Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/23/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/23/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters Appearing: Shawn, Jan, Belle, Philip, Jack, Jennifer, Patrick, Hope, Bo, John, Sami, Lucas

The cage: Shawn paces around. He says his parents have overcome greater hardship. Shawn closes his eyes and remembers that he loves Belle. Belle appears to Shawn and he kisses her in a fantasy.

Belle’s loft: Jan tells Belle she knows where Shawn is. Jan tells Belle she’ll stop by around 5 PM. Belle tells Philip, happily, that Jan saw Shawn. Philip thinks Jan is a liar. Belle says Jan wouldn’t lie about this. Philip says Jan is a born liar.

The Island---The ravine: Jack remembers seeing Jennifer on the rope bridge that breaks. Jack calls out to Jennifer.

The Island---The jungle: Patrick figures that the plane went down on the North Shore. Hope reminds Patrick that she saw him deactivate the force field. Patrick says it was a lucky shot. Hope wants Patrick to stop lying. Patrick says he’ll tell the truth.

The Salem Police Department: Bo tells the picture of Hope that he’ll find her and won’t give up. Tek brings some bad news for Bo.

The Cemetery: Sami refuses to let John exhume Marlena. John asks Lucas if he’s sure he put the bear in the coffin and that Will didn’t change his mind at the last minute. Lucas says that Will had left by then. Lucas says Will wanted the bear with Marlena for all eternity. John says that if the bear was removed then they have to consider the possibility that Marlena’s body is gone too. John starts to leave to get a court order for exhumation. Sami yells at him. Sami refuses to let John hurt her mother even in death. Lucas says that Marlena is in heaven now. Sami continues to protest.

Lucas tells Sami he’ll take her home. Lucas asks Sami if she wants to know the truth. Sami says it’s sacrilegious and grotesque to open up Marlena’s coffin. John says he believes on some level that Marlena was innocent.

Bo says that the coast guard recovered most of the wreckage. Tek says they found blood on some of the wreckage. Bo says this doesn’t prove anything. Tek says he knows this is hard, but it’s time to let Hope go because she’s gone.

Patrick says that he owed a guy some money, but he was broke. The guy had a job for him in regards to Jennifer. Patrick says he waited outside of Jennifer’s house and then when she backed out, he stepped into her blind spot so she’d hit him. Patrick says he didn’t know Jack either. Patrick says Jennifer was hospitable beyond his wildest dreams. Hope is angry that she didn’t trust he instincts. Patrick says that his mission was to bring Jennifer down.

Jack calls to Jennifer again. Jennifer doesn’t answer. Jack tells himself to think. He gets an idea.

Shawn tells his fantasy Belle that Jan kept him here in the cage. Fantasy Belle says she’ll always love Shawn. In reality, Shawn is kissing Jan and not Belle. Shawn says that Jan’s plan won’t work. Jan says her plan is already working because he could barely tell the difference between her and Belle. Jan says that Philip and Belle are planning their future together.

Philip says that Jan hates Belle. Philip thinks that if Jan can’t have Shawn then she doesn’t want anyone else to have him. Philip thinks it’s suspicious that Jan was just here asking if Belle was over Shawn. Belle defends Jan by saying that Jan’s parents died and she doesn’t have anyone. Philip tells Belle what he learned about enemies in the Marines. He says that one doesn’t let the enemy come to him. Philip says they should give Jan the surprise of her life.

Hope hits Patrick in the face. Hope says everyone said Patrick was bad news. Hope wonders why Patrick didn’t leave. Patrick says that he stayed behind to protect Jennifer. Patrick says he saved the bearer bonds and the police brought him back to Salem. Patrick says he risked his life to save Jennifer because he figured the men were setting Jennifer up. Hope asks why Patrick didn’t tell anyone. Hope asks why Patrick didn’t tell Roman and Abe anything. Patrick says he had a good reason.

Tek asks Bo what he can do to help. Bo says that until Tek shows him Hope’s body he’s going to believe Hope is alive. John shows up and tells Bo about the teddy bear. John wants a court order to dig Marlena up. Bo says he’s looking for real live missing people. John says he understands, but Hope brought the bear home. John says that what happened to his wife might have something to do with what happened to Bo’s wife. John says Marlena was a friend and family member to Bo and he owes this to her. Sami and Lucas interrupt. Sami wants Bo to deny John the court order.

Philip tries to track down the address that Jan called from. He says he tried the caller ID, but it was private. Philip finds the address on Kent Island. Philip and Belle remember going there when they were little. Philip thinks she might be staying so far outside of town because she’s up to something.

Jan and her doll sing about Philip and Belle. Shawn says Belle will never love Philip and he will never love Jan. Shawn doesn’t want to have this conversation. Jan tell Shawn he needs to move on and forget about Belle.

Jack tries to lower himself into the ravine. Jack starts to think again. Jack takes off his belt and tells Jennifer that he’s coming. Jack attaches his belt to a stick and lowers in into he ravine to no avail. Jack starts to lose consciousness again.

Patrick says that if they all knew how to get out of the compound someone would come looking. Lucas says that John is not wrong all the time. Lucas tries to comfort Sami and convince her to let John go after some answers. Bo says that John is next of kin and therefore Sami has no authority. Sami says that John and Marlena were separated. Bo says they weren’t separated legally. Tek thinks it might have been a hate crime because after all, Marlena was the Salem Stalker. Sami says that Marlena didn’t kill anyone. Sami says she’ll never forgive Lucas for taking John’s side. Bo says he’s going to talk to the DA about the judge issuing the court order.

Jack hangs onto a branch over the ravine. Jack pulls himself back up. Jack has Jennifer’s locket on his sleeves. He has flashbacks of being with Jennifer, including his proposal and marriage. Jack remembers Jennifer and a baby Abby too. He remembers giving Jennifer her locket back in the cave. Jack opens the locket and looks at the picture. He tells Jennifer everything that she taught him. Jack says he’ll never let Jennifer go.

Jan asks if Shawn is hungry. Jan says that she’s going to Belle and Philip’s housewarming party. Jan says that Belle is competitive now that Belle knows about Jan’s fiancé. The doorbell rings. Shawn starts to call out for help. Belle and Philip surprise Jan. Jan asks how they found the place. Belle asks where Shawn is. Shawn hears Belle and calls for help.

Jack falls to the ground again. Jack says he’s going to join Jennifer soon. He says that he loves Jennifer.

Hope says Patrick is stuck with her. Patrick reminds Hope that she has a family to worry about. Hope says Jennifer is her family too. Patrick says he’ll find Jennifer. Hope can’t trust Patrick.

The Cemetery: Lucas says he loves Sami. Sami is mad that Lucas took John’s side. Sami won’t allow John to desecrate Marlena’s grave.

Bo says all the papers are in order. John says it’s time to know. Sami walks in protesting.

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