Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/9/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/9/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Lucas, Sami, Nicole, Brady, Shawn, Jan, Philip, Belle, John, Bo, Kate, Marlena, Abe, Roman, Doug, Tony, Hope, mystery person.

Titan: Nicole says that Lucas and Sami had priceless looks when she congratulated them. Nicole is not confident in Sami and Lucas’ relationship. Nicole wouldn’t wish getting burned in love on anyone because she knows it all too well.

The Cage: Jan asks Shawn if he had a nice day. Shawn says that Jan has ruined his life. Shawn says he lost Belle because of Jan.

The Penthouse Grill: Belle and Philip dance. Belle has a fantasy of dancing with Shawn instead of with Philip. Shawn tells her that he’ll always be there for her. Belle says “I love you” and Philip hears it. Philip says that he loves Belle.

Kate wishes Sami and Lucas the best. Kate wants her son to be happy. Kate welcomes Sami to the family. Sami gives Kate a hug. John goes over to talk with Bo.

The Island---Marlena’s Penthouse: Doug is upset that Tony broke the machine. Roman says Tony broke the machine on purpose. Roman, Abe, Doug and Marlena all think Tony deliberately broke the machine. Tony thinks everyone is ganging up on him. Tony says it doesn’t matter now anyway because they are never going to get off the island until they are dead and that some of them are dead already. Tony says that Jack, Jennifer, Hope and Patrick have all disappeared into the jungle and that sooner or later they’re all going to die.

The Island---The Jungle: Hope wanders through the jungle. She has a flashback of the ravine. Hope collapses and someone walks up behind her. Hope lies on the jungle floor and remembers Patrick falling off the cliff. Hope starts to get up. The person steps back.

The Penthouse Grill---Terrace: Bo tells John about the signal, but that it’s not Morse code. Bo says it had definite rhythm and it came in continuously throughout most of the night. John says they have to figure out the code, what it is, who sent it and where it’s coming from.

Lucas asks Sami and Kate didn’t do this sooner. Sami and Kate exchange insults as they hug, but maintain the charade for Lucas. Every time Sami takes a jab at Kate, Kate squeezes Sami really hard.

Belle imagines Shawn saying that he’ll never leave her. Shawn kisses her in the fantasy and almost kisses Philip by accident.

Jan tells Shawn not to shoot the messenger. Jan recalls the events of the night and how Belle said she was over Shawn and wouldn’t marry him if he begged.

Nicole finishes the business plan for the board members. Brady wants to make a few changes. Nicole says that she’ll kill Brady if he messes up the quarterly projection numbers. Nicole prints it out. Nicole reads the paper and can’t believe what Brady did to the report.

Hope remembers Patrick telling her to get to the perimeter before dark. Hope wakes up and says that she has to get help to save Jennifer. The mystery person watches from the bushes.

Shawn can’t believe the torture that Jan is putting him through. Jan calls it “tough love”. Shawn says he didn’t watch the tape. Jan says that if Shawn wasn’t paying attention then they’ll have to watch it again.

Belle hates having these fantasies about Shawn. Philip says that some day she’ll be ready to move on. Philip says that Belle doesn’t have to go through this alone. Belle is so grateful to Philip.

Kate says that Will is going to be so happy to hear about the engagement. Lucas says it has always been a dream of Will’s. Lucas tells Sami they can go visit Will at camp.

Kate tells Philip he’ll be as happy as Lucas in love. Belle asks where her dad is. Kate says he’s with Bo. Philip leaves to go talk to them.

Sami and Belle hug. Sami asks Belle to design her wedding dress. Kate is appalled that Sami is going to wear white. Sami says that Kate didn’t wear white at her own wedding. Kate says she wore “ivory”.

Lucas says Kate looks tense. Lucas is proud of his mother for not arguing with Sami tonight.

Bo can’t find the source of the signal. Bo wonders if it came from the plane. John says that’s not possible because the black box has been recovered from the plane. Bo says he needs to get the signal back and put it on tape. John says he’ll send it to the ISA to be analyzed. Philip walks in. Bo is angry that Philip is hanging around Belle while Shawn is gone. Philip says he’s just doing what Shawn was unable to do and that is “be there for Belle”. Philip says that there’s something Bo doesn’t know about Shawn. Bo’s anger escalates and he demands to know what it is that Philip knows.

