Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/11/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/11/04

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Characters appearing: Marlena, Roman, Abe, Doug, Hope, Patrick, Jennifer, Philip, Belle, Shawn, Jan, Rex, Mimi

Rex’s apartment: Mimi sobs over her brother. She asks how she will never get over this. Rex says that she won’t.

Belle’s loft: Philip thinks Belle is an intruder and flips her to the floor.

The cage: Jan tells Shawn that Philip is obviously in love with Belle. Shawn tells Jan to shut up. Shawn says he knows Philip and Belle and says that they would never get together. Shawn leaves to go take a shower.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse: Doug asks Marlena what is wrong with Hope. Marlena says that Hope is suffering from complete exhaustion. Roman asks when Hope will come around. Marlena says that it could be hours. Roman and Abe agree that they don’t have that kind of time. Roman says Jennifer needs help and could be in labor. Abe says that they need Hope’s help. Roman asks Marlena if there is anything they can give Hope to wake her up. Abe asks about some kind of stimulant. Marlena says that there is a drug, but it doesn’t come without a risk. Doug asks what kind of risk. Marlena says that if she gave it to Hope, she might not wake up at all.

The Island---The ravine: Jennifer’s labor intensifies and Patrick tells her to grab his hand. Jennifer takes Patrick’s hand. Jennifer dangles from Patrick’s arm as the ledge crumbles underneath her. Jennifer keeps screaming and Patrick promises that Jennifer will be ok. Jennifer screams that Patrick is going to fall. Jennifer gets a foothold. Patrick says the ledge could go at any moment. Patrick tells Jennifer not to let go.

Marlena says the drug is dangerous only if administered incorrectly. Roman asks Marlena if she has the drug here. Marlena says that she has it in her medical bag at home in old Salem. Roman says it’s probably here since everything has been duplicated exactly. Marlena finds her bag and can’t believe she didn’t think to look for this sooner. Marlena says the drug is adrenaline. Roman asks if it’s the same stuff used to start a heart. Marlena says yes, but she’d be giving Hope a much smaller dose. Marlena says it can’t hurt Hope unless the drug has been tampered with. Abe asks if there is any way to tell. Marlena says no, not without a lab test. Roman and Abe say they shouldn’t use it. Doug says they can test the drug on him.

Mimi asks if she’s going to feel this hurt forever. Rex says that sooner or later everyone moves on. Rex says that he misses his sister so much. Rex says he would do anything not to have Mimi experience the same pain. Mimi says she never understood what it was like to lose a sibling until now. Mimi asks Rex how he deals with it. Rex says Mimi was what got him through this. Rex and Mimi kiss.

Jan says that Shawn is so fine. Jan takes off all her clothes and gets into the shower with Shawn. It’s a fantasy. In her fantasy, she tries to reach Shawn, but there’s a glass wall in the way. Jan says that as long as Belle is around, Shawn won’t forget about her. Jan decides that she needs to shoot Belle and Philip.

Belle is on the floor shocked. Philip says he’s so sorry for hurting Belle. Belle says she thinks she pulled a muscle in her back. Philip carries Belle over to the couch and starts to massage her back. Philip says there is something that can make her feel better. Philip gives Belle a kiss and she responds.

Rex says that they shouldn’t have sex just out of escape. Mimi says that is the way Lockharts do things. Rex says it would be better to tlak about Patrick. Rex asks about what Patrick was like when she and he were kids. Mimi says that Patrick was always very protective of her, but was also a rebel. Mimi says their family vacation was ruined because of him. She says when they went to a Caribbean island, Patrick wanted to go on an Indiana Jones like adventure and almost got killed.

Jennifer says that the contractions are getting closer. Patrick tells Jennifer to concentrate and think about the coin. Jennifer says that Hope has the coin. Jennifer tells her baby to stay inside where it’s really safe. Patrick says they just have to hold on until Hope arrives.

Philip ends his fantasy of kissing Belle. Philip says that whiskey is the best anesthesia. Philip tells Belle that he’s going to give her a massage. Philip tells Belle to take her top off.

Jan rigs up a video camera to tape Philip and Belle. Jan is happy with what she sees. Philip gives Belle the massage. Shawn watches it on the laptop. Belle says it feels good.

Marlena gives Doug a shot of the drug. Marlena checks Doug out and concludes that Doug is fine. Roman says now they can give the drug to Hope. Marlena injects Hope with the drug and Hope wakes up. All of a sudden Doug collapses. Abe says Doug has a pulse, but that it is weak. Hope asks what they did to her father. Roman says the drug must have been tampered with.

Rex asks how Patrick almost dies. Mimi says that Patrick almost died from a spider bite. Mimi says that they had to fly him to Miami. Rex says banana spiders are very dangerous. Mimi says that if Patrick ever got bitten again, he’d die.

Jennifer says that the contractions stopped. Patrick says he knew Jennifer could do it. A spider heads towards Patrick’s hand.

Jan continues to film Philip massaging Belle. Shawn says he’ll kill Philip for this. Philip rubs ice on Belle’s back. Belle says it feels good. Shawn says that he has to get out of here.

Hope demands to know what they did to Doug. Roman tells Hope to stay still. Roman fills Hope in on Doug volunteering to test the drug. Hope tells her dad to wake up. Doug opens his eyes. Marlena says Doug just fainted. Hope says that they need to get to Jennifer. Abe asks Hope how she got through the force field. Hope has a flashback of Patrick opening the force field and how he explained the process to her. Hope says it worked like a charm and that the coin is the key. Hope says she can do it again, but they have to hurry. Hope tells them to get some things and go. Roman tells Hope that she isn’t going anywhere.

Rex is sorry to make Mimi feel worse. Mimi is glad that Patrick will never have anything bad happen again. Mimi says her brother is watching out for her. Rex says that he’s looking out for her too. Rex and Mimi kiss.

Philip continues to massage Belle. Jan talks to Shawn through her cell phone. Belle and Philip can hear Rex and Mimi having sex. Belle says that she usually tries to close the window, but it’s so hot out. Belle says she asked Mimi what it is like.

Hope asks what Roman is doing. Roman says that Patrick is in on this because he knew how to disarm the force field. Hope says that is what she thought at first, but Patrick has risked his life time and again to save Jennifer and the baby. Abe tells Hope that she’s in no condition to do this right now. Abe says that he and Roman can take it from here and he demands that Hope hand over the coin.

Jan says that after she’s done here, she should get Rex and Mimi on tape too. Philip says that they shouldn’t talk about things like that. Belle says that she wants Philip to tell her and to show her right here, right now.

Mimi gets a cramp and goes into the bathroom. She finds that she is bleeding. Mimi wonders what’s happening to her.

Marlena says the drug won’t last for long. Roman says that Hope won’t do Jennifer any good if she collapses out there in the jungle. Hope agrees to give Roman and Abe the coin and tells them to hurry. Hope reaches in her pocket and discovers that she has lost the coin.

The spider crawls onto Patrick’s hand. Jennifer tells Patrick not to move. Patrick says that it’s a banana spider and if it bites him then he’s dead. Jennifer tells him to flick it off. Patrick’s grip begins to weaken.


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