Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/16/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/16/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters Appearing: Shawn, Jan, Belle, Philip, Mimi, Rex, Julie, Bonnie, Jack, Jennifer, Maggie, Roman, Hope, Patrick, Alice, John, Bo

The Cage: Shawn bangs on the door of the cage. Jan returns home. Shawn asks where Jan was. Jan asks if Shawn missed her. Shawn says he’s not her fiancé. Jan says she saw two love birds today. Jan says that Belle and Philip are in love.

Belle’s loft: Mimi says that they should have followed Jan to see what she was up to. Belle thinks that maybe Jan isn’t up to anything. Mimi says she can tell Jan is up to something. Mimi says she could tell Jan was lying and can’t believe that Belle bought Jan’s story. Belle says love can change people. Mimi says that Jan was obsessed with Shawn. Belle says that Jan had her engagement ring on, which proves Jan has moved on. Mimi doesn’t buy it. Belle says it doesn’t matter anymore because Shawn isn’t even here. Philip tells Mimi and Belle to chill. Philip goes to the radio. The announcer on the radio says that Hope and Patrick are believed to be dead. Mimi can’t believe it and starts crying.

Alice’s Country Bar: Bonnie says it wasn’t a bad night. Bonnie remembers the vision of Hope in the casket. Bonnie turns on the radio and lights a cigarette. Julie turns off the radio and says Patrick is a murderer.

The Island---The Jungle: Jack walks though the jungle looking for Jennifer. Jack falls down. He says he must find Jennifer.

Jennifer says she has to find her way back to the cave to get the water to Jack because his fever is so high. Jennifer sees the twig she broke before and realizes she’s going in circles. Jennifer notices her jeans are wet and thinks her water broke. Jennifer worries that the baby is coming.

The Salem Police Department: Bo looks at the picture he found in the ocean of Hope and family. Bo sits at his desk and talks to the picture of Hope. He tells Hope he knows she’s not gone. John walks in and says he heard about the news. Bo says that he’ll find Hope because they’ve already lost too many people.

The Island---The Brady Pub: Hope wakes up after fainting. Hope asks if she was dreaming. Roman says Hope wasn’t dreaming. Hope thought she saw Alice. Alice tells Hope she’s really here. Hope can’t believe her grandmother is really alive. Hope and Alice hug. Maggie shows up and asks Hope for a hug. Hope hugs Maggie. Hope is so happy to see everyone. Maggie says that Caroline told her Hope was here. Maggie says it’s a lot to take in all at once. Roman says that Marlena is off looking for Doug right now. Hope can’t believe her dad is here too. Alice confirms everything for Hope. Alice and Maggie say that unfortunately this means that Hope is a victim too. Maggie explains that this is a prison. Hope tells them not to worry and that she has a plan to get off the island. Patrick looks on.

John says Kate wanted to come, but he told her to stay home and get some rest. Bo says he’s not grieving because Hope is not dead. John says he knows what Bo is going through. Bo doesn’t think John would understand. John says that it took him a very long time to accept that Marlena really died. Bo says the thing is that Hope didn’t really die. Bo says that Hope is just missing and that he’s going to continue looking for Hope until he finds it. John offers his planes and security team to help. John thinks that Bo will eventually find out the same thing; there were no survivors. Bo appreciates John’s help and tells John’s men to go out in the morning to look in the daylight. John reminds Bo that the plane was shot down by a military missile and Bo saw the wreckage himself. Bo says he’ll find Hope if it’s the last thing he does.

Roman says that they are listening to Hope’s plan. Hope tells them all about her special connection with Bo. They can feel when each other is in trouble. Hope reminds them that Bo knew Hope was alive while she was being held in the tower by Princess Gina. Roman reminds Hope that everyone was saying that Celeste is never wrong, but Celeste has been wrong about everything. Hope says she’s not psychic. Roman says that when Hope was found at Maison Blanche and thought she was Gina, Bo had no idea. Roman says it was Alice who figured out the truth. Maggie says they have all been through this stage; the belief that their loved ones won’t really believe they are dead and come looking for them. Alice says it’s not that simple. Hope says that she can really reach Bo. Roman says that this island is near impossible to find or leave. Roman says they have already seen that escape is deadly. Maggie reminds them of Jack. Patrick asks what happened to Jack. Maggie says she was with Jack when Jack managed to escape during the brief power outage. Roman says that they did find Jack’s backpack covered in blood. Roman concludes that Jack was attacked by a wild animal. Roman says Jack can’t get back in, nor off the island, so they conclude that Jack has died. Roman says that now it seems like both Jack and Jennifer are dead.

