Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/28/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/28/04

By Nicole
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Characters appearing: Shawn, Jan, Philip, Belle, Kate, Tek, Hope, Patrick, John, Bo, Lexie, Celeste, Milbauer (dead), Davies (dead), Roman, Abe, Marlena, Sami, Lucas

The Cage: Shawn stumbles around in the cage. Jan says it’s time for another nap. Shawn dives through the open cage door. Jan and Shawn fight over the syringe. Jan stabs him with the needle and Shawn falls back asleep. Jan checks his pulse and kisses his hand.

Jan’s country house: Belle hopes Philip can prove Jan is lying. Philip takes the ring and box to the police department to check it for fingerprints.

The Island---The Jungle: Hope and Patrick wander through the jungle. They have not found Jennifer yet. Hope says they must keep going until they find her.

Jack is on the jungle floor near the ravine. He looks at the locket. He remembers Jennifer’s fall into the ravine when the bridge broke. Jack is too ill to do anything.

The Island---Salem Place: Marlena worries that Tony is right and this is all a sick game. Roman wonders if Hope was brought here against her will. Marlena says they might have been better off dead.

The funeral home: Sami says that no one believed her at Marlena’s funeral. Tek says Milbauer might not have killed himself and might have been taken out to keep from talking. Bo promises Sami he’ll find out what happened to Marlena. John says that regardless of how Milbauer died, he obviously knew something about Marlena. Sami says that Lexie either made the biggest mistake ever, or she’s involved in this scheme. Sami says they killed everyone. Lucas tells Sami to calm down. John says they’ll find Marlena’s body.

Bo tells Lucas to take Sami home. Sami agrees to leave. Sami says that whoever did this to her mother is going to pay. Bo tells Tek and Lexie to examine Milbauer’s body to determine the exact cause of death. John asks Lexie if Marlena was really dead.

Roman asks Marlena if she really meant that. Marlena doesn’t know how much more they can take of this. Marlena worries they will turn on each other. Roman says that won’t happen. Roman says they can’t give up hope. He says they will find a way off the island.

Hope sits down to rest. Patrick gives Hope some water. Hope worries about her family. Hope thinks Patrick knows something. Patrick says he doesn’t. Patrick spots the wreckage from the plane. Patrick thinks he sees a dead body. Hope worries it is Jennifer and runs ahead.

Jack sees a vision of Jennifer as an angel-like figure in the mist of the ravine. Jennifer tells him to join him because she is at peace now. Jack takes a step towards the edge of the cliff.

Jan puts Shawn back on the bed. Jan gives Shawn a kiss and says she’ll get rid of Belle and Philip. Shawn says Belle’s name in his sleep. Jan says her cat was causing trouble.

Salem Place: Kate catches up to Philip, who is in a hurry. Philip tells his mother that they received news that Shawn is done with Belle. Kate says this is great because now Philip can tell Belle how he feels.

Lucas chases Sami through Salem Place. Sami is so angry that Lucas sided with Bo, John, and Lexie. Lucas says that Sami is hysterical and not making any sense. Sami and Lucas argue over what just happened in the funeral home. Sami is so angry at Lucas that she says she never wants to see Lucas again.

Hope and Patrick examine the pilot’s body. He has been dead for a while. Patrick remembers a conversation with Davies. Hope asks Patrick if he recognizes the pilot.

Jennifer tells Jack to hurry because she has to go soon. Jack steps off the cliff.

Marlena says that they have to get off the island soon, before something else happens. Abe and Roman say Jack and Jennifer are probably already dead. Marlena says Jennifer’s baby is probably dead too. They worry about Hope. Marlena worries that this will be like the book, “And then there were none”.

