Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/29/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/29/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters Appearing: Nicole, Brady, Sami, Lucas, Kate, Philip, Bo, John, Lexie, Tek, Celeste, Roman, Abe, Marlena, officer.

The Kiriakis mansion: Nicole offers Brady a drink. Brady says he just wants seltzer water and lime. Nicole offers Brady alcohol. Nicole says Brady can have her right here, right now.

Sami’s apartment: Sami prays. She is sorry that she was so mean to Lucas. Sami asks for forgiveness and help to be a better person. Sami says she’ll do anything to get her mother back. Lucas says that Sami deserves to be happy, but she’s just running away. Sami says she doesn’t need Lucas, not now, not ever.

Jan’s country house: Jan says that she’s so close to her boyfriend. Belle says that her ring is about commitment. Jan says her man is committed. Belle says that Jan’s fiancé sounds like Shawn. Belle thinks that Jan has never gotten over Shawn. Jan say Belle is right.

Salem Place---Java Café: Kate tells Philip that fate has been on his side. Philip says he won’t take advantage of Belle. Philip says that Belle is not over Shawn. Philip worries it won’t ever happen. Kate says that Belle and Philip belong together.

Salem Place: Bo doesn’t want anyone to know about their suspicions until he decides. John is so angry at Stefano for setting Marlena up and he suspects he’s stolen her body too. John wants to know what Stefano would do with her. Bo says they don’t even know if Stefano is alive. Lexie says Tony reported Stefano dead. Bo says Tony doesn’t always tell the truth. Lexie wonders why Stefano wouldn’t tell her if he were alive. Celeste says that Stefano is alive and that she’s known it for some time. John is upset that Celeste didn’t say anything earlier. Celeste says she didn’t want to say anything because she didn’t want it to be true.

The Island---Abe’s house: Abe offers Marlena and Roman a cold drink. Marlena wants to know Roman’s escape plan. Roman says he’s counting on there being kids’ toys here. Abe says that Theo’s room is exactly like it is in real Salem. Abe doesn’t want his son to have to live here. Roman wants to use the electric toys to escape.

Belle doesn’t believe Jan. Jan says that Shawn cared about her. Jan says she’s found someone with all of Shawn’s great qualities. Jan says that maybe Belle didn’t know Shawn as well as she thought.

Lexie asks how Celeste could do this. Celeste says she didn’t know for sure. Celeste says that one day in the mansion the ashes in the urn fell over and she didn’t get any Stefano vibes. Bo says the ISA tested those ashes and never found a positive ID. John says they always knew there was a possibility that Stefano could be alive. John says that the serial killer victims were Hortons and Bradys, which is just what Stefano would do.

Roman says they’ll use the electric toys to make some kind of signaling device, like a radio. Abe goes up to get the toys. Marlena says Roman is a genius. Roman says he used to take apart everything as a kid. Marlena says Roman might just have saved their lives and she gives him a hug.

Brady tells Nicole to give up on the come-ons. Nicole says that Brady is no fun anymore. Nicole says she did back off. Nicole asks why Brady is not in Vienna. Nicole hands Brady a plane ticket to Vienna. Brady says the timing isn’t right. Nicole says that no one can fight true love.

Kate asks why all her kids are so stubborn. Philip says that Lucas is happy now. Kate says that Lucas is just delusional now. Kate says that she promised not to speak ill of Sami. Kate tells Philip about Lucas’ terms for her and Sami.

Sami doesn’t appreciate Lucas eavesdropping on her. Lucas says he has a great reason for stopping by. Sami looks through the peephole and Lucas waves the letter at her. Sami is so happy to see a letter from Will. Sami misses Will. Lucas says that maybe they could take a drive up to see him. Sami says that they can’t tell Will about Marlena because it would be too hard to take. Lucas comforts Sami and says they don’t even know if she really was buried alive. Sami says the worst part is the uncertainty.

Belle says that Shawn is acting so out of character. Belle says that Shawn never gets wasted. Jan says that Shawn is different. Belle thinks whatever is going on with Shawn is psychological.

Tek tells Philip that he gave the box to the lab and the results will be ready soon. Kate says that Philip will know pretty soon. Philip says he’ll decide what to do with Belle when the time comes.

