Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/26/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/26/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jan, Philip, Belle, Shawn, Caroline, Victor, Abe, Roman, Marlena, Sami, Lucas, Bo, John, Mr. Milbauer.

Jan’s country house: Jan asks Philip and Belle how they found her. Philip and Belle had found Jan’s address on the internet by tracing Jan’s call.

The Kiriakis mansion: Brady tells Philip that they voted down the concert hall again. Brady says that nothing is keeping him in Salem anymore, so he can board the next flight to Austria. Nicole eavesdrops and doesn’t want Brady to leave Salem.

The Island---Outside the Brady Pub: Caroline asks Victor if he’s thinking about his family back home. Victor is worried about Nicole getting Brady. Victor says he was thinking of Caroline and their kiss. Victor says he didn’t want to take advantage of Caroline.

The Island---The Brady Pub: Roman worries about leaving Hope alone with Patrick. Roman worries that Patrick could talk his way around Hope. Abe reassures Roman that Hope is a cop and knows how to handle herself. Roman still doesn’t trust Patrick. Roman says that Patrick might know who’s behind this and who made Marlena into a serial killer. Marlena says all she can think about is being in that coffin. She has a flashback of being buried alive. Marlena stares off into space and Roman thinks something might be wrong.

The Cemetery: Sami looks at Marlena’s casket which has been brought up. Sami remembers hearing Marlena speaking to her through the coffin. Lucas asks if Sami is ok. Sami says this is sacrilegious. Bo tells John that they’re ready. Bo and John open the coffin. Marlena is not in there.

Brady says being apart from Chloe is horrible. Brady says he’ll come over right away if she’ll just say the word.

Caroline says there is nothing for Victor to apologize. Caroline says that Victor is being so noble. Victor says that’s what happens because of love. Victor says he used to be selfish. Victor says that the love they had in the past must stay in the past. Victor says Roman wouldn’t agree. Victor tells Caroline to spend time with her family. Caroline says they are all family and friends.

Abe and Roman start to get Marlena a drink, but she says she’s fine. Roman says they should work with the memory. Victor and Caroline come in and ask what’s going on. Marlena says they are trying to figure out how they got here. Marlena says she remembers gasping for air and being trapped.

Sami says that she was right and that Marlena was buried alive. Sami lashes out at John for not saving Marlena before they buried her. John says this is impossible because they did open the coffin and Marlena was dead. Sami cries over Marlena. Bo inspects the coffin. Bo asks John if he knows how this could have happened. Lucas notices that the bottom of the casket is torn.

Marlena ask how they all could have been buried alive and somehow survived it. Abe says he thinks he knows.

Nicole wonders what Chloe is saying. Nicole wants Brady and Chloe to break up. Nicole joins Chloe on the pool deck. Brady is angry about the concert hall. Nicole says that it won’t matter if Brady and Chloe love each other.

Shawn yells out to Belle to save him. Shawn yells that he’s trapped.

Jan closes the front door and tries to lure Philip and Belle away from the house. Belle and Philip want to know who’s in the house. Jan says it’s her cat. Belle wants to know where Shawn is. Jan says they should go for some air. Jan starts to pull Belle along. Jan pulls Belle so hard that Belle trips and scrapes her knee. Philip helps Belle up and says that they will have to go inside to clean Belle’s scrape.

Philip tells Belle to hold a cloth to her knee.

Abe reminds everyone of when Carly was buried alive. Abe says maybe they were given some drug to simulate death. Marlena remembers reciting the Lord’s Prayer when she thought she was going to die. Then she remembers falling. Marlena tells Abe she remembers the coffin falling and then waking up here. Caroline says she woke up here too. Victor says this happened to all of them. Victor wishes that someone in Salem would get a clue because the police don’t even know to look for them. Victor says that if Bo knew the bodies were gone it would only be a matter of time before they were rescued.

Lucas asks Sami if she wants to know where Marlena’s body is. Shawn Sr. comes over and asks what everyone is doing. He says he was in church saying prayers. Shawn gets upset when he thinks Bo and John have done something to Marlena’s grave. They notice the lining is torn. John remembers the mortician stabbing Marlena. Sami says she was so sure that Marlena was alive that she made them open the coffin. John says that Marlena wasn’t alive and they checked so many times. Lucas asks John how they can explain the lining being torn though. John says he doesn’t know. John wants to know where the body is. Bo says he thinks he knows.

