Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/15/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/15/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Belle, Philip, Mimi, Rex, Jan, Kate, John, Jennifer, Jack, Bo, Tek, pilot, waiter, Roman, Marlena, Hope, Patrick, Alice, person in black.

Belle’s loft: Jan says Philip and Belle are a great team. Jan says they’d make a great couple. Philip asks how Jan knows they are working together if she just arrived in Salem.

Kate’s place: Kate asks John how the massage is. John says it feels great and is just what he needed. There’s a knock at the door and it’s a waiter with a dessert. Kate and John each think the other ordered the food. Kate says she and Roman loved chocolate fondue and cookies. John says he and Marlena loved the strawberries and cream. They wonder who sent the food.

The Island---The cave: Jennifer tells Jack that he has to wake up. Jennifer is very scared for Jack’s health. Jennifer remembers her reunion with Jack. Jennifer says that Jack cannot leave her again. Jennifer hugs Jack.

The ocean: The pilot tells Bo that they are running low of fuel and they have to go back. Bo says that his wife is out there in shark infested waters and they need to find her. Tek says they did everything they could. Bo says they can go, but he is staying here to find Hope. Bo is about to jump out of the helicopter and Tek holds him back.

The Island---The Pier: Roman helps Hope out of the water. Marlena tells Roman to help Hope. Patrick pulls himself up on to the dock. Hope is shocked to see Roman and Marlena. Marlena tells Hope not to be afraid. Hope thinks she has died and gone to heaven. Roman says Hope isn’t dead and this is certainly not heaven. Hope wonders how she got back to Salem. Roman says it’s not Salem. Patrick agrees that they can’t be in Salem. Roman welcomes Hope to their nightmare.

Tek says Bo is asking crazy. Tek tells Bo this is suicide. Tek reminds Bo that a missile hit the plane. Bo wonders why Patrick flew the plane into restricted air space. Bo says he has a connection with Hope. Bo says that if Hope were dead he would know it. He says that their connection never fails.

Patrick and Hope wonder how this all is possible. Patrick asks where they are. Hope says that she saw both of them dead. Roman asks Hope to trust her. Marlena says there’s plenty of time to answer questions later, but first they have to make sure that they are ok. Marlena and Roman give Hope and Patrick some blankets. Hope says that Roman was stabbed by Marlena and Marlena was shot by the police, so how can they be alive? Marlena takes a look at Hope’s hand. Roman asks Patrick who he is. Marlena gives Roman the rundown on Patrick. She says he’s Bonnie Lockhart’s son and one of Jennifer’s friends. Patrick asks who Roman is. Marlena says that Roman is Bo’s brother and that he was the police commander. Patrick gets nervous when he finds out Roman is a cop. Roman notices this and asks Patrick if he is ok with that. Roman asks Hope how they got here. Hope says they were looking for Jennifer whose plane crashed somewhere in the Caribbean. Marlena realizes that Jennifer’s plane must have been the sound they heard. Patrick says they were shot down by a missile. Roman says that they should take them to the Brady Pub because it’s not that far away. Hope thinks this means they ARE in Salem. Patrick asks if this is a sick joke. Marlena wants Hope to tell her about John. Roman and Marlena say the worst part is not knowing about their loved ones. Hope asks Roman and Marlena why they don’t just leave. Marlena tells Hope that is the worst part; they are trapped here. All four of them head for shelter.

John says that this wasn’t a coincidence. John says that this is a sick joke. Kate calls room service and asks who sent it. The waiter says it was sent to the wrong room. Kate tells the waiter that he can come and get it if he wants. The waiter tells Kate to keep the dessert for her trouble. Kate thanks the waiter and hangs up. A person wearing black gloves pays off the waiter for his services. Kate tells John that it was just an honest mistake and now they can enjoy the food for free. John says it has come down to being suspicious of strawberries. John says he has been suspicious of everything since before Marlena died. Kate says they’ve all been on edge and it’s hard to let it go. John says it’s not over until he gets some answers. Kate says it’s possible that John will never get his answers. Kate says they’ll eat dessert in honor of Marlena and Roman. John says they’ll make a toast to them too. Kate says they should toast to Philip and Belle too. Kate hopes Belle and Philip are blessed with true love.

Belle asks Jan how she knew about her and Philip’s new job. Mimi thinks Jan is hiding something. Jan says that her parent’s estate supports several charities and she says she must have seen Belle and Philip’s name on the Basic Black Foundation list. Philip buys the story. Mimi is still suspicious. Mimi thinks Jan is here to get Shawn all over again. Belle says it wouldn’t matter because Shawn is not here and they can’t blame Shawn’s appearance on Jan. Jan assures Mimi that she’s over Shawn. Jan shows Mimi her engagement ring. Mimi can’t believe someone would want to marry Jan. Jan says he’s in Europe. Mimi asks to see a picture and says that Jan must have one on her.

Jack shivers. Jennifer says she can’t lose Jack again. Jennifer tells Jack he has to get well for her, Jack and the baby. Jack tells Jennifer to pick Abby up