The mystery person watching Hope is wearing khakis colored clothing. It’s obviously a male figure. The person takes out a knife and makes a stabbing motion

Brady put Nicole’s name on the report meaning she gets her job back. Nicole protests at first. Brady says that Nicole is talented and she should work. Nicole says Brady is the person she admires most in this world.

Tony says that is someone would have sent a response already. Doug says they’ll find out in a day or two. Tony says he did them all a favor by breaking their toy because it saves them weeks of hope and disappointment. Tony says that if Stefano designed the island there’d be a barrier blocking all electronic transmission such as radio waves. Marlena says that Tony seems awfully sure of that. Tony says it’s a pure deduction because cell phones don’t work here. Something starts to beep. Marlena says it’s coming from Tony’s jacket. Roman and Abe hold Tony, while Abe removes a working PDA from Tony’s jacket. Marlena tells them to try and call Salem.

Hope remembers asking Patrick how to get through the force field. Patrick told her to use the coin. Hope has the coin in her hand.

Jan plays the tape for Shawn. Shawn demands that Jan turn it off. Jan skips ahead to another segment in which Belle says she doesn’t know what she’d do without Philip. Shawn can’t believe that Belle would move on so soon. Jan says she loved Shawn even when they weren’t together.

Lucas tells Sami it’s time to go. Sami tells Lucas that she and Belle have a lot to plan. Lucas convinces Sami to leave. Sami leaves with a big smile on her face.

Philip tells Bo about the ring box. Bo says that is not something Shawn would do. John says that Philip has been a great friend to Belle. John takes Philip inside for a drink. Bo tells Hope not to give up. Bo knows that Hope is still alive. Hope is unconscious, but she hears Bo’s voice speaking to her. Bo tells her to use his words to find a way to survive. Hope pulls herself to her feet. Hope picks up the coin again and starts to move.

Lucas says this has been the best night of his life and it’s only going to get better. Lucas kisses Sami for starters.

Nicole gets a tissue out of her purse. Nicole is crying. Brady sees her. Nicole says she’s crying because hunters killed Bambi’s mother. Nicole is so happy that Brady gave her job back. Nicole says that everyone is pairing off in this town. Nicole says she was just about to give up on happiness, when this happened. Nicole says there is one thing that could make her happier, Brady.

Marlena asks if Abe can get a signal out through Tony’s PDA. Abe says I i’s password protected. Tony says the beep they heard meant the battery is low. Tony tells Abe to ask the next time he wants to borrow something. Roman tells Tony to leave so that they can repair the transmitter.

Hope arrives at the perimeter. She remembers what Patrick told her about breaking the force field. Hope punches in the sequence. Hope throws the coin at the force field and a bright flash appears.

Sami goes inside her apartment and leaves Lucas outside.

Nicole says that Brady’s vote of confidence is the nicest thing that’s ever happened to her. Brady says that Nicole has done nice things for her too. Brady gives Nicole a kiss.

Tony says they should all work together. Roman wants to know everything Tony knows about the island. Tony asks Marlena what she ever saw in Roman. Tony leaves. Roman and Abe say they should get to work on the machine. They think Tony is worried they’ll get it up and running soon.

Tony says, “He’s not going to like this”

Jan is prepared to show Shawn the R-rated version of Belle and Philip. Shawn tells Jan to leave. Jan gives Shawn a chance to calm down.

Philip asks if Belle wants to dance. Philip offers Belle dessert. Belle asks Philip to take her home.

John tells Kate he’s impressed at what Kate has done with Philip. Kate says that she’s proud of Philip. Kate says that life can be brutal. Kate says she’s glad she has John.

Bo says that he knows Hope is out there. Bo says Hope belongs in his arms.

Marlena brings out the coffee. Doug tells her that he’s going to check the perimeter. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Marlena opens it and it’s Hope. Hope says, “they need help” and collapses on the floor.


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