Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/30/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/30/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Brady, Nicole, Jan, Shawn, Belle, Philip, Jack, Hope, Patrick, Sami, and Lucas.

The Kiriakis mansion: Brady turns the volume up on the gossip show about Chloe. The reporter says that Chloe is getting close with a tenor named Enrique. Brady doesn’t believe what the reporter said.

Jan’s country house: Jan tells Belle about her conversation with Shawn. Jan says Shawn told Belle in the hospital chapel that they can’t have a relationship without trust. Belle thinks this means that Jan has been telling the truth and that Shawn doesn’t love her any more. Jan leaves to get Belle some tissues. Belle wants Jan to tell her where she can find Shawn. Belle follows Jan into the back rooms. Belle tries the door and it’s locked.

Sami’s apartment: Lucas asks Sami to marry him. Sami asks if this is real. Lucas tells Sami to be quiet and he kisses her.

The Island---The ravine: Jack climbs up off the cliff. Jack sees Jennifer on the other side of the ravine. Jennifer lies on a ledge. Jack tells Jennifer that he’s coming to save her. Jack doesn’t know how. Jack asks Jennifer if she can hear him.

The Island---The plane wreckage: Hope says there was no sign of Jennifer. Patrick tells Hope to look out. Some plane wreckage falls on Hope. Patrick runs over and asks if Hope can hear him.

Jack tells Jennifer that it’s him and he’s here. Jack tells Jennifer not to give up after everything she’s been through. Jack has a flashback of Jennifer and the bridge falling. Jack is too weak to do anything. Jack is so thankful that the ledge caught Jennifer. Jack asks Jennifer if she’s conscious and breathing. Jack asks Jennifer for a signal. Jack says that somehow he’s going to get to Jennifer.

Patrick lifts the plane wreckage off of Hope. Patrick says that Hope has to give him her hand so he can pull her out. Hope thanks Patrick for saving her life. Patrick says they don’t have time for this. Patrick’s shoulder is injured. Patrick says he’ll be ok.

Sami and Lucas kiss. Lucas says this is very serious. Lucas says he wants Sami and Will to be a part of his family. Sami says that she’s afraid. Lucas says he knows that Sami’s afraid because she’s lost everyone she’s loved. Lucas says that he won’t leave Sami. Lucas says that he and Sami have some issues they have to work out before they can commit. Lucas says that in the beginning they didn’t like each other that much. They schemed together. Sami thinks this is not very romantic. Lucas says they have a lot of things to own up to if they want to get married. Lucas says he’s saying all this stuff because he loves her. Lucas says that the old Sami has to go.

Brady says that Chloe wouldn’t do this to him. Brady says that Chloe doesn’t have the time for this. Nicole says that people do change. Brady says that tabloids are distortions and lies. Brady calls Chloe’s dressing room. Brady reaches Chloe’s personal assistants. The assistant says that Chloe has many significant others. Brady hangs up. Brady tears up the plane ticket and says that he’s not going. Nicole says she shouldn’t have encouraged Brady to go. Brady says that he sees Nicole in a whole new light.

Belle rattles the door and asks Jan what’s going on. Shawn starts to stir. Jan tells Belle to wait in the living room. Belle asks why the bedroom door was locked. Jan says it was just stuck because of the humidity. Jan asks Belle where Philip is. Belle says that Philip went to go see if Jan was lying about seeing Shawn. Jan says that Shawn really did say all that stuff. Philip returns with the proof.

Sami thinks that Lucas doesn’t love her for real. Lucas says that he fell in love with a certain Sami and he doesn’t see her very often. Sami doesn’t trust Kate at all. Lucas says that Sami has to pick her battles. Lucas says that he’ll protect Sami from Kate. Sami thinks that Lucas just believes all of Kate’s lies about her. Lucas says that if Kate saw Sami for who she really is, she’d think about her differently. Lucas that Sami is a beautiful young woman getting her life back together. Sami says that Lucas needs to change too.

Hope asks Patrick to stop. Hope wants to check Patrick’s shoulder. He has a cut which is bleeding.

