Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/5/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/5/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Julie, Mickey, Bonnie, Mimi, Belle, Philip, Jan, Shawn, Rex, Kate, John, Sami, Lucas, Brady, Nicole, Marlena, Roman, Maggie, Alice, Victor, Caroline

The Penthouse Grill: A waiter brings Julie and Mickey their wine. Julie says that Mickey is hoping that she and Bonnie will bury the hatchet. Mickey says that is exactly what he’s hoping for.

Mimi asks why Bonnie is out having fun since Patrick is dead. Bonnie says Patrick isn’t dead.

Belle tells Philip that he’s going to have a new sister in law. Belle is so happy that Sami is going to accept Lucas’ proposal.

Jan tells Shawn that Belle has moved on. Shawn starts screaming and Jan adjusts the transmitter.

Rex picks up Jan’s earring. Jan says it’s just an old piece of jewelry. Rex says it looks like a transmitter disguised as an earring. Rex says devices like these were used by female spies. Shawn yells at the screen and Rex realizes that the earring is transmitting.

Kate is upset that Sami and Lucas showed up together. John spots Brady and Nicole and says that Brady is too trusting. John says that Sami is not a killer. Kate says Sami is just as poisonous. Kate wants to stop Lucas from making a big mistake. John asks Kate if he’s prepared to do that.

Lucas takes Sami to a private table. Lucas says that he hasn’t asked Sami to marry him in the way he deserves to be asked. Sami laughs in his face and tells him to do better.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse: Victor says all that’s left is for their host to reveal him or herself. Caroline can’t believe that their host managed to put the banquet table in the kitchen without Marlena knowing. Marlena sees the Penthouse Grill in old Salem. She drops her glass and can’t believe it.

Victor says that is the Penthouse Grille in old Salem. Roman says this must be a live feed. The picture disappears and Roman can’t get it back. Maggie shows up with Alice, who got the same invitation. Caroline says she knows it’s hard seeing Nicole and Brady together. Brady spots Belle and Philip on their date. Nicole says that it looks like the whole town is here. Nicole spots Jan and hides behind her menu.

Rex hears Shawn’s voice and recognizes it. Rex asks Jan who’s on the other end. Rex demands to know who Jan is communicating with.

Brady goes over to say hi to Belle. Brady asks if Belle’s on a date with Philip. Belle asks Brady if he’s out with Nicole.

John asks Kate what she plans to accomplish because Lucas will defend Sami. John tells Kate that she should give Sami and Lucas her blessing. Kate scoffs at the idea.

Lucas asks if this means Sami says no. Sami says she’s not ready yet because the night is still young and she still needs to be won over. Sami wants to know that Lucas really means this and spent more than ten seconds thinking up his proposal. Sami goes back inside.

Julie asks how Bonnie has gone too far this time. Mickey says that Bonnie looks great tonight. Mickey says that Bonnie is brave and doesn’t care what other people think. Mickey says he wants to asks Bonnie something.

Brady says that he and Nicole are just friends.

Kate says she could never give her blessing to Lucas and Sami. John and Kate see Sami walk by alone. Kate goes to check on Lucas.

Philip runs up to Lucas and is so happy about the engagement. Lucas says that Sami wants to be swept off her feet. Philip is all for the marriage. Kate walks in and doesn’t want Lucas to persue Sami.

Sami says that John isn’t wasted any time. John makes Sami sit down because he wants to talk to her. Sami thinks that Kate has brainwashed John into thinking Sami will ruin Lucas’ life too. John says that’s not what he thinks at all. John says this is the best news he’s heard in a long time. John says that Sami’s mother would be so proud. Sami starts to cry at the thought of her mother and runs out of the room. John goes after her and she cries on his shoulder.

The feed returns. Marlena is so happy that John and Sami are hugging. Maggie is happy to see Mickey. They wish that Doug was here to see Julie. The picture goes out again.

Jan says her father used to make transmitters like this. Jan says that wearing them makes her feel close to her father. Rex asks why it’s transmitting then.

