Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/10/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/10/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Philip, Belle, Rex, Mimi, Sami, Lucas, Marlena, Doug, Hope, Roman. Abe, Jennifer, Patrick

The park: Philip walks Belle through the park. Rex and Mimi catch up to them. Mimi tells Belle that Philip was relly nice. Rex can’t believe what Philip is doing to Belle. Mimi and Belle talk about Sami and Lucas. Belle hopes Sami didn’t lie to Lucas.

Sami’s apartment: Sami and Lucas finish their kiss. Sami closes the door on Lucas. Lucas opens it back up again and continues the conversation. Lucas demands to know what is going on. Sami says that everything Lucas did tonight was straight from the heart, but she can’t say the same for her. Sami says she may have accepted the proposal under false pretenses.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse: Roman wants to know why Hope went with Patrick. They think she might have been Patrick’s hostage. They think Stefano is behind this. Roman asks Abe if he believes Tony’s story. Abe says Tony never does anything by accident.

There’s a knock on the door and Hope arrives. Marlena and Doug are so happy to see Hope. Hope says they need help. Doug asks her who, but Hope collapses on the floor.

The Island---The ledge: Jennifer tells her baby that he can’t come yet because it’s too soon. Jennifer worries about Jack. Patrick tells Jennifer to concentrate on this baby. Jennifer says she is. Jennifer doesn’t want this baby to lose both parents. The ledge starts to crumble.

They move Hope to the couch. Marlena says that Hope just fainted and that she’ll be ok. Doug asks Hope if she can hear them. Abe and Roman deduce that Hope must know how to disarm the force field. They wonder whom Hope was talking about when she said people needed help. Hope has a flashback of how to get through the force field. Doug says that Hope should come to about now. Doug asks Marlena if Hope’s condition might be serious. Marlena says it is.

Jennifer says she can’t lose Jack again. Patrick says that the rest of the victims will probably wait until daybreak to come looking for them. Patrick tells Jennifer relax because that’s the most important thing. Patrick notices the

Rex asks Philip when he’s going to accept that the woman he loves is Belle. Philip says that Shawn is the bad guy here. Rex still thinks it’s wrong for Philip to move in on Belle.

Belle tells Mimi that Sami may have accepted Lucas’ proposal in public to drive Kate crazy. Belle says that Lucas is a great guy and that great guys don’t come around that often. Mimi asks Belle if she’s talking about Sami or herself.

Lucas starts to get angry. Sami tells Lucas not to yell. Lucas tells Sami to be honest. Sami said that she never intended to accept the proposal. Sami says she just wanted to see Kate’s reaction. Sami hoped that her acceptance of Lucas’ proposal would kill Kate.

Mimi says that Belle is worried about letting Philip slip through her fingers. Philip and Rex come over to check on them. Mimi and Belle walk away and continue their conversation. Mimi says that Philip and Belle would be great together. Belle says she and Philip are just friends. Belle says Philip is in love with another woman. Mimi says that if Belle left her door open one night, she can guarantee that Philip would pay a visit.

Rex and Philip wonder where Mimi and Belle went. Philip says he has a bad feeling about this. Two strange men come up behind Belle and Mimi and start talking to them. Philip and Rex start to beat those guys up. Belle and Mimi yell at them to stop. Philip forces the man to say sorry. Rex does the same.

Sami says she really wanted Kate to die. Lucas says that he doesn’t want to marry the old vengeful Sami. Lucas tells Sami to forget this whole night. Lucas tells Sami that he never wants to see her again. Lucas says he wouldn’t marry Sami if she were the last person on earth. Sami tells Lucas he has a short fuse. Sami wants to explain this all to Lucas. Lucas agrees to let Sami explain.

Roman and Abe worry about how to fix the machine. Marlena tells Doug that she doesn’t think it’s life threatening. Roman and Abe asks Marlena how long it will be until Hope comes to because they need to know what Hope saw. Hope’s eyes open. Hope tells everyone that they need to save Jennifer before the baby comes. Doug is so happy that Hope has woken up.