Jack wants to jump the ravine with a pole. Hope and Patrick arrive on the other side of the ravine. Jack yells to them about Jennifer. Jennifer is beneath Hope and Patrick on the ledge. Hope can’t hear what Jack says. Patrick sees that Jack is pointing downward. Hope and Patrick see Jennifer on the ledge. They say that she looks hurt.

Brady wants to thank Nicole for always being on his side. Brady says that even his own family turns against him. Nicole says she’ll always be there for Brady. Brady wonders why Chloe would cheat on him. Brady wonders if it was the concert hall. Nicole says that success changes people, but that’s no excuse for hurting him. Brady wants to take a swim. Nicole says that Brady was the only one who stood by her.

Philip says that Shawn’s prints were on the box. Jan remembers handing the box to Shawn to cover her tracks. Jan asks Belle if she’ll be all right. Jan says she feels bad for Belle. Belle doesn’t know if she’ll be ok. Jan takes out a tape recorder and asks Belle what she would say to Shawn right now.

Lucas says he’s far from perfect. Lucas says he knows not to take personal growth for granted. Lucas says that they can help each other out. Lucas says that Sami can’t lash out at people. Sami thinks that Lucas thinks she’s the daughter of a killer. Sami says she’s lost almost everyone in her life. Sami says that Austin and Brandon promised to never leave her and they did. Sami says they should just cut to the chase so she and Will don’t give their hopes up. Sami says her parents weren’t supposed to die so soon. Sami thinks this is her punishment. Sami thinks she never told her parents she loved them enough. Lucas says that her parents are still watching her. Lucas says that Sami can be the woman Marlena wanted her to be. Lucas says that Sami has to be completely honest, now and for the rest of their lives.

Hope says that Jennifer isn’t moving. Patrick says they have to get down there. Hope asks Jack what happened. Jack says that Jennifer was on the bridge when it collapsed. Hope wishes that they had some rope to repel down to Jennifer. Patrick says they’ll have to improvise and gets some vines to weave together. Hope says that she’ll have to go because Patrick’s shoulder is injured. Patrick says he can do it. Hope says that he can’t. Hope says that she is the one who has to do this and that they don’t have any choice. Hope says that if Patrick gets trapped down there it won’t do any good.

Jan says that it’s good for Belle to say what she feels. Belle says that it’s over with Shawn. Belle is so thankful that Philip moved in with her. Belle and Philip tell each other that they love each other. Jan can’t wait to play Shawn the tape.

Shawn wakes up and wonders what happened. Shawn realizes that Jan drugged him. Shawn has a flashback of calling to Belle. Shawn starts to call to Belle again.

Brady says he knows what it is like to be alone. Brady says he’s tempted to find comfort in someone else’s arms. Nicole has a flashback of kissing Brady. Nicole says she shouldn’t have kissed Brady. Nicole says that Brady has shown remarkable self control. Nicole brushes Brady’s arm with her hand. Nicole wishes she had a man as committed and devoted as Brady is to Chloe. Brady kisses Nicole on the cheek. Brady heads to the pool and Nicole says she’ll be right there. Nicole runs to the phone to make a call. Nicole calls Chloe’s assistant and thanks him for saying all the right things to Brady. Nicole tells the assistant to make sure that Chloe doesn’t see those stories and not to let Brady’s calls through.

Lucas says he’s offering a lifetime commitment. Lucas says that Sami can think about her answer for a while. Lucas gives Sami a kiss and tells Sami to let him know what her answer is. Lucas hopes to God that it’s a “yes”.

Shawn yells to Belle. Jan comes in and says that Belle and Philip are gone. Shawn says he doesn’t believe Jan at all. Jan plays the tape for Shawn.

Philip and Belle leave Jan’s place. Belle asks Philip to hold her. Philip says Belle will never be alone.

Patrick ties the vine. Patrick tells Hope not to go. Hope tells Patrick that if she doesn’t make it to tell Bo and her boys that she loves them and always will. Jack yells at Hope and Patrick to do something before it’s too late. Patrick lowers Hope over the ledge and he loses his grip.


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