Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/3/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/3/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Roman, Marlena, Belle, Philip, Rex, Mimi, Sami, Lucas, Tek, Cassie, Kate, John, Jennifer, Patrick, Hope

Belle’s loft: Philip arrives at the loft with flowers. He has a flashback of Kate’s advice to wear his uniform. Philip says Belle needs someone who’ll love her. Belle is gone.

Mimi apologizes for ruining Rex’s afternoon. Rex says it’s ok considering the circumstances. Mimi wants to know why their lives are so messed up. Mimi wants to hang out with Belle tonight.

Philip wonders where Belle went.

Sami’s apartment: Sami opens the door, thinking it is Lucas. Belle is at the door crying because it’s over with Shawn.

Lucas’ apartment: Lucas tries to revive Kate. Kate asks if Sami accepted. Lucas says he’s going to propose again at dinner. Kate says that Sami isn’t dressed to go out. Kate says Sami will ruin Lucas’ life. Lucas says that in 56 minutes he’ll know Sami’s answer.

The police station: Tek tells John that the ISA mainframe is online. Tek plans to hack into the DiMera files. Tek gets in. Tek asks John what the chances are that Stefano is alive. John says the odds are about 60/40 and it wouldn’t be the first time.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse: Marlena has fallen asleep on the couch with Roman. She has a dream about John, but then he turns into Roman. The serial killer appears in Marlena’s dream and then she wakes up. Marlena tells Roman to hold her. Someone watches from the balcony.

The Island---The ravine: Patrick is on the vine when it breaks a little. Hope calls out to Jennifer and Patrick, but she can’t see anything. Patrick is still hanging on, but then he lets go.

John says he’s on the server. Tek says they’ll only be undetected for about a minute. Tek says that the organization has been inactive since Tony’s death. John says if Stefano is alive then he must be planning his next move. Tek says that if their suspicions are right, he has already killed half of Salem. Tek wonder where Marlena’s body is. Tek asks who Stefano would go after next. John says Stefano would go after Tek next.

Roman asks Marlena if she’s ok. Marlena says she can’t remember what she was dreaming. Marlena asks Roman if he thinks the signal will reach anyone. Roman says he hopes it reaches Salem or anywhere in the civilized world. Roman says they moved the device to the penthouse to get a better signal, since they’re higher up. Marlena tells Roman to get some sleep. Roman says that he’s not tired and that he can’t sleep. Marlena says this reminds her of watching Sami and Eric asleep in their crib and they used to fall asleep every time.

Hope calls to Jennifer and Patrick, but they don’t answer. Hope calls to Jack.

Jennifer is on the ledge and she says that the baby is coming. Jennifer wants Jack to be here. Patrick pulls himself up on to the ledge.

Sami asks how Shawn could be so insensitive. Sami retells how Jan returns Shawn’s ring. Belle tells Sami about her promise with Shawn and the ring. Sami says she got proposed to, but she wouldn’t marry Lucas if he were the last man on earth.

Mimi says that Philip looks really good. Rex thinks that Philip is just trying to steal Belle away. Rex notices the flowers that Philip bought. Rex and Philip argue about Philip’s intentions with Belle. Rex punches Philip. Philip says that Rex will be sorry.

Marlena wonders if Hope and Patrick have found Jack and Jennifer. Roman says it’s a very big jungle. Roman says that someone wants to make sure the rest of them stay put.

Marlena asks what will happen if their captor picks up the signal. Roman says that he and Abe considered that, but they figure they have to give it a shot. Roman hears someone on the balcony and goes to grab them. It turns out to be Cassie.

Tek wonders why Stefano would go after him. John says that Tek’s involvement with Lexie will anger Stefano. John says he’s not happy about Tek and Lexie’s relationship either.

Hope calls to Jack in the jungle.

Jennifer asks Patrick if he saw Jack. Jennifer worries about Patrick’s arm. Patrick says he’s more worried about Jennifer. Jennifer says she’s very cold. Jennifer asks Patrick if she and her baby are going to die.

Philip and Rex fight. Mimi tells the both of them to stop it. Philip says that Shawn already lost Belle. Mimi asks where Belle is. Philip says Belle is gone. Rex says Mimi wanted to spend the evening with Belle and suggest that they take both Mimi and Belle out to dinner.