Sami says it was true she wanted Kate to pay. Sami recognizes that was wrong. Sami tells Lucas that she really felt hurt by Lucas’ first proposal. Lucas says that everything changed when he proposed for real. Sami realized that Lucas’ feelings were real and that hers were too. Sami says that when she accepted the proposal it was from her heart.

Rex and Philip apologize for attacking those two guys. Mimi cleans Rex’s cut. Belle sews up Philip’s jacket. Rex doesn’t want to leave Philip and Belle alone. Mimi says that Philip is just what Belle needs. Belle goes to look for some better thread. She picks up a Valentine’s Day card from Shawn. Philip tells Belle she shouldn’t have to go to bed alone. Philip says he has a surprise for Belle. Belle wonders what she’s going to do when Philip returns because she thinks Philip wants to sleep with her.

Mimi doesn’t want Philip to make a move before Belle is ready. Rex tells Mimi they should take a shower before going to bed. Rex and Mimi kiss.

Belle wonders what she should wear. Philip comes in and gives Belle a stuffed bulldog to watch over her while she sleeps. Belle loves her bulldog. Belle is relieved that Philip wasn’t planning on sleeping with her.

Patrick says that he has to get off the ledge to decrease the pressure so it’ll hold longer. Jennifer doesn’t want Patrick to leave her. Patrick starts to climb up the edge of the ravine. More of the ledge crumbles away.

Hope tells Roman, Abe and Marlena that Jennifer survived the plane crash. Hope says that Patrick tried to rescue her, but now they are both trapped on a ledge. Roman wants to know where the ledge is. Marlena tells them to give Hope time to answer. Hope says that the ledge is along a ravine in the jungle. Hope mentions Jack. Hope says she has to save them and tries to get up. Marlena tries to get Hope to lie back down. Hope continues to get up and says she can do it. Hope tells Doug that she can do it. Marlena protest Hope moving about. Hope collapses in Doug’s arms while trying to get up off the couch.

Sami says she had to tell the truth because she didn’t want any secrets between them. Lucas gets up and Sami thinks he’s going to leave. She says that she understands. Lucas gives Sami a kiss. Sami sobs as they kiss. Sami says she can’t wait to marry him. Sami says her ring is beautiful. Sami says they should look at it in the moonlight. Lucas says the ring isn’t as beautiful as she is.

Rex and Mimi take a shower together. Mimi says she feels bad for Belle. Rex says Belle is with Philip. Rex and Mimi kiss.

Philip lies alone on the couch. Belle comes downstairs and says she didn’t want to be alone tonight. Belle says she wants to be with Philip tonight and every night. Belle and Philip kiss. Philip tells Belle that she’s the woman he’s in love with. Belle tells Philip to make love to her. It was all Philip’s dream. He says he can’t take this any more.

Rex kisses Mimi all over in bed. Mimi says that she’s so lucky. Mimi says she’s so lucky she has Rex while Belle is going through a tough time. Mimi hopes that he never loses Rex. Rex says she won’t.

Belle hears a clanking noise. Belle goes downstairs to discover Philip is lifting weights.

Sami says she never thought this would happen. Sami worries Lucas might leave her. Lucas says this is a lifetime commitment. Sami and Lucas take of each other’s clothes and get down on the couch.

Marlena says that Hope is probably just suffering from exhaustion, which is understandable given what she’s been through. They ask her when Hope will wake up. Marlena says it could be soon or it could be all day. Abe says they can’t go rescue Patrick and Jennifer until Hope wakes up. Doug worries that it might be too late for Jennifer.

Jennifer’s labor intensifies. The ledge crumbles. Patrick reaches down and tells Jennifer to take his hand. Jennifer grabs it. They both hang on as the ledge continues to weaken.

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