Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/2/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/2/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Lucas, Kate, Belle, Philip, Bonnie, Julie, Mickey, Hope, Patrick, Jack

Sami’s apartment: Sami has a dream in which Lucas is the devil and Sami is a witch. Lucas tells her to change and chases her around the room. Sami wakes up and says Lucas won’t get away with this. Sami runs over to Lucas’ apartment. Sami yells at Lucas and says he made her crazy. Sami refuses Lucas’ proposal.

Belle’s loft: Belle can’t believe this. Belle says that Shawn was her best friend and is upset that Shawn couldn’t even break up with her face to face. Philip tells Belle to face the facts that it’s over with Shawn. Philip says that Belle has so much going for her right now. Belle says that she still loves Shawn. Kate shows up and asks if Philip has told Belle he loves her.

Alice’s country bar: Someone shows up at Alice’s. Bonnie says the place is closed. It’s Mickey. Mickey brings Bonnie a bunch of yellow roses. Bonnie is so thankful for Mickey. Julie shows up and blames Patrick for Jennifer and Hope’s deaths.

The Island---The ravine: Jack tells Hope and Patrick to save Jennifer before it’s too late. Hope tells Patrick to give her love to Bo and her boys in case she doesn’t make it. Patrick lowers Hope over the edge. Hope slips and Patrick grabs at the vine. Patrick says the vine won’t hold. Hope says to keep it steady. The vine breaks and Hope falls. Patrick reaches out to save her.

Lucas tells Sami to calm down. Lucas says he wanted Sami to think long and hard before she answered. Sami says that Lucas said she wasn’t good enough for him. Lucas says he wanted both of them to think about honesty and integrity. Lucas says he’s trying to be responsible. Sami says that was the most unromantic proposal ever. Sami says Lucas just told her how horrible she is. Sami throws a vase at Lucas and he dodges it.

Patrick is able to grab the vine in time. Patrick starts to pull Hope back up. Jack tells Hope to hang on. Hope thanks Patrick for pulling her up. Patrick says they have to get to Jennifer. Jennifer wakes up. Jack calls to Jennifer. Jack says that Jennifer is alive. Hope calls to Jennifer and says that she’s here with Patrick. Jennifer gets up and asks how Patrick got here. Jennifer is unsteady on her feet and the ledge is very small. Jack cries out for Jennifer.

Julie says that Patrick is at fault for everything that has gone wrong. Julie says that Patrick was a con man, just like his mother. Mickey tells Julie that this is not a time for name calling. Bonnie tells Mickey that he’s right.

Philip tells Kate to stop talking because Belle is in the room. Kate apologizes for barging in. Kate has a card for Philip to sign because it’s Lucas’ birthday. Philip says he already has a present for Lucas. Belle says she really didn’t hear anything and goes upstairs. Philip tells Kate that the finger prints on the box were from Shawn. Kate says that now Belle is free to fall in love with Philip. Philip tells Kate that he doesn’t think that’s going to happen.

Lucas says that Will got him those flowers for his birthday. Lucas says he wasn’t trying to hurt Sami’s feelings with his proposal. Lucas apologizes for the unromantic proposal. Lucas says he was speaking from the heart. Lucas says this is a chance for the both of them to grow. Sami thinks this is a sympathy proposal. Lucas says this is not a game and that they really love each other. Lucas says that if Sami’s answer is no then this door is closed for good. Lucas says that if Sami’s answer is yes then he’ll take her out for a fancy dinner.

Jack tells Jennifer to look out. Jennifer falls back against the cliff. Hope says that she’s on her way down. Jennifer tells Hope not to come down here because it’s too dangerous. Jack looks on and hopes they save Jennifer. Patrick tells Hope that she can’t go down because she already risked her life once. Hope says she’s trained to do this. Patrick says he’s never gotten along with cops who tell him what to do. Patrick punches Hope in the face and gets ready to save Jennifer.

Mickey says his heart goes out to Bonnie. Mickey says that there is still hope that Jennifer, Patrick and Hope are alive. Mickey says the yellow roses, like the yellow ribbons are a symbol of hope. Bonnie goes to put the roses in water and says she’ll make some chili for Mickey. Julie says that Bonnie is trying to kill him.

Belle has a flashback of putting on her purity ring. Shawn tells Belle that she is his future. Belle remembers Shawn putting the wool engagement ring on her finger. Belle says her future with Shawn is over. Belle takes off her purity ring and puts in her drawer.

Philip says that making a move on Belle now is very low. Kate says Belle shouldn’t wallow in sorrow. Kate tells Philip to take Belle out and wear his best uniform. Belle apologizes for ignoring Kate. Philip asks Belle out to dinner tonight. Belle says this is very sweet, but she doesn’t want to go out tonight. Philip tells Belle she has to move on. Philip says he won’t take no for an answer. Philip orders Belle to get dressed.

Sami opens the door and thinks it is Lucas. Sami and Kate restrain their insults. Sami tells Kate that Lucas isn’t here and is probably in his apartment.

Jennifer tells Patrick not to come down. Jack realizes it’s the Patrick that Jennifer was talking about. Jack says he’ll get over there one way or another. Hope wakes up and watches Patrick climb down the cliff. The vine breaks loose and Patrick falls. Hope reaches out to him, but is too late.

Julie asks why Mickey can’t see it. Julie says that Bonnie’s cooking will probably give him a heart attack. Bonnie says that the chili is ruined. Mickey makes reservations for the Penthouse Grill. Neither Bonnie nor Julie wants to go.

Belle looks at a picture and cries.

Kate brings Lucas presents and a cake. Kate says that Lucas looks handsome. Kate says Sami is not dressed to go out. Lucas thinks Sami’s answer is no. Kate hopes Lucas isn’t thinking of proposing to Sami.

Sami thinks she should accept Lucas’ proposal just to send Kate into cardiac arrest. Sami has a fantasy of accepting Lucas’ proposal and then Kate having a heart attack. Sami says she hopes that dream comes true.

Lucas tells Kate not to speak ill of Sami. Lucas says he already proposed to Sami. Kate grabs her chest and faints.

Sami thinks it’s Lucas at her door again, but it’s Belle, in tears. Belle says that Shawn left her. Sami and Lucas hug.

Mickey says they are all grieving, but they have to keep the faith. Julie and Bonnie agree to go to dinner.

Jack wandered into the jungle. Jennifer calls out to Jack. Jack hears that and heads back. Hope looks over the edge and can’t see anything. She calls out, but doesn’t get any answer.


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