Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/4/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/4/04

By Nicole
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Characters appearing: Mimi, Rex, Shawn, Jan, Belle, Philip, Brady, Nicole, Kate, John, Lucas, Sami, Mickey, Julie, Bonnie, Caroline, Victor, Roman, Marlena, Maggie, Gaston, person in black.

The Loft: Mimi says it feels strange to get dressed up so soon after Patrick’s death. Rex says it does Mimi good and she looks beautiful. Mimi says they don’t have enough money for the Penthouse Grill. Rex says he’s been saving his tips for this. Mimi thinks Philip was the right guy for Belle all along.

Belle’s loft: Philip talks to Shawn’s picture and says that Shawn had his chance. Philip says he’s going to tell Belle how he feels. Belle gets a call from Jan. Belle tells Jan she’s on her way out to dinner. Jan tells Shawn that she’s finally going to let him see Belle.

Titan: Brady says that Nicole did a great job on the Titan and Liberty companies. Nicole goes to her office to get a paper and gives Brady an assignment. John and Kate stop by Titan. John tells Brady to quit Titan, effective immediately. Kate looks at a picture of Lucas while she waits for John. Kate hopes that Sami doesn’t accept.

Sami’s apartment: Lucas is disappointed at what he sees. Sami is in her bathrobe and says that she’ll never marry Lucas.

Mickey’s house: Julie tries to find a spot to put her purse, but Mickey’s kitchen is a mess. Mickey says he’s glad that Julie is going to dinner with them. Bonnie shows up wearing a sparkling blue dress.

The Island---The Brady Pub: Caroline says that her garden has been replicated exactly. Victor thanks Caroline for letting him help. Victor says that looking at Caroline now, he doesn’t miss Salem at all. Victor and Caroline hug. Roman walks in on them and has a flashback of Caroline and Victor’s kiss. Caroline asks Roman about the transmitter. Roman says they moved the device to Marlena’s penthouse. Roman sees a batch of invitations on the bar. Caroline says they weren’t there when they weren’t there before. Roman wonders who put them there.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse: Marlena watches the transmitter and hopes that someone hears it. A person is black is outside Marlena’s door holding a box.

Mimi compliments Belle on her hair. Belle says that Philip looks great. Belle says that she got a weird phone call from Jan. Belle says Jan is supposed to be at the Penthouse Grill with her fiancé.

Shawn asks Jan if he’s going to be let out of the cage. Jan is going to show Shawn Belle and Philip on her computer. Shawn says he doesn’t believe Belle and Philip. Jan says that Belle and Philip have great chemistry.

Lucas says he really thought Sami was going to change. It’s all Kate’s fantasy. Now Lucas is really at Sami’s door and she’s in a bathrobe. Lucas thinks that he has his answer.

Bonnie shows off her dress and says she needed to take her mind off things. Bonnie asks Mickey if he likes her hair. Bonnie says she wants heads to turn when she walks in.

Roman hands out the invitations. Maggie runs in and is thankful that everyone else got invitations too. The invitation says that they are invited to cocktails at Marlena’s penthouse. Roman asks if Caroline will be ok and she says yes. Maggie accompanies Roman to the penthouse.

Marlena writes in her journal and drinks some iced tea. The person in black puts a snake into the penthouse. Marlena is shocked when she sees the snake lying on the device.

The Penthouse Grill: Philip, Belle, Rex and Mimi are shown to their table. Mimi and Rex go to call Bonnie to make sure she’s ok. Jan shows up and watches Belle and Philip. Jan has rigged up cameras in her jewelry and starts to narrate Belle and Philip’s story. Jan can also hear what Shawn says in response. Shawn wants to know why this is happening. Jan says Belle and Philip make a great couple. Mimi comes up behind Jan and says she won’t let her get away with this.

Lucas says he was stupid to think he had a future with Sami. Sami tells Lucas to wait. Sami takes off her robe and she’s all dressed to go out. She lets down her hair too. Sami says she’s going to dinner with Lucas.

Nicole tells Kate she doesn’t work here anymore. Nicole says nothing will stop her from taking Kate down, since Victor is gone. Kate says that Victor may be dead, but the murder investigation is still going. Kate says that Bo thinks Nicole is the murderer and that she will be caught.