Tek and Bo say John believed Marlena was dead as much as Lexie. Tek reminds John the Marlena was shot through the heart. John apologizes to Lexie. Bo says they’ll find out what happened to their wives and Jennifer because they are all connected. Celeste gasps. John asks what is wrong. Celeste reminds John of the night she thought Marlena sat up. Celeste says Marlena told her that everything has been a lie. Celeste says she didn’t know at the time she was talking about her own death. Bo says he knows how Marlena could be alive.

Shawn has a dream of Jan. Then Belle shows up in the dream and slices off Jan’s head, just like in “Kill Bill”. Belle goes over to Shawn and kisses him.

Belle says that she and Philip aren’t up to anything. Belle asks if Jan is really telling the truth. Jan wishes she could ease Belle’s pain. Jan wants to get rid of Belle. Jan starts talking about how great her fiancé is. Jan says she has everything Belle has dreamed of.

Kate can’t believe that Philip is trying to prove this Shawn’s ring thing is a lie. Philip says that what Kate wants done is wrong. Philip says he won’t take advantage of Belle. Kate says that if Shawn comes back then Philip will lose. Kate believes Philip is the best person for Belle. Philip says he believes in honor and integrity.

Lucas says that Sami shouldn’t push him away like this. Sami is angry Lucas took John’s side. Lucas says it’s not about sides, but about logic. Lucas says Sami doesn’t see the logic. Sami says nothing is logical. Lucas says that if he leaves now then he’s never coming back.

Patrick says that he’s never seen the pilot before in his life. Hope wants to find Jennifer, so she goes to check the wreckage. Patrick says he should do it because it might be dangerous. Patrick takes the pilot’s gun.

Roman says if they escape they might end up like Jack. Marlena says that sooner or later they will begin to accept their fate. Marlena says that fear and loneliness are powerful motivators and people will do things they wouldn’t normally do. Roman asks about Caroline and Victor. Marlena says it’s natural to turn to someone for comfort. Roman says they have to get off the island before that happens.

Bo says that Marlena must have been given an herb like Carly was when she was buried alive. Bo says that then Marlena would not have felt the scalpel. Bo says it’s a long shot though. Bo says he can believe Hope is alive because he hasn’t seen her body, but Bo thinks Marlena is really dead. Tek says that Milbauer definitely killed himself. Tek says he’s going to drop off some samples and call the coroner over. Lexie says he must have been very scared to kill himself. They all wonder who did this. Celeste gasps.

Jan says she is saying the wrong thing. Jan gives Belle a hug. Belle says Jan’s fiancé must be wonderful. Jan says she melts whenever he looks at her fiancé.

Philip says he won’t manipulate Belle. Kate says that all is fair in love and war. Philip reminds Kate that she hasn’t been able to manipulate any relationship in the past. Philip says that if Kate can’t accept that he won’t push Belle into this, then they have nothing else to talk about.

Lucas says if he walks out the door he won’t come back. Lucas says that he’s trying to help, but Sami won’t let him. Sami says now it’s too late. Sami tells Lucas to leave. Lucas leaves. Sami cries.

Jan says she’s glad her man isn’t into the purity thing. Philip runs into Tek and asks Tek to check the box for Shawn’s fingerprints. Kate thinks her sons are trying to drive her crazy.

Lucas checks his mail. He sees a letter from Will. Lucas walks in on Sami saying a prayer. Sami asks God for forgiveness. Sami says she’ll do anything if Marlena comes home safely.

Jack pulls himself up from the cliff. He spots Jennifer on a ledge. He tells Jennifer he’ll save her.

Hope says there was no sign of Jennifer. Patrick tells Hope to watch out. The plane wreckage starts to fall on her.

Roman says they have to wait to be rescued. Marlena says that isn’t smart because they don’t know how to communicate with the outside world. Roman says that he has an idea and asks Abe and Marlena to follow him.

Celeste says she is getting a very strong vibe. John says he’s thinking the same thing. John says that Marlena was set up and there’s only one person who could have done this. Bo and Lexie have the same thoughts. John says Stefano could be behind this and if Marlena is out there, he has her.


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