Shawn yells at Rex through the transmitter. Shawn says that Jan is lying.

Belle says nothing is going on with her and Philip. Belle asks about Brady. Brady says that Chloe has decided to move on in Europe. Belle goes over to say hi to John. Brady tells Nicole that Belle is going through a tough time. Nicole asks Brady to dance.

Lucas knows Kate is upset. Lucas asks Kate not to make him chose between her and Sami. Kate worries that if Sami says yes she will have lost Lucas forever.

Sami misses her mother so much. Sami says she can’t even go to Marlena’s grave anymore because she’s not there. Sami says this is just like when she was little and Marlena was missing and she thought John was her father. Sami is glad that Belle doesn’t know about this because she has enough to deal with right now. John says Sami is right and they should just keep this to themselves. Belle walks up behind them and asks what they are keeping from her.

Jan says she’s not transmitting anything. Mimi shows up and asks Rex to dance. Jan asks Rex for the earring back.

Lucas says it’s so good to see Julie. Lucas has a favor to ask Julie. Lucas wants to know what Doug would advise in a situation like this. Julie says that Lucas could have done a better proposal than what he did. Julie says that Doug was great at proposing marriage, probably because he’d had so much practice. Julie knows just what Doug would say and asks Lucas if he’s game.

Sami says that Belle deserves to know the truth.

Alice says that the point their host is making is that everyone is moving on without them. Maggie can’t believe that Mickey is getting on without her. Alice tells Maggie not to cry. Victor says their host is doing a very good job of torturing them. Roman says that they will get off the island. Marlena says they are hoping to contact someone with their transmitter.

Sami tells Belle some lie about Marlena promising to pay for Sami’s next wedding. Belle hopes this mean that Sami will accept Lucas’ proposal. Sami says she hasn’t decided yet. Philip asks Belle to dance.

John says that Sami acted really quickly and asks if she’s sure she’s not his kid. Sami says John just agreed to pay for her wedding and honeymoon. John says that’s what fathers are for.

Belle and Philip both want Sami to accept Lucas’ proposal. Philip says it’s obvious those two are head over heels in love with each other. Belle says that maybe it’s because they have been enemies for so long. Philip asks Belle about Shawn. Belle says she loves Philip and they kiss. It was a fantasy and Belle knows that Philip was thinking of the girl he loves.

Jan tells Shawn that Belle and Philip have moved on. Shawn damns Philip.

Kate comes over to John. John asks Kate if she wants a friend, a dance or both. The music changes and Mickey and Bonnie do the jitterbug. Mimi is embarrassed for her mother. Everybody looks on as they dance.

Julie tells Lucas that everything is all set. Julie hears the music and is so surprised to see Bonnie and Mickey dancing. She takes a drink and then bangs her head into the wall.

Victor says that they should go home. Caroline wonders if they’ll miss something. Victor says nothing has happened in a while. Maggie sees Mickey dancing with Bonnie. Maggie wonders why Mickey is dancing with her. Alice says it looks like they are on a date. Maggie is upset about that. Bonnie and Mickey kiss at the end of their dance. Maggie starts to cry. Marlena tries to say that nothing is really going on. Victor points out John and Kate.

Sami wonders where Lucas is. Sami wonders if Lucas has ditched her and she’s about to leave. Lucas says that he has a surprise for her. Lucas makes an announcement. He proposes to Sami in front of everyone. Kate can’t believe this is happening. Lucas talks about how he and Sami changed from enemies to lovers. Lucas saw a side of Sami that he’s never seen before. Lucas hopes to change Sami’s mind so that she accept his proposal. Lucas sings “When a Man Loves a Woman” to Sami and she starts to cry. There’s a montage of Sami and Lucas moments. Everyone claps when Lucas finishes singing. Two waiters bring Sami flowers and candy. John is so happy for Sami, while Kate is annoyed. Lucas asks Sami to make him the happiest man in the world by marrying him.


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