Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/20/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/20/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Character appearing: Sami, Lucas, Kate, Bo, John, Jack, Jennifer, Patrick, Abe, Roman, Hope, Marlena, Zack

Sami’s apartment: Sami and Lucas kiss in the shower. Lucas rubs soap on Sami’s back. Sami says this was a perfect day. Lucas says he’s not going to let anyone ruin it.

The hallway of Sami and Lucas’ building: Kate rings Lucas’ doorbell. Kate thinks Lucas might be with Manda and doesn’t want to disturb him.

The police department: Bo yells into the phone. He wants more information on Patrick. John tells Bo to take a break. Bo refuses to give up. John tells Bo that he saw the crash site and knows there are no survivors. John says he went through the same thing with Marlena and knows how hard it is to accept someone is dead. John says that he still believed Marlena was alive even when he saw her dead. John says that sometimes he still believes she’s alive.

The Island---Jack and Jennifer’s house: Abe thinks that Patrick does indeed care about Jennifer, but he cares about the people he’s working for more. Abe wants Patrick to give them some answers.

Hope asks Marlena if she found Doug. Marlena says she couldn’t find him. Roman says that it’s hard to find people without cell phones and pagers. Marlena asks what’s going on. Roman tells Hope that Doug will show up when he hears Hope is on the island. Abe tells Marlena that Patrick seems to know something about Jennifer and the island. Patrick says that he has to find Jennifer. Abe asks Patrick how he expects to find Jennifer if he doesn’t know where he is.

The Island---The jungle: Jack and Jennifer lie on the jungle floor. Jack wakes up and sees Jennifer. He notices that Jennifer has a very high fever. Jack tries to do something, but just falls back down unconscious.

Sami hears the doorbell. Lucas tells Sami to forget about it. Sami thinks it might be Belle with news about Shawn. Lucas hopes it’s not Kate. Kate has some cookies that she wants Sami to send to Will. Kate says she didn’t want to disturb Manda and Lucas. Sami throws out Kate’s cookies. Kate says that Lucas and Manda might get married and then Sami will end up alone.

Patrick thinks that he just feels he has a greater chance of finding Jennifer alone. Abe thinks that Patrick must know how to get through the force field. Patrick says he doesn’t know how, but he’s willing to try. Marlena asks to talk to Patrick alone. Patrick just thinks this is a waste of time. Marlena says she might be able to convince Abe and Roman to let Patrick go because they all want what’s best for Jennifer.

Jack picks up the coconut that used to hold the water, but it’s empty. Jack squeezes a few drops of water out of Jennifer’s jacket. Jack tells Jennifer to save her strength. Jack says he’s going to go get some coconuts or bananas. Jennifer asks for some watermelon. Jack says that he has to get them back to where he came from. Jack screams.

Marlena says that Patrick has good motives, but he’s hiding something. Hope and Marlena think they should let Patrick go, but then Abe and Roman say no. Abe thinks Patrick could want to escape in order to get to the mastermind. Marlena is on the fence. Hope says they should risk it and let Patrick go after Jennifer. Marlena asks Hope how she ended up on the island. Patrick asks to go to the bathroom. Abe takes him. Patrick escapes through the window, but Roman catches him as soon as he hits the ground.

Sami says that Kate has all figured out. Kate says that Sami always wants more. Kate says that no man will ever love Sami. Lucas comes out of the bathroom. Lucas asks what Kate is doing here. Sami smirks. Kate screams.

Jennifer gets up and goes to find Jack. Jack has fallen into a giant hole. Jennifer asks if Jack is ok. Jack tells Jennifer to stay up there. Jack says that nothing is broken. Jennifer tells Jack to be careful. Jennifer tells Jack she’s going to get a vine. Jack tells Jennifer to save her strength. Jack tells Jennifer to get help. Jennifer asks if there’s anyone else on the island. Jack says maybe they have broken through the force field by now. Jennifer thinks Jack is delirious. Jack tells Jennifer that all the Salem Stalker victims are alive. Jennifer says that’s impossible. Jack says there are so many things to tell Jennifer.

Patrick says he was trying to get to Jennifer. Roman says that Patrick running away proves something is up. Hope asks to go look at the force field. Roman says that a fresh pair of eyes might be a good idea. Abe and Hope leave to look at the force field. Roman stays to watch Patrick.

