Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/6/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/6/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Bo, Tek, Lexie, Marlena, Doug, Victor, Caroline, Roman, Abe, Tony, Nicole, Sami, Lucas, Brady, Belle, Philip, Jan, Shawn, Rex, Mimi, John and Kate

Salem police department: Bo wants one small sign that Stefano is still alive. Bo wants to see if the random signal is still playing. Tek thinks that it’s interference. Bo wants to find out if it changes or repeats.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse: Doug is sorry that he found his invitation too late because he wanted to see the feed. Abe agrees with Doug. Doug asks about Julie. Marlena says that Julie looked beautiful. Doug asks about Maggie. Marlena says Maggie got upset over Mickey and Bonnie. Abe says that their host wants them to feel the pain of their loved ones moving on. Abe says they have to keep the signal going.

The Penthouse Grill: Nicole doesn’t want Sami and Lucas together and say it’ll never work out. Mimi thinks Lucas is so romantic. Rex says it’s about time Sami answered. Belle wants Sami to just say yes. Philip says this is typical Sami. Jan narrates her “movie” for Shawn. Jan points out how close Philip and Belle are getting. Belle is having a fantasy of Shawn proposing to her. Belle says that Shawn will never propose to her. Shawn rattles his cage. Kate says this is her worst nightmare. Kate hopes that Sami says no to Lucas. Lucas asks Sami if she’s going to accept.

Brady doesn’t know what Sami is waiting for. Nicole thinks that Sami’s probably waiting for a bigger ring. Nicole says that if Sami plays her cards right Kate will pay her 5 million not to marry Lucas.

Rex tells Mimi to say yes right away when he proposes. Mimi says she won’t say no like Rex did, but then tells him he was right to wait. Mimi says she’ll probably say yes even before Rex finishes asking.

Jan tells Shawn that she’s going to turn off her earpiece now. Jan hints at a marriage between Belle and Philip. Shawn yells in protest.

Kate hopes that Sami says no.

Sami says yes. Kate takes a big drink.

Roman says that since they haven’t gotten any response yet, it probably hasn’t reached anyone yet. Roman says he’s going to make an adjustment to the device and hopes it works.

Caroline was surprised to see Jan Spears. Victor says he is surprised that Nicole hasn’t killed Jan yet. Victor wonders what will happen if Jan spills the beans about Victor’s death.

Roman asks Abe if he saw anything on the perimeter. Abe says there was no sign of Hope, Patrick, Jack or Jennifer. Tony walks in and says there won’t be.

Tek spots Lexie enter the station. Tek goes over to say hi and Lexie is so happy to see him that she hugs him.

Roman asks what happened to Hope and Patrick. Tony says that there aren’t good chances of survival in the jungle. Doug and Roman think Tony knows how to get off the island. Victor says that Tony won’t own up to anything. Tony says that he would if there was something to own up to. Tony asks what the device is.

Bo thinks the signal is familiar.

Lexie is upset over Marlena’s body being missing. Lexie worries that maybe Marlena’ wasn’t really dead. Tek says that Marlena would never have survived the gunshot wound.

Tony thinks it’s some communication device. Roman says that he and Abe rigged it up in hopes of being rescued. Tony says that’s very clever. Victor says Tony could have saved them the trouble. Tony says he’s getting tired of being blamed for this. Tony says if he were behind the island, he would never reveal himself. Tony thinks it is Morse code. Roman says it isn’t. Abe asks what Roman did to the code.

Everyone claps for Sami and Lucas. Jan cheers on Sami and Lucas. Brady thinks he and Nicole should congratulate Sami and Lucas. Nicole doesn’t want to. Belle asks Sami if she is really sure she wants to get married. Belle and Sami go off to girl talk. John congratulates Lucas and hopes Lucas knows what he’s getting himself into. Lucas asks John if this was a mistake. John says this wasn’t a mistake. John says he’s paying for the wedding and honeymoon. John says that Sami is unpredictable. Lucas calls Brady a golddigger.

Belle wants to know why Sami changed her mind about Lucas. Sami says that Lucas swept her off her feet. Sami asks Belle what would happen if Shawn came back. Belle says there’s no way she’s going to marry Shawn now.

Roman tells Abe that he changed the code to something Bo would recognize. Victor says that it sounds random. Roman says that’s the beauty of it. Roman says it’s an audible alphanumeric substitution code. Tony asks Marlena if he can have a drink. Abe tells Roman that there’s no indication that the signal is reaching anyone. Roman keeps a positive outlook. Tony winks as he takes his drink.

Bo studies the signal some more on his computer.