Jack picks himself up off the jungle floor. Jack says that it’s so cold here. Jack says it’s like something is creeping across his grave. Jack has visions of Jennifer’s grave.

Jennifer cries out in pain and says the baby is coming.

Julie says that it is Patrick’s fault Jennifer was kidnapped. Bonnie says that Patrick was desperate to save Jennifer. Julie doesn’t buy it. Bonnie says the last she heard was that Patrick and Hope have run off in search of Jennifer because they found some clue. Julie starts to cry. Julie thinks Bonnie is a curse. Bonnie says she’s in love with Mickey. Julie says that Maggie would roll over in her grave if she knew what Bonnie was up to. Julie thinks Bonnie is out to destroy the Horton family. Julie says that if anything happens to Hope or Jennifer she will blame Patrick. Bonnie says that Celeste thinks Jennifer, Hope and Patrick are all doomed.

Mimi cries and everyone tries to comfort her. Mimi says that this doesn’t make any sense. Mimi wants to know what they were doing. Rex checks it out on the internet. Rex says that Patrick and Hope’s plane was in military air space and was shot down by a missile. Mimi says that they wouldn’t shoot down a plane with two innocent people on it. Mimi asks Philip about it. Philip tells Mimi that the military would shoot down a plane that doesn’t respond. Belle asks Mimi if she wants them to go to the police station with her. Mimi remembers leaving their Barbie dolls all over Patrick’s room. Mimi remembers when she and Belle broke Patrick’s skateboard and pretended like Patrick wouldn’t notice. Patrick glued it back together and didn’t say anything. Belle starts to cry too. Mimi says she always knew that Patrick would be there for her. Mimi says that if it weren’t for Patrick she might not even be here. Mimi says she missed Patrick so much when he left town that she can’t even take this. Mimi goes to Rex and Rex hugs her. Mimi wishes she could have told Patrick how much she loved him one more time. Belle and Philip say that Patrick knew Mimi loved him. Mimi realizes she’ll have to tell her mom. Rex says he’ll be right there with her. Belle tells Mimi to call her if she needs anything. Belle can’t believe this is happening again. Belle feels bad for Shawn. Belle is glad that Mimi has Rex because it’s good to be with someone you love. Philip hugs Belle. Belle says she knows just how Shawn will feel when he hears the news. Belle says Shawn will be as angry as she was when Marlena died. Belle says she never wanted Shawn to have to feel this way. Belle says no one should have to go through this alone.

Shawn says that Belle and Philip are not in love and are not a couple. Jan says she’s already showed Shawn the pictures and video. Shawn says he still doesn’t believe it. Jan says she saw Belle and Philip with her own two eyes. Shawn says Belle and Philip hate Jan, so they wouldn’t even talk with her. Jan says that’s all ancient history now. Jan says that Belle is so sweet, just like a doll. Jan says that Belle and Philip invited her to their place. Jan says that Belle and Philip are living together.

Jennifer screams. Jack hears Jennifer’s screams and asks where she is. Jack wants to know what’s going on. The screams stop. Jack grabs his head in pain.

Jennifer says that she can’t be in labor. Jennifer realizes that her makeshift water container has started to leak. Jennifer is overjoyed and gets up to take the water to Jack.

Jack stumbles and then falls down in the jungle.

Hope asks what Roman means about Jennifer. Roman says they heard a plane crash in the jungle, on the other side of the force field. Roman says that they have reason to believe that it was Jennifer’s plane. Patrick asks if it is possible that Jack sent out a message to Jennifer. Roman says it’s impossible. Maggie says that Jack said he wanted to search the rest of the island to see if the host has some kind of fortress with communication to the outside world and transportation. Hope says that Jennifer swears she received messages from Jack. Hope says that Jennifer thinks Jack sent the plane. Hope says that they tracked Jennifer’s plane, but then it disappeared from the radar. Maggie says this is the news they have been dreading. Alice is sad for the baby too. Hope says that Jennifer hasn’t had the baby yet. Hope says that since she and Patrick survived a plane crash, it is possible that Jennifer did too. Hope tells Roman they need to get out there to search for Jack and Jennifer. Hope asks Maggie who the host is. Roman says that the only person they can think of who would do this is Stefano. Patrick says Stefano is dead. Roman says Stefano has come back from the dead before. Roman thinks someone might be taking over for Stefano. Roman thinks he knows who that is.