Sami says that Lucas didn’t even get her flowers or a ring. Sami says that Lucas said he’d take her out to dinner and propose again. Belle says that Lucas is the right person for Sami. Belle says that Sami has sabotaged her other relationships. Sami says that Belle didn’t hear what Lucas said. Belle says that Sami lost Brandon and Austin because she lied. Belle says that Sami deserves to be happy and that she’s the only who can make that happen. Sami says Belle is starting to sound like their mother. Belle asks Sami if she loves Lucas. Belle says that Lucas won’t wait around forever.

Roman asks why Cassie was outside eavesdropping. Cassie says that she wanted to see the device. Cassie says she was working with Caroline and Victor in the vegetable garden. Cassie asks if the device will work. Marlena says she doesn’t know. Cassie says that she misses Rex so much. Roman comforts Cassie. Cassie goes to the kitchen for some lemonade. Marlena thinks that Cassie might be spying on them. Marlena says that Stefano took away Cassie’s childhood. Marlena says that Cassie is a manipulator. Marlena worries Cassie might report back on the device to Tony, or worse, Stefano.

John says he wanted to slap Tek when he was kissing Lexie. Tek says the he would never throw himself at Lexie. Tek mentions the letter that Abe sent to Lexie. Tek informs John that the letter told Lexie to move on. Tek says he and Lexie could have a real relationship when he’s ready. John says Tek is right. John says it is time for Lexie to move on. Tek says that Lexie isn’t the only one who has to move on. Tek mentions Kate and tells John he should move on too.

Jennifer asks Patrick if she’s going to die. Jennifer asks Patrick if the baby is going to die. Patrick feels Jennifer’s baby. Patrick tells Jennifer not to move or else she might go into labor. Patrick tells Jennifer to lean on him so he can try to keep her warm. Jennifer tells Patrick to take the baby to Jack and Abby and leave her behind if he has to. Patrick agrees. Jennifer tells Patrick to tell Jack and Abby that she loves them so much.

Hope returns and calls to Patrick and Jennifer. Patrick says that they need help because if Jennifer is handled too roughly then she’ll go into labor. Hope asks how she can get back through the force field. Patrick takes out the coin and says it’ll get her back in.

Kate wishes she could talk Lucas out of this. Lucas says he’s going to give Sami the proposal of her dreams. Kate says that Sami is not dressed. Lucas says if Sami’s not dressed then he’ll know the answer.

Sami says she doesn’t want to live without love. Belle tells Sami to go get dressed. Sami feels bad that they didn’t talk about Shawn. Belle says she’s feeling a lot better. Sami says she won’t accept Lucas’ proposal.

Kate and Belle run into each other in the hallway. Belle says she’s on her way to get dressed to go out with Philip tonight.

Kate opens the door to Sami’s apartment. Kate says it’s a good night to stay home. Sami shuts the door on Kate. Kate is happy that Sami won’t be going out tonight and says that in the long run Lucas will be happy. Lucas is about to go to Sami’s apartment.

Rex tries to convince Philip to double date. Belle says Philip looks great in his uniform. Belle and Mimi hug. Mimi says they’re sorry about Shawn. Belle says she’s sorry about Patrick. Philip says he and Rex want to take them all out to dinner. Belle says that she needs to dry her eyes. Philip offers Belle a handkerchief. Rex says Philip is making his move. Mimi says that Philip is just what Belle needs.

John says that it’s too soon to move on because no one can replace Marlena. Kate walks in and asks if he has any news about Marlena’s body. John and Kate hug. And officer comes in and says that there’s a strange signal on the emergency band. Tek says it’s very weak and could be interference from sunspots.

Lucas counts down the seconds. Sami opens the door and Lucas is shocked.

Roman says that Cassie is not spying on them. Marlena says if she was programmed, then Cassie could be programmed too. Roman says that he has bonded with Cassie during their stay on the island. Roman says Cassie is a great girl and now knows the difference between the Bradys and Dimeras. Roman says Cassie reminds him of Kate. Marlena apologizes for being so suspicious. Roman says the device keeps on clicking. Marlena says they should prepare everyone for the possibility of staying here forever. Roman says that at least they have each other. Roman takes Marlena’s hands and then hugs her. Cassie looks on.

Patrick tells Hope to jam the system first by punching in an even numbered sequence followed by an odd numbered sequence. Patrick tells her to then throw the coin into the field and it will cause a break in the field for a short time. Patrick tells her not to lose the coin or leave it behind. Patrick tosses up the coin to Hope. She misses it. He tosses it again, and she catches it. Patrick tells her to follow the path of the setting sun to get back to the compound. Patrick tells Hope not to be in the jungle after dark. Jennifer says the baby is coming. Patrick tells her to take his hand. Hope heads back to the compound and it appears that someone is following her.

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