Tek asks Lexie if she really thinks Stefano is behind this. Lexie says Stefano was obsessed with Marlena and hates the Brady’s and the Hortons. Lexie says this is exactly the kind of thing he would do. Lexie says she tried so hard to see the good in Stefano. Lexie says soon she found out Stefano was a monster. Lexie can’t believe Stefano would hurt his own family. Lexie says she thought she knew Stefano, but it turns out that she doesn’t.

Kate hopes for happiness and grandchildren. Philip takes away Kate’s drink. Philip is tired of Kate resting her happiness on him. Rex agrees with Kate and asks if she’s forgotten that he’s her son too. Kate says of course not and says she’s happy for Rex and Mimi. Kate is just so upset about Sami. Rex says that Sami and Lucas have a son. Rex is so happy that Will is going to have his parents together. Rex says that he didn’t grow up with parents and hopes Kate should get to know him.

Lucas says that Philip is next and should go after Belle. Lucas says it would be cool since they are brothers and Belle and Sami are sisters.

Sami says that Brady is lusting after a murdering slut. Brady says she’s still the same Sami she has always been.

The video feed resumes. They watch Brady and Nicole. Marlena comments on how happy Sami and Lucas are. Roman is happy about that. Roman says Lucas is like his mother. Marlena turns away. Tony points out that Kate and John are close together. Roman says that Kate and John are just friends. Roman says they are turning to each other for comfort. Tony keeps drinking. Roman tells Tony to shut up about John and Kate. Marlena is upset about John and Kate dancing. Abe wonders where Lexie is.

Tek says that the bullet that was used to shoot Marlena was never recovered. Tek says that the rifle that was used is missing too. Tek says this is obviously a cover up and Milbauer was in on it. Tek says this is some huge plan and wonders who else is in on it. Lexie wonders who could have planned it. Lexie says that the more she hears about this, the more she thinks it is Stefano’s doing.

Roman says that they haven’t seen Lexie yet. Abe thinks that Lexie is probably home with Theo. Tony tells Abe he shouldn’t expect Lexie to mourn forever. Abe says he knows that and that’s why this transmitter has to work. The transmission stops again.

Sami admires her ring. John tells Kate that they should go congratulate Sami. Kate is reluctant. Kate says she promised to try and get along with Sami, but she’s not ready to face her yet. John says he just had a talk with Sami and thinks it’ll be ok.

Sami is disgusted with John and Kate’s relationship. Lucas reminds Sami that she promised to get along with Kate. Sami says she won’t let anything ruin this evening.

Jan asks Belle if she was serious about things being over with Shawn. Shawn watches the scene on the computer. Philip shows up. Belle says she doesn’t know what she’d do without Philip. Shawn finally realizes this is real.

Bo gets the signal back and gives John a call. Bo tells John about the signal. Bo says he’s on his way to see John and hangs up the phone before John can talk about Sami and Lucas’ engagement.

Tek brings Lexie some coffee. Lexie wonders when this will all be over. Lexie can’t believe that she ever used to trust her father. Lexie hates that she ever loved Stefano. Tek tells Lexie not to blame herself. Lexie says that she’s trying so hard to stay strong, but she just can’t do it any more. Lexie and Tek hug.

Rex and Mimi are ready to leave. Mimi wants to stop by her mother’s on the way home. Jan tells Belle that she should be heading out too. Belle says that they’re sorry they didn’t get to meet Jan’s fiancé. Philip says Jan’s fiancé is quite the mystery man. Belle says it is almost like she already knows the guy. Jan says her fiancé is just like Philip and that probably why Belle feels like she knows him. Philip and Belle start to dance.

Jan tells Shawn that she’s leaving and gives Shawn one last look at Belle and Philip dancing.

John tells Kate that congratulating Sami would be what Roman wants. Nicole gives a short congratulation to Sami and Lucas. Sami and Lucas don’t think they meant it. John brings Kate over.

Victor and Caroline say they are going home. Abe says Victor is right and they shouldn’t torture themselves. Abe wishes he could have seen Lexie. Marlena asks Abe what would he have done if he saw Lexie with someone else. Abe says he wouldn’t be able to handle it as well as she and Roman did.

Tek tells Lexie she needs someone to help her. Tek gives Lexie a kiss.

Marlena starts to cry over John moving on. Marlena tells Roman that the device has to work and she worries if it doesn’t. Roman gives Marlena a kiss. Roman tells her that when they were married it always stopped her crying.

Tony falls over into the machine and breaks it.

Bo loses the signal and wonders where it went.

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