John says he has betrayed Stefano for a woman before. John says they have to find their wives even if it’s only to rebury them. Bo says he heard from Shawn, but doesn’t know if Shawn knows Hope is missing. John asks Celeste if she can use her powers to see if Hope and Marlena are still alive. Celeste asks for something that Hope and Marlena have touched so that she can see if their life forces are still active. Bo and John take out their items.

Nicole dangles the ticket in front of Brady. Brady says he really wants to go. Nicole says that Brady should give into temptation once in a while. Brady gives Nicole a hug and says he’ll never forget this. Brady goes upstairs to pack. Nicole says that if everything goes according to plan, then Brady will never forget this night. Nicole calls someone and is so excited that the person got what she wants.

Lucas says that it will all be ok. Sami hates not knowing what happened. Sami and Lucas argue over whether or not Bo and John really want to figure out what happened. Lucas says that it’s ok for Sami to pray. Sami says that she doesn’t pray. Sami says she’d only pray for whoever did this to her mom to go to Hell.

Belle says that psychiatrists don’t call people. Belle says that Shawn is just going through a tough time. Belle tells Jan Shawn was deeply hurt by her lie. Belle says that when people get depressed, they act differently.

John gives Celeste a key ring that Marlena put a charm on. Bo gives Celeste a key chain that Hope gave him. Celeste takes hold of the items. Tek arrives and asks what’s going on. Bo says they are asking Celeste for any vibes on Hope or Marlena. Celeste gasps and says she feels them. The items begin to smoke and Celeste drops them. Lexie asks if Celeste is ok. Celeste says that Hope and Marlena were recently in the same place. Lexie asks if she means heaven. Bo asks if they are still alive.

Marlena is so excited for Roman’s plan to work. Roman isn’t that happy. Roman was thinking about what Abe said about Lexie moving on. Marlena says that this could happen to anyone us. Roman apologizes for bringing Marlena down. Abe returns with the electronic toys.

Philip says Lucas isn’t a wimp anymore. Kate says she knows that. Kate says that Sami will ruin her own relationship by just acting the way she does. Lucas says that Sami won’t let anyone help her. Sami says everyone who has ever loved her will leave. Sami asks Lucas how to keep someone around. Sami says Lucas just said he was going to leave. Lucas says he’s different then all her previous boyfriends. Sami asks him to prove it.

Brady sees that Nicole is hiding something on the TV, just as he’s about to leave.

Philip goes to tell Bo that Shawn has been seen. Celeste says her vision is gone. John goes to talk with Kate about the latest developments. Tek tells Lexie that there have been no transactions lately on Stefano’s accounts. Lexie says there’s a possibility Marlena was alive when she was buried. Tek says that Marlena was mortally wounded. Lexie says this night mare is never ending. Lexie and Tek hug. Tek says Lexie can always count on him. Tek and Lexie kiss. Celeste and Bo look on.

Nicole finally lets Brady see the TV. Brady asks Nicole who the guy on the TV is. Nicole says that man is the hottest tenor lately. Nicole says that the show says Chloe is involved with that opera singer.

Jan says that Shawn told her about his fight with Belle in the chapel.

Sami wants Lucas to give her proof. Lucas tells Sami to look at him and pay attention. Lucas asks Sami to marry him!

Kate can’t believe any of what John has told her. Kate asks if there is anything she can do. John tells Kate not to tell Philip anything. Kate tells John to hang in there. John leaves.

Philip says goodbye to his mother. An officer gives Philip the results of the fingerprint test. Philip is shocked.

Lexie tells Tek that she can’t do this. Lexie says that Abe is still in her heart. Tek says there is something good between them.

Bo tells Celeste that Tek is a good guy. Celeste says there is an aura of disaster surrounding Lexie and Tek. John asks if Celeste felt anything. Celeste says she felt a connection, but can’t tell if Hope is alive or dead. Celeste says that Marlena is in the company of all the other serial killer victims.

Roman uses the mouse from Abe’s computer and toy components to send out an SOS signal. Marlena is elated. Abe says it will work as long as the batteries hold out. Abe says he’s going to look all over the house for more supplies and that he’s going to scour the stores too. Roman, Marlena and Abe celebrate their success.


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