Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/22/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/22/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Belle, Philip, Shawn, Jan, Roman, Marlena, Abe, Jack, Jennifer, Hope, Patrick, Doug, Lucas, Sami, John

Belle’s loft: Belle says there’s no message from Shawn. Belle is upset Shawn didn’t mention her in the message. Belle says Philip knew this all along. Philip says Shawn is being selfish. Belle and Philip hug.

The Cage: Shawn chokes Jan. Shawn demands the keys or else he says he’ll kill her.

The Island---Outside the Brady Pub: Roman says he’s going to stop Victor from hitting on Caroline. Marlena stops Roman from interrupting them. Marlena says that Caroline is very lonely and is only looking for comfort. Marlena is happy that she has Roman to comfort her. Roman says he feels the same way. Marlena says she can’t bear the thought of never seeing her family again. Marlena wishes they knew everyone was alive.

Sami’s apartment: Sami says it’s Will’s bear. Sami says that Marlena gave it to him when he was a baby. Sami demands to know how John got it. Lucas says the bear was buried with Marlena. Sami remembers Lucas placing the bear in the coffin because Will wanted Marlena to have it. Sami lashes out at John.

The Island---In the Jungle: Jack is still stuck in the hole. Jack tries to climb the walls of the hole again, but falls back unsuccessfully.

Jennifer rests for a second and says she has to find help. Her plan is to head west like Jack said. Suddenly she gets a cramp.

The Island---Jack and Jennifer’s house: Hope says Patrick can go, but she has to go with him. Patrick says he has a better chance of success if he goes alone. Patrick says that Hope could die if she goes with him.

Jan plays dead. Shawn grabs for the keys and then Jan kicks him. Jan can’t believe Shawn would try to kill her. Jan claims that Belle has moved on with Philip.

Belle wants to repay Philip for his kindness and kisses him.

Patrick asks if Hope is prepared to die. Patrick says the jungle is very dangerous. Patrick says if something happened to Hope he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. Hope goes outside for some air. Patrick tugs at his bonds. Hope doesn’t know what to do. Doug shows up and tells Hope to follow her heart. Doug and Hope hug.

Jennifer eats some fruit and says that might have been why her stomach hurt. Jennifer gets up and gets another contraction. Jennifer hopes the baby won’t come until after she can get help.

Jack whispers Jennifer’s name.

Jan is wearing a bug so that Shawn can hear what Philip and Belle are saying.

Belle really only gave Philip a hug. Philip imagined Belle’s kiss. Jan walks in and asks Belle about Shawn.

Marlena wants everyone to know she’s not a murderer. Roman still thinks about the bear. Roman asks Marlena if she was sure the bear wasn’t here. Roman says maybe the bear made it all the way back to Salem. Roman prays it gets into the right hands.

Lucas asks how the bear got to Bo’s house. Sami thinks that John took the bear because he is angry at Marlena. Sami won’t forgive John for thinking Marlena’s a killer.

Hope says everyone told her Doug was alive. Doug is sorry he couldn’t get here sooner. He says Maggie told him that Hope was here. Hope tells Doug Patrick took a plane and she went with him. Hope thinks that Bo is going to think she’s dead.

Patrick tugs at his bonds. He remembers his times with Jennifer. Patrick escapes from the chair.

Jack says he didn’t come this far to lose Jennifer and his child. Jack starts to pull himself up the walls of the hole.

Jennifer’s pains stop. She thanks God and then gets up again. Jennifer says she can finally see a way out of here.

Lucas tells Sami to calm down. Lucas says that John is just trying to prove Marlena is innocent. John says they need to figure out how the bear got out of the casket.

Roman asks Marlena if she remembers anything else. Roman says that he doesn’t remember anything. He wants Marlena to go over it again in her mind. Marlena has flashbacks of being in the coffin. She says she thought she was going to suffocate so she started to say the Lord’s Prayer. Then she says she heard a whirring sound, like a machine. Then says she heard a clicking noise, like train tracks. Marlena says she must have gone unconscious after that because the next thing she remembers is being blinded by a white light. Marlena says it was like free falling into Hell. Abe comes up and says that she was.

Jan asks Belle is she’s over Shawn. Jan says that what Shawn did to Belle was unforgivable. Belle says that she still loves Shawn. Jan says that Shawn has hurt Belle before. Belle knows Shawn still loves her. Jan says she’ll be here to talk. Philip asks if Belle is ok. Philip asks what Belle meant when she said Shawn knows what to do to end the relationship.

Doug doesn’t think Hope should let Patrick go. Doug says that he has to go clean up and then he and Hope will talk some more. Hope returns to find Patrick gone.

Patrick arrives at the force field. He looks at the keypad. Hope catches up to him and says he can’t hide.

Jack makes it out of the hole. Jack promises to get Jennifer off the island. He goes after her.

Jennifer arrives at a rope bridge. The bridge is over a ravine with a river underneath. Jennifer tells herself not to look down. A boards breaks and Jennifer screams. The rope that holds the bridge together starts to unravel.

Marlena asks Abe if he thinks there are in Hell. Abe says that the cemetery is built on tunnels. Abe says Tek found a map of the tunnels. Abe says the tunnels were part of the Underground Railroad. Marlena remembers trapping John in a tunnel the night she killed Doug. Marlena says whoever made her kill informed her about the tunnels.

John says they need to visit Marlena’s grave.

Hope tells Patrick to step away from the force field. Patrick says he was just trying different combinations. Hope is confident Patrick knows something and wonders about the coin. Hope knocks the coin out of Patrick’s hand, but Patrick jumps up to get it. The coin hits the force field and gets stuck in it. A hole opens up in the force field. Patrick steps through to the other side and Hope tells him to wait as she runs after him.

Belle apologizes for snapping at Philip. Belle says Philip has been a great friend. Philip says what Belle is going through is the same thing he went through with Chloe. Belle says that she and Shawn have an agreement, but she can’t tell Philip about it because it’s private.

Jan wonders what Belle’s private agreement is. Jan comes up with something. Jan calls Belle. Jan says she knows where Shawn is.

Marlena asks if there is any way to tell if a body is in a coffin without digging it up. Sami asks if someone would really dig Marlena up to steal a bear.

Patrick uses a stick to knock the coin out of the force field. Hope jumps through the force field, just before the hole closes. Patrick wants Hope to return. Patrick says that the metal in the coin must have disrupted the field. Hope starts to go into the jungle after Jennifer.

Jennifer crosses the bridge.

Jack calls to Jennifer. Jennifer hears him, but keeps going across the bridge. Jack shows up at the bridge. Jennifer start to go back towards him. Jack tells her to stay put. Jennifer moves anyway. The rope breaks and Jennifer falls. Jack reaches out to her and screams, “No!”


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