Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/19/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/19/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Lucas, Belle, Philip, Kate, John, Bo, Roman, Abe, Patrick, Hope, Alice

Sami’s apartment: Sami and Lucas wake up in the same bed. Lucas kisses Sami and Sami says good morning. Sami asks Lucas to protect her. Lucas and Sami say that they love each other. Sami tells Lucas not to call her Manda again. Sami and Lucas remember Lucas’ little joke from the night before. Sami says that her mother would say that means that Lucas is still angry with Sami. Lucas says he’s not angry, but he doesn’t want to waste any more time. Lucas says that he just wanted to keep Sami on her toes. Lucas says that he should fix the bed. Sami says she’s going to make breakfast. Lucas says he likes his eggs really well done. Sami says maybe they should leave the bed on the floor for safety’s sake.

Belle’s loft: Philip is looking through Belle’s stuff in the bathroom. Belle shows up and gets nervous. Philip says that they’re roommates now, so they can share a bathroom. Philip tells Belle to use the sink while he showers.

The Salem Police Department: John brings Bo some food to help him think. Bo shows John the front page of the newspaper about Hope dying. Bo knows what John is going to say. Bo says that his heart won’t let him believe that Hope is dead. Shawn Sr. tells Bo to let Hope go, despite how hard it is.

The Island---Abe’s house: Abe wants Patrick to talk. Hope says they’ve been at it all night and Patrick still hasn’t said anything. Abe says they are just getting started. Roman tells Patrick to start talking. Patrick refuses to divulge any information. Roman asks Patrick if he wants to cooperate. Roman asks Patrick about the coin. Patrick says it’s a good luck charm. Roman grabs Patrick by the collar. Hope tells Roman to cool it. Abe thinks Patrick has been questioned before. Patrick says he refused to tell his mother where he was when he came home late after curfew. Patrick says the plane that crashed is most certainly Jennifer’s. Patrick says he just wants to save Jennifer. Roman says they care about Jennifer too. Patrick asks them to let him go. Roman says no one can get around the force field, so if Patrick wants to go save Jennifer, then he must know a way around it. Patrick says he doesn’t know. Abe and Roman think that Patrick knows a lot more about this island, including who is behind it. Patrick says he doesn’t know anything. Abe says no one is going any where until they get some answers.

Lucas fixes the bed. Lucas says they just knocked the bed to the floor. Lucas is surprised that Sami is actually making French toast. Sami thinks that Lucas is afraid of her cooking. Sami lists all her cooking attempts gone wrong. Lucas tells Sami that breakfast can wait. Sami mixes up the sugar and salt.

Philip turns on the radio and the DJ is talking about Hope. Philip apologizes for that. Philip says he’s learned to live life to the fullest. Belle hopes that this tragedy is going to bring Shawn back. Philip gets angry that Belle can’t get over Shawn. Philip apologizes and then says that they should just not get into this sort of thing if they are going to be roommates. Belle agrees.

Belle asks Philip if she should go to the service. Philip says they weren’t going to talk about personal stuff. Philip asks what Belle would do if Shawn came back. Belle says she’d ask for answers. Philip asks if Belle thinks Shawn has good reasons for not being here. Belle says that he must. Belle says she thought they weren’t going to talk about personal stuff. Philip says that they are roommates and they have to talk about personal things. There’s a knock on the door. Belle leaves. She hopes it is Shawn. It’s Kate. Kate asks if Philip is here. Philip shows up, shirtless. Kate says she just brought some breakfast. Kate asks if she was interrupting anything. Belle shakes her head.

Sami brings Lucas his breakfast. Lucas kisses Sami. Sami says she makes a mean French toast. Lucas says that Will is always raving about it. Lucas takes a bite of toast and doesn’t like it.

Bo tells Shawn to go home. Bo says he won’t rest until they know what happened to Jennifer and Alice.

Patrick says that they could be using this time to look for Jennifer. Alice comes over with some donuts. Hope goes to make some coffee. Patrick says they all want the same thing. Abe says they want answers. Abe wonders if Patrick really doesn’t know what’s going on, or if he’s just too afraid to tell them.