Roman says that Jennifer, Hope and Patrick tried to rescue them and they are now stuck here. They think they should start working on some kind of plan. Roman thinks that Patrick is the key. Abe says he’s going to give Hope a break and go guard Patrick.

Victor tells Caroline that he loves her. Victor says he has always loved Caroline.

Bo says that it’s probably grave robbers. Bo says there are a lot of crazy people out there. Bo says maybe it was revenge for the Salem Stalker crimes. John says that the grave was undisturbed. Sami says that since the lining is torn it proves Marlena was alive in the casket. Bo hopes that this mystery might lead to Hope and Jennifer’s disappearances. John says they won’t find any answers waiting around here.

Jan lets Belle and Philip in. Jan says she doesn’t have any first aid stuff. Philip is pretty sure Jan has soap and water.

Jan goes to check on Shawn. Shawn is asleep, dreaming of calling to Belle. Jan says that her potion worked like a charm. There’s a flashback of Jan drugging Shawn’s drink.

Belle says she doesn’t care about her knee and all she cares about is Shawn. Jan says she’ll tell the truth about Shawn.

Brady says no one would make Chloe give up her career. Nicole says that true love should conquer all. Nicole says she would do things differently than Chloe. Nicole says that Brady is number two in Chloe’s life. Nicole says that love would come first in her life.

Victor says he knows Caroline misses Shawn. Caroline is so upset about their families broken up.

Roman says that if everyone was buried alive the undertaker must have something to do with it. Marlena recalls that everyone was embalmed at the same funeral home.

John says they dug up Marlena. Mr. Milbauer is shocked. Bo says that the body was not in the coffin. Lucas says the lining inside was torn. Sami says it was like she was trying to get out. Mr. Milbauer says Marlena was pronounced dead by a doctor and embalmed, so there’s no way that Marlena could be alive. John says that Mr. Milbauer has been very unprofessional. Bo says they’ll get a search warrant and turn the place upside down. Mr. Milbauer asks what they are looking for. John says they want answers. John grabs Mr. Milbauer’s throat and demands answers.

In Shawn’s dream, Belle rescues him and Philip holds Jan back. Shawn dreams of his reunion with Belle.

Belle asks Jan where Shawn is. Jan says she saw Shawn in a coffee shop 50 miles from Salem. Jan says Shawn knew about Marlena’s death. Philip is mad that Shawn didn’t come back after that. Jan says Shawn mentioned a message to his parents. Belle says that is right. Jan has a flashback of editing Shawn’s message. Jan says that Shawn said it’s over with Belle.

Brady says that Nicole has nothing on Chloe. Brady says Chloe won’t let him sacrifice anything for her. Nicole says that Chloe is not willing to give up anything for Brady. Nicole says that love should be a good thing, but Chloe is ruing Brady’s life.

Marlena doesn’t know why Bo would investigate Milbauer, but it might be their salvation. Roman says that after all Marlena has gone through, he’s glad he’s staying with her to protect her.

John lets Milbauer go. Bo asks if Milbauer knew all along. Milbauer says he needs to check his files, which are kept in his private office. Milbauer goes into his office and closes the door. Bo says they’ll get to the bottom of this. Sami says she just wants to know what happened to her mom. A shot rings out from inside the office. Bo and John try to get in, but the door is locked.

Belle starts to cry. Jan says that in the end it’s all for the best. Philip doesn’t believe Jan at all.

Nicole apologizes to Brady. Brady knows Nicole was just trying to help out. Nicole says Brady’s friendship means a lot. Nicole and Brady hug, then kiss. Nicole says she wants Brady to make love to her. Brady pulls back.

Caroline doesn’t know what to say to Victor’s offer. Roman offers to stay with Caroline. Caroline says that Marlena needs him more than she does. Caroline says Victor can stay with her. Victor says he’ll enjoy a good home cooked meal again. Caroline takes Victor for some pie.

Marlena assures Roman that Caroline will be ok. Abe rushes in and says that Hope and Patrick have disappeared. Roman, Marlena and Abe run out.

Bo and John break the door down. They find Milbauer dead. Sami screams. Lucas holds Sami. John and Bo say Milbauer obviously knew more than he was saying and now they will never know the answers from him.


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