John gets off the phone. John says they are searching over the debris. Bo thanks John. John says Bo shouldn’t get his hopes up. Bo wishes that Shawn would call. Bo thinks Shawn is trying to mend his broken heart. Bo lists all the people Shawn has lost. Bo says they won’t lose Hope. John thinks that Bo is going about this all wrong. John tells Bo he needs to get Hope out of his mind because it’s not the most important thing.

Julie asks what Bonnie’s plan is. Bonnie says Julie is the only Horton who deserves to be strangled. Bonnie heads for Julie’s throat. Rex and Mimi come in and try to break up the fight. Bonnie and Julie each accuse the other of starting it. Rex yells for them to be quiet because Mimi has some news. Bonnie asks what it is. Mimi says that she heard on the radio that Patrick and Hope are dead. Bonnie breaks into tears. Julie can’t believe it either.

Jennifer says she’s going in circles. Jennifer says that she’s getting really dizzy now. Jennifer thinks she sees Jack lying on the ground. Jennifer thinks she’s hallucinating at first, but then she realizes Jack is there.

Hope asks Maggie how Alice is. Maggie says Alice was a bit overwhelmed. Hope talks about who they think the mastermind is. Roman thinks that Tony is the one who is carrying out Stefano’s orders. Roman thinks that Tony knows more than he’s saying. Hope says she hadn’t even thought of Tony being here. Maggie says that Tony claims to be a prisoner just like the rest of them. Maggie tells Hope about the scars that Tony has. Roman says that he and Abe are still skeptical. Hope is so happy that Abe is here too. Hope says that Lexie desperately misses Abe. Hope says that Theo just had his first birthday. Hope says Lexie received a letter from Abe on that day. Maggie asks how. Hope says Abe arranged to have it delivered before his death. Hope says that Abe told Lexie to move on. Roman says this is the last thing Abe wants. Maggie says they all miss their families so much. Maggie asks Hope how Mickey is doing without her. Hope says Mickey misses Maggie.

Roman sits down to talk with Patrick. Roman asks how Patrick is involved here. Roman asks why this is first he’s heard of Patrick. Patrick says that he was out of town for awhile and just came to Salem in February. Roman wants to know why Patrick was on the plane with Hope. Roman vows to find out what Patrick is up to.

Bo gets angry that John said that Hope isn’t important. John asks Bo to hear him out. John says that he’s helping out because Bo asked him to, not because he believes Hope is really alive. John says there is no way that Hope could have survived the sharks. Bo says that Hope died in front of his eyes once and she still wasn’t really dead. Bo says he’ll never believe Hope is dead. John wants to know why Hope went after Patrick. John wants to know why Jennifer was kidnapped and who sent the messages from Jack. John says Bo needs to find these answers. John and Bo think it might be Stefano. They wonder if Stefano is really dead. Bo says they can’t lose any more people.

Mimi and Bonnie hug each other as they sob. Julie goes to sit down and she starts to cry. Rex comes over to sit next to her. Julie wonders what Bo will do without Hope. Bonnie says that Patrick should never have gone after the coin. Julie says that it’s all Bonnie and Patrick’s fault that Hope is dead.

Philip hands Belle some tea. Belle asks how Patrick and Hope died. Philip thinks it’s so weird they were killed together. Belle wonders when Shawn will learn that his mom is dead.

Shawn mopes around the cage. Jan says that it’s time for Shawn to prove that Belle and Philip have moved on. Jan tells Shawn to dial Belle’s number.

Philip and Belle leave to get some air. Belle wants to answer it, in case it’s Shawn. Philip tells her to let the machine get it. Belle goes to answer the phone.

Shawn hears Philip on Belle’s answering machine and can’t believe it.

Belle runs over to the phone, but the caller hung up. Philip knows Belle was thinking of Shawn. Belle thinks that Shawn will come home when he realizes that Hope is dead.

Jan says it’s time for Shawn to focus on his future with her, not Belle. Jan says that now Shawn has proof that Belle and Philip have moved on without him.

Jennifer kneels down next to Jack, who is unconscious. Jennifer passes out next to him.

Julie says Mickey won’t even look at Bonnie after this. Julie says her family won’t be able to get over this. Mimi can’t believe that Patrick could be a bad guy. Rex wonders why the coin was so important to Patrick.

Patrick looks at his coin and says it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. Hope tells Roman that she thinks Patrick knows more about Jennifer than he says. Roman says his gut tells him not to trust Patrick.

Bo thinks Patrick is the key to this. John agrees. Bo says that once they find out Patrick’s story, they’ll know exactly what happened to Jennifer and Hope.


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