Lucas takes a drink of orange juice. Lucas says the toast is great. Lucas asks if this is how she makes it for Will. Sami says Will likes it with maple syrup. Sami says that she and Belle ate a lot of ice cream last night. Sami thinks that Shawn shouldn’t have treated Belle the way she did. Lucas says that Belle lied to Shawn. Lucas thinks that Belle is at fault. Sami thinks it is Shawn’s fault. Lucas says it all depends on Shawn. Lucas says it’s hard to forgive someone when they lie. Sami says Lucas forgave her. Lucas says that’s because he loves Sami. Sami hopes Shawn realizes he loves Belle. Lucas thinks that maybe Shawn will realize that he doesn’t love Belle ask much as he thought.

John looks at Patrick’s file. Bo thinks that Patrick has a lot of secrets. Bo says they need to find out where Hope and Patrick were going.

Hope looks at one of Alice’s donuts. Alice says all her stuff was still in her kitchen. Hope is so amazed that this is all happening. Hope can’t believe the detail in which the island Salem was made. Alice says she doesn’t know and she can’t get used to it. Hope can’t believe Marlena is not the Salem Stalker and that everyone is alive.

Roman thinks that Patrick would know something since he’s sure he’ll find Jennifer. Patrick says he’s only one man under cover and he could escape easily. Patrick says that if they all disappear at once someone would get suspicious. Abe says it sounds like this means Patrick knows they are under surveillance. Roman says they suspected that, but Patrick talks like it’s a fact.

Sami says that Lucas is wrong. Sami hopes Shawn figures it all out before it’s too late. Lucas says that sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them too. Lucas finishes his French toast. Lucas says he couldn’t eat any more if he tried. Sami says she has a few slices left and puts them on Lucas’ plate, saying she’ll help him work it off later.

Philip says that Kate wasn’t interrupting. Belle says that it’s hard for anyone who has lost someone. Belle thinks about her mother and how sometimes she thinks Marlena is still alive. Belle starts to cry. Kate says she’s sorry. Kate says she came to talk about some good news for a change. Philip says Kate wanted to know if Shawn has called. Kate asks if Shawn called. Belle says no, but he will when he hears about Hope’s death. Belle worries that something has happened to Shawn. Kate asks if she thinks Shawn is dead. Belle is upset by Kate’s comment. Philip thinks that Kate shouldn’t have said anything either. Kate apologizes to Belle. Belle says she only thought of Shawn in an accident, not dead. Belle is convinced that Shawn still cares, but he just can’t call. Belle goes to take a shower. Philip gives Kate mock applause and asks if Kate’s new plan is to be as insensitive to Belle as possible. Kate says she didn’t mean to be insensitive. Kate wanted Belle to realize she can’t pine away over Shawn. Philip tells Kate next time to use a little tact. Kate just wants her kids to be happy. Kate says that she’s glad Lucas finally gave up on Sami. Philip says he’s never loved anyone the way he loves Belle. Kate says she understands. Kate says that she truly loved Roman. Philip says that Kate can find love again. Philip suggests John Black.

Sami takes the last bite of toast and spits it out. Sami can’t believe that she mixed salt with the cinnamon instead of sugar. Lucas says that it wasn’t so bad. Sami realizes that Lucas just didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Sami says no one has ever done that for her before. Lucas and Sami kiss. Lucas pours sugar on Sami. Lucas and Sami go to take shower.

Hope wants to talk to Patrick alone. Hope tells Patrick to tell them everything he knows. Patrick pleads with Hope to let him go. Roman and Abe think that Patrick is working for the mastermind and that’s why he wants to go alone. Patrick says they are wrong. Roman asks Hope what she thinks because she trusted Patrick enough to get on the plane with him.

Lucas and Sami are glad Will is away at camp so they can do this. Lucas says that Will is going to be so happy to see them together.

Philip says that John and Kate have so much in common. Kate says her kids are the most important thing in her life now. Belle returns and Kate leaves to go see Lucas. Belle hopes that Shawn will call.

Bo says Hope’s plane went down near where Jennifer’s plane went down. John says that doesn’t mean anything. John says they don’t know where Patrick was taking Hope. Bo says they can’t question everything. John asks what Bo will do if Patrick is responsible. Bo says if that’s true then he’ll be sorry he didn’t get to kill Patrick himself.

Hope says she was suspicious of Patrick, but Patrick is really a good guy. Roman and Abe think they should keep Patrick here to find out who the mastermind is. Hope thinks they should let Patrick go so that they can find Jennifer. Hope asks Alice what she thinks. Alice says if Patrick wants to go find Jennifer, he should be completely honest. Patrick says he’s telling the truth. Roman says that Patrick is going to be here for awhile. Patrick says that Jennifer is doomed if they don’t let him go.


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