. Philip says he’s going to watch TV. Philip remembers what he and Belle just did.

Shawn succeeds in breaking the bar off. He hides it just as Jan comes in. Shawn uses the bar to try and pry another bar off.

Hope gives the coin to Roman so he can throw it at the field. They discover that the force field won’t open. Roman says that their captor must have changed the code. Someone in a hat watches the group from the bushes.

Jennifer calls out to Jack and says she’s thirsty. Patrick squeezes some water into her mouth. Jennifer is delirious and thinks that Patrick is Jack. She kisses Patrick thinking it is Jack. Jennifer says this is it and the baby is coming.


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