Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/27/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/27/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jan, Shawn, Philip, Belle, Victor, Caroline, Nicole, Brady, Marlena, Roman, Abe, Tony, John, Bo, Lucas, Sami, Lexie, Celeste, Milbauer (dead)

Jan’s country house: Jan apologizes for having to tell Belle such bad news. Philip thinks Jan is lying and Shawn would never say something like that to Jan. Philip wants to know what Jan is up to. Jan goes over to her purse and fingers a gun. Jan wants to talk to Philip alone. Belle wants Jan to spill it all out. Belle wants to know why Jan didn’t say anything about Shawn in the first place. Philip and Belle just want the whole truth. Jan says the truth is that Shawn did confide in her and that he doesn’t want to see or hear from Belle ever again. Belle starts to cry again.

The cage: Shawn hears Belle crying from the other room and wakes up.

The Island---The Brady Pub: Victor compliments Caroline on her rhubarb pie. Victor says it tastes a little different. Victor says they have nothing but time here on this island. Victor says he wouldn’t want to stay here forever though. Caroline and Victor worry about their families. Caroline says that Bo will be strong for the boys. Victor says Nicole will go after Brady in no time.

The Kiriakis mansion: Nicole and Brady apologize to each other. Nicole values Brady’s friendship. Brady and Nicole kiss. Nicole asks Brady to make love to her. Brady pulls back and says he can’t do this.

The Island---Outside the Brady Pub: Marlena is frustrated that she can’t go look for Hope. Roman says that Hope almost died the first time trying to get through the force field. Marlena worries Hope might be Patrick’s hostage. Roman says that Patrick wanted to go alone, so he wouldn’t have taken Hope along willingly. Marlena wants everyone to know they are alive. Marlena says they can survive this and get home.

The funeral home: Bo worries Milbauer might have been involved. Bo tells Tek to call Lexie over. Sami thinks Milbauer died because he was guilty. Bo says that they’ll find out what happened to Marlena’s body and why. Bo says they’ll look through all the files. John says he smells smoke. They go into the file room and find the files set on fire. John takes off his jacket to beat the flames. Bo puts out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Roman says that anyone who could create an entirely new Salem and fake many deaths is not an ordinary person. Abe says that the more people who are involved, the more chances for mistakes.

John says that Milbauer was burning the files of all the people buried in the last year. Lexie and Celeste show up. Bo fills Lexie and Celeste in on how Milbauer ended up dead. John says Milbauer burned his files. John wants to ask Lexie some questions. Lexie agrees to tell John anything he wants to know.

Celeste goes into the file room and looks around. Sami asks Celeste to see if she gets any readings from the bear. Celeste says that Marlena was buried alive and Sami faints into Lucas’ arms.

Jan says that Shawn still blames Belle for Alice’s deaths. Philip thinks that Jan is still lying. Belle wants to hear the entire story again. Jan is annoyed that Belle wants to hear it all over again. Jan retells the story. She has a flashback of editing Shawn’s message to his parents.

Caroline says that worrying about Nicole and Brady won’t solve anything. Caroline says that Brady might not take the bait. Victor says Nicole could kill Brady. Caroline says that wouldn’t help Nicole’s wishes. Victor just wants Brady to make the right decisions.

Nicole says that she is sorry she acted on her feelings. Nicole can’t understand why Brady is still here in this dead end town. Nicole wants to know what Chloe has sacrificed for Brady. Brady says that his relationship with Chloe is different. Nicole says that when people are in love, they would do anything to be together.

Roman says Marlena is right and they have to get off the island. Abe refuses to be held prisoner for the rest of our life. Abe thinks there may be tunnels under Salem since it was replicated so precisely. Marlena says that makes a lot of sense because the host needs a way in and out of the compound. Marlena tells Abe and Roman that when she and John were on Dimera Island, Tony told them about a tunnel that connected one island to the next. Roman says that is only assuming they are on a Dimera island. Tony says they assumed correctly.

Sami wakes up. Lucas asks how Celeste is so sure that Marlena was buried alive. Celeste says that she had a vision of Marlena screaming that she is alive. Sami can’t believe it and is upset by the fact that Marlena had tried to claw her way out. Lucas says the lining could have been torn another way. Sami is convinced she’s right and says she knows who’s responsible.

Bo asks if Lexie is sure Marlena was dead. John asks if there’s any way Lexie could have been wrong. Lexie says she knows when someone is dead. Sami comes out of the file room and says that Lexie is responsible for Marlena’s death. Bo tries to get Sami off of Lexie.

Brady says that he and Chloe talk. Nicole says that Chloe is just Brady’s pen pal. Nicole tells Brady to go to Vienna. Brady thinks that Nicole was eavesdropping. Nicole says that time stands still when people are in love. Nicole says Chloe should meet him half way. Nicole goes into the pool and splashes water on Brady.

Shawn thinks he heard Belle. Shawn hears her again.

Belle wants to know what else Shawn said. Jan wants to spare Belle’s feelings. Philip thinks Jan is lying. Jan says that Shawn is going to join the Merchant Marines. Philip says that Jan is obviously lying. Philip says that Jan “forgot” to tell Shawn about Hope. Belle thinks Jan might be lying and asks for proof. Jan says she has proof. She opens her purse and holds her gun.

Roman wants to know what Tony knows. Tony says he doesn’t know for a fact, but it’s a good possibility. Tony says he remembered Lexie used to own an island right in this area. He says it was 25 degrees from a certain nebula that he was looking at through his telescope. Abe gets angry that Tony is accusing Lexie. Tony says that Lexie sold the island to a conglomerate. Victor and Caroline come outside. Victor tells them not to believe Tony. Victor says Stefano could have set up a dummy corporation in order to buy the island back. Tony says they don’t know that, and it’s possible he did do that.

Sami says that Lexie is supposed to know when people are alive or dead. Lexie threatens to have Sami committed if she doesn’t stop making crazy accusation. Sami and Lexie argue over Marlena’s death and what Marlena did as the serial killer. Lucas says Sami is out of control. Sami wants Lexie arrested. Sami can’t believe John let Marlena die.

Shawn is still groggy from the drug. He tries to get over the air vent from where he heard Belle’s voice.

Jan hands Belle a box. Jan says Shawn wanted to mail it back. Shawn’s purity ring is in the box. Philip thinks Jan might have stolen it. Jan says she wouldn’t steal it because she doesn’t know what it is. There’s flashback of Shawn’s goodbye to Belle. Belle told him that when he gives the ring back, the relationship is over. There’s a crash in the back room. Philip asks what that is.

Nicole gets out of the pool and asks Brady if she’s sexy. Nicole asks Brady if he wants to take a dip. Brady says he won’t cheat on Chloe. Nicole still has hopes.

Jan says the noise is just her cat.

Philip can’t believe that Shawn would do this. Philip says that if Jan is lying he thinks he can prove it. Jan opens the cage to give Shawn a shot. Shawn dives through the open cage door. Shawn and Jan fight over the needle. Jan gives Shawn the drug and he falls asleep on the floor.

Nicole makes a mysterious phone call. She is paying someone for information on Chloe.

Tony says that Stefano died in his arms in Monte Carlo. Marlena says Stefano is dead, like she murdered everyone here. Marlena says this is all a test of the mind. Tony wonders who will get off the island alive.

John says when the coffin was opened Marlena was dead. John tells Sami about the scalpel that Milbauer jammed into Marlena’s chest. Sami is disgusted. Sami wants to know where the body is. Celeste doesn’t like this one bit. Bo says whoever took the body will pay. Sami says Marlena is still alive.


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