Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/21/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/21/04

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Characters appearing: Shawn, Jan, Belle, Philip, Bo, Brady, Gene Briscoe, Nicole. Caroline, Victor, Patrick, Marlena, Hope, Abe, Roman

The Cage: Shawn gathers up his chains. He remembers Jan calling Belle and hearing Philip on the answering machine. Shawn calls out to Jan. Jan is in a cheerleader’s outfit. Jan does a cheer for Shawn. Shawn claps unenthusiastically. Shawn asks Jan to let him talk to Belle so she won’t make a mistake. Jan says that Belle has already made this mistake. Jan says Belle and Philip are a perfect couple. Shawn tells Jan to shut up. Jan talks to herself about making each of them realize the other party has given up.

Mr. Gene Briscoe comes to talk to Brady about the concert hall. He says he has until tonight to get everyone to agree. Brady knows his grandfather would want him to go through with the concert hall. Brady calls Bo over to Titan for a meeting. Bo is busy. Brady calls Philip to get him to listen to what he has to say.

Outside the Brady Pub: Caroline is out picking rhubarb. Victor shows up and says it’s his favorite. Caroline asks if Victor wants to help. Caroline asks Victor what is wrong. Caroline knows it’s about Nicole. Victor worries about Nicole poisoning his family with her evil doings.

Titan: Nicole talks to Marie about removing Victor’s name from the door. Marie says they should wait until a new CEO is named. Marie reminds Nicole that Victor built this company from the ground up and was a very generous man. Nicole says that Victor gave her nothing but heartache. Marie says that removing the name plate would be sacrilegious. Nicole says this isn’t a church so it’s ok. Brady shows up and agrees with Marie.

Jack and Jennifer’s house: Patrick pleads to Marlena that he’s not evil. Marlena says that they only have his word for it. Patrick says that he just wants to find Jennifer and save her because she needs help right now. Marlena says that Abe, Roman and Hope went to go look for Jennifer. Patrick says they don’t know how to get through the force field. Marlena is suddenly convinced that Patrick knows a way through the force field.

Near the perimeter: Hope runs into the force field and is thrown back. Roman runs over. Abe says that Hope is in shock. Roman doesn’t want to lose Hope too.

Marlena tells Patrick he’d better tell her how to get through the force field. Patrick says that if Jack got through, so could he. Marlena says that what happened to Jack was a fluke. Marlena says that Patrick could be an assassin or a spy. Patrick swears that he is not either of those things. Patrick says that if they let him go, he will save Jack and Jennifer. Marlena asks why he would do that because he barely knows them. Patrick says he wants to do the right thing for once. Patrick asks Marlena to convince Abe and Roman to let him go.

Abe says Hope’s heart rate is erratic. Roman asks what they should do. Abe tells Roman to talk to Hope to keep her calm. Abe says that when he was a paramedic in Chicago, they often had to improvise due to budget cuts. Abe goes over and picks some grass that he says could save Hope’s life.

The Brady Pub: Caroline asks Victor how she can comfort him about Nicole. Victor blames himself for the monster that is Nicole. Caroline asks Victor if he’s talked to Hope. Victor says Hope says Brady has pitted Bo, Philip and Brady against each other. Caroline says that Nicole is in love with Brady. Victor says that Nicole is angry at Brady and that’s what scares him.

Brady doesn’t want Nicole to remove the name plate because people trust the name. Brady is angry that Nicole attacked Marie, Victor’s executive secretary. Nicole says that Marie is the one who started it. Brady drags Nicole into the office and says that Nicole had better carry out his grandfather’s wishes. Brady hands Nicole the concert hall folder. Nicole says this was dead in the water. Brady says it was, but now they have one last chance.

Philip and Belle arrive at Titan. Philip says Belle didn’t have to come. Belle says that some one had to keep the peace. Bo says Belle has moved on to Philip.

Jan tapes Shawn walking around the cage. Jan is going to add in some audio so that Belle will move on to Philip. Jan says that once that happens, Shawn will be all hers.

Abe puts some sap from the grass on Hope’s lips. Abe says sap is a sedative and it will help calm her. Hope’s eyes open. Hope asks if she made it through the force field. Abe says no. Roman tells Hope to take it easy and wants Marlena to look at her first. Hope looks at the key pad again. Roman says they’d never be able to break the code. Hope says that luckily they know the key. Hope goes off to find it.

Marlena says this is very noble. Patrick says he just wants to find Jennifer and the baby. Patrick says he’s no saint, but he’s not responsible for Jennifer’s kidnapping. Patrick says that when Marlena was found out to be the Serial Killer everyone including Mimi was shocked. Patrick says that Mimi told him Marlena was always so kind and always gave people the benefit of the doubt. Marlena thanks Patrick, but says that it’s not her decision to make. Patrick yells to Marlena that if she lets him go, he’ll break through the electric perimeter. Hope, Abe and Roman return and Hope asks Patrick just how he’s going to do that.

Victor says that Nicole is a killer. Victor worries that if Brady refuses Nicole then she might kill him. Caroline says they should hope Brady falls in love with Nicole. Victor says that Brady loves Chloe. Caroline says that Chloe isn’t there. Caroline says that if Victor had been around when she was younger, it might have been her. Victor can’t believe this is happening to Brady. Caroline says that when it comes to love, people hear what they want to hear. Victor says that Brady is too much like Isabella. Victor says that Brady is following his heart, not his head. Caroline says that Victor was in love with Nicole. Victor says no, he didn’t love Nicole. Victor says he only loved one woman.

Nicole says she wants the concert hall built and that’s why she offered her jewelry. Brady says they are going back to basics and that he’s called a meeting with Bo and Philip. Brady thanks Nicole for her support. Brady is informed that Bo and Philip have arrived.

Belle says she was just talking about Philip being her roommate. Belle starts to apologize for Hope’s death. Bo says Hope is not dead and that Shawn will come back. Philip says that maybe they shouldn’t have this meeting now. Bo says that they should end this concert hall nonsense. Brady enters and says that Victor wanted the concert hall.

Jan makes up a tape in which Shawn tells his parents that he is ok. He does not mention Belle in the message.

Bo says that Brady didn’t have any right to bring this up again. Gene shows up and says that Brady wanted him here to moderate. Bo asks why Nicole is here. Brady says Nicole is Victor’s widow and has a right to be here. Brady says that this is more than just about bringing Chloe back. Brady says Victor wanted the concert hall and Isabella would too. Bo says that Brady never knew Isabella. Brady says money can still go to charity because the money won’t be tied up together.

Hope asks Patrick what the code is. Patrick says he’d have to look at it. Abe says they’ll get the answers one way or another. Patrick says he has nothing more to say and they might as well kill him. Marlena tells Abe not to use violence. Hope asks to talk to Abe and Marlena outside.

Hope wants to talk to Patrick alone. Abe doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Marlena says that Patrick and Hope have been through a lot and Patrick might open up to Hope if he trusts her. Hope says she’ll be fine. Marlena gives Hope the letter opener just in case.

Patrick thinks Hope was sent in here to kill him. Patrick says that Hope could have picked a better weapon. Hope says she’s not here to kill him; she just wants answers.

Caroline touches Victor’s face. Victor says he wanted to be respectful of Caroline’s relationship with Shawn. Caroline says that she has a history with Victor. Victor says that if he could go back and time and fix his mistakes then he would.

Brady says that this is what Victor wanted and he asks Bo and Philip to consider that. Bo checks his messages. Bo hears the message from Shawn. Bo gives the phone to Belle so that she can hear the message. Belle is ecstatic. Philip worries.

Gene tells Brady that it was a very nice speech. Brady wants to know why no one will approve the concert hall. Gene says that the problem is Nicole. He says that as long as Nicole is part of the family everyone is just going to disagree. Nicole eavesdrops from behind the door. Nicole says this is why she and Brady are going to end up rich, happy, and alone.

Jan hangs up the phone and says that Belle won’t know what hit her. Jan dances out of the room. Jan blows her whistle and tells Shawn that Belle is out of the picture. Shawn grabs the whistle, which is around Jan’s neck, and chokes her.

Philip asks Belle what Shawn said. Belle says that Shawn didn’t mention her name at all.

Bo says the only reason Victor wanted the concert hall was to keep him away from Nicole. Philip says no to the concert hall too. Gene tells Brady they did their best. Brady says that it’s all over. Nicole tells Brady to relax because his future is bright. Nicole says she’ll be right by Brady’s side.

Abe says that he’s going to patrol the perimeter and then he’s going to pay Tony a visit. Marlena asks if maybe Tony and Patrick are working together. Abe says they don’t know anything.

Caroline says that they have both been down this road. Caroline says that things changed when they had Bo. Victor says he’s always loved Caroline. Victor and Caroline kiss.

Roman wants to put a stop to Victor and Caroline’s kiss. Marlena stops Roman from interrupting them. Marlena says that they are all lonely and there is nothing wrong with Caroline seeking comfort. Marlena says that Victor is not forcing himself on Caroline. Roman thinks it might be an innocent kiss to Caroline, but not to Roman. Marlena says that at the end of the day they are all each other have.

Patrick says that he would never harm Jennifer. Hope asks one more time for Patrick to spill it. Patrick says he can’t say anything. Hope says that she’ll let Patrick go as long she goes with him. Patrick doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Hope says either she goes or he stays here.


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