Marlena asks Roman if they are going to get off this island. Roman says that they have to get off the island because they are worried about their loved ones. Marlena worries about Sami. Marlena says that she could hear Sami calling to her from inside the casket. Marlena tells Roman about the bear that she got buried with. Roman asks Marlena where the bear is now. Marlena says she doesn’t know.

Bo, John and Zack bring some groceries in. Zack asks where his mom is. Bo says Hope isn’t here right now. Bo asks Zack about where the bear came from. John says the bear looks familiar.

Kate says that this cannot be happening. Kate says they have to be drunk or drugged or something. Sami wants Kate out of the apartment. Sami says Kate insulted her. Kate says Sami threw her cookies away. Lucas tells them to shut up. Sami and Kate start to protest. Lucas sits them down for a little talk.

Bo says he loved John like a brother when they thought he was Roman, and even after the real Roman came back. Bo says there’s a mystery here. Bo says he thought it would be all over when Marlena died. John says that he and Bo have something in common; they have both lost the loves of their lives. Bo says that John will be part of his family forever. Bo says there is something obviously wrong here.

Abe tells Hope not the get too close to the fence. Abe throws a stick at the fence and it gets charred. Hope says that whoever is keeping them here certainly doesn’t want them to leave.

Sami says she didn’t start this. Kate and Sami start fighting again. Lucas reminds Sami about Sami’s promise to have a truce. Lucas says he didn’t believe it because Sami always lie. Lucas says Kate always baits Sami. Lucas is fed up with Sami and Kate’s fighting.

Jennifer can’t believe all the victims of are alive. Jennifer thinks Jack is hallucinating. Jack says that he’s getting weaker and that’s why Jennifer has to go get help. Jack tells Jennifer to keep heading East until she gets to Salem. Jack tells Jennifer to tell Abe to come find him. Jennifer tells Jack to climb out of the hole. Jack tries, but he can’t.

Patrick tells Roman they have to let him go. Patrick says that if Abe and Hope get through the fence, they’ll be in a lot of trouble. Roman is still convinced that Patrick knows something. Patrick says he hasn’t done anything wrong. Roman says that Patrick won’t do anything wrong because they are keeping him here.

Hope notices the control panel near the force field. Abe says they never noticed that before. Hope thinks it must be a way to disarm the system. The red light near the control panel is on. Abe says they don’t know how many numbers are in the code. Hope tells Abe to throw another branch at the force field. After the stick is charred, the red light goes off. Hope tells Abe she thinks she knows a way to disarm the force field.

Lucas says that he and Will are the real victims. Lucas says that Kate is Will’s grandmother and she’s going to be in their lives. Lucas demands Kate and Sami to call a truce. Lucas is so upset with all this fighting. Kate and Sami shake hands. Sami has her fingers crossed behind her back. Lucas sees that and gets angry that Sami is being so childish.

Roman takes Marlena aside and wants to hear everything she knows. Roman wants to know more about the bear. Marlena remembers Sami calling to her and being buried alive. Roman asks if Marlena has any idea where the bear is. Marlena thinks for a second and then says maybe it’s still in the casket.

Jack says that they are both weak and both sick. Jack says that Jennifer is the only one who can go get help. Jennifer says that she loves Jack and she’s going to get help. Jack tells Jennifer to go and that he’ll be ok. Jack tries to climb out again, but falls down.

Roman says that Hope and Abe have been gone a long time and he wants to go check on them. Roman asks if Marlena will be ok. Marlena says that Patrick is tied up so she’ll be fine. Roman gives Marlena a letter opener to defend herself with. Marlena stares at the blade and Patrick asks if she’s ok.

Sami apologizes to Lucas. Sami and Kate shake hands. John shows up. Kate tells John she’ll see him at the office. John has something for Sami. John shows Sami the bear. Sami starts to cry. Sami says it was Will’s bear. John asks how Will got it. Sami says Marlena gave Will the bear when he was a baby. Sami asks how John got it. John says it was at Bo’s house. John asks Sami what is wrong. Lucas says that the bear was buried with Marlena.

Bo looks at the picture of Hope and says that she can’t be dead. Bo says that if Hope is dead then part of him died too.

Hope tells Abe to throw the branch and then she’s going to run through while the light is off. Abe tells Hope to throw the branch and he’ll run through. Hope starts to disagree, but Abe says he’s still her commanding officer. Hope throws the branch, but then runs through before Abe can go. Hope is electrocuted and thrown back.


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