Brady says that John needs to learn to trust him because he’s a grown man. John wants Brady to work at Basic Black. Brady says that Titan is also a family business. Brady says they’ve had a bad year and need to restore the stockholder’s trust in them. John assumes that Brady is talking about himself and Nicole. Brady says he and Nicole work well together. John is upset that Brady has chosen his grandfather’s widow over his father.

Bonnie asks Julie if she likes her dress. Julie has a fantasy of arriving at the Penthouse Grill. Julie pays off the host of the restaurant to keep Bonnie out of the restaurant. Julie learns on the counter and gets her hand dirty.

Roman and Maggie are outside of Marlena’s door wondering how a dinner party could be planned with none of them knowing it. Suddenly, Marlena screams and they rush in. Marlena is on the couch looking at the snake. Roman tells Marlena and Maggie not to move as to not provoke the snake. Roman says it’s very poisonous. Roman takes an umbrella and then picks up the snake and throws it outside. Marlena is so happy that Roman got rid of the snake. Roman comforts Marlena who is still shaken up from the snake. Maggie goes to the kitchen to get her some water. Maggie finds the invitation in Marlena’s kitchen. Marlena wonders how it got there since she’s been here the whole time. Maggie says there’s something else. The person in black carries the box back into the elevator.

Shawn calls out to Mimi hoping that she’ll hear her. Jan says that her fiancé is meeting her here later. Mimi says that Jan is lying.

Philip tells Belle to pick a wine. Belle tells Philip he should be spending time with the woman he loves. Philip says that he’s practicing on Belle so that when the time comes he can tell the girl he really loves her. Belle says it’ll happen.

Mimi calls Jan a lying witch. Jan says that Mimi is still a loser. A waitress tells Jan that her fiancé called to tell her to order without him.

John and Kate see Belle and Philip on their date. Kate asks if they should go say hi. Rex and Mimi come over to say hi. Kate tells Mimi how sorry she is about Patrick. Kate says it must be hard for Bonnie.

Mickey, Julie and Bonnie arrive. Gaston says he can’t seat Bonnie at Mickey’s regular table. Julie smiles

John can’t believe what Nicole is doing to Brady. Kate tells John about Lucas’ proposal. Kate says Sami refused the first time so now Lucas is going to ask her again.

Lucas walks in alone and Kate is thankful. Sami comes out of the elevator and John tells Kate that Lucas isn’t alone.

Maggie says that there is a huge banquet table with food on it. Marlena says that is just not possible because she was here the whole time. Roman says they will have a party.

Nicole thinks that John wants Brady back at Basic Black. Brady says he’s still here. Nicole says that she ran into Kate and forgot about the file. Nicole says that John and Kate left together. Brady says they are both lonely. Brady says sooner or later people will see Nicole in the same light that he does. Brady asks Nicole to dinner.

Gaston says that Bonnie deserves a special table because she is the genius mind behind Alice’s country bar. Julie is so disappointed that things are going Bonnie’s way. Mickey is happy for Bonnie. Mimi asks what Bonnie is doing because Patrick just died. Bonnie says that Patrick isn’t dead.

Belle sees Sami and Lucas arrive and tells Philip she thinks Philip is going to have a new sister in law. Belle is happy that Sami is going to accept Lucas’ proposal. Belle hugs Philip.

Jan tells Shawn that Belle has moved on with his best friend. Shawn yells at the screen. Jan can’t take all the yelling in her ear, so she adjusts her earring, which was equipped with the microphone. She drops her earring and Rex picks it up. He examines it and says it’s an interesting piece of jewelry.

Brady and Nicole walk in. Kate tells John how sorry she is about that.

Lucas leads Sami to a private table. Lucas says Sami hasn’t accepted his proposal because he hasn’t asked in the way Sami deserves. Lucas asks Sami to marry him.

Everyone has changed clothes for the party. Victor and Caroline arrive at the penthouse for the party. Roman asks to speak with Caroline alone. Caroline knows that Victor living with her upsets Roman. Caroline says that Roman living here in the penthouse with Marlena is no different. Roman says he can’t leave Marlena unprotected. Caroline says the situation is exactly the same. All four take glasses of champagne to toast. Marlena drops her glass and asks if that’s who she thinks it is. (I think she’s looking at a TV screen, but you can’t see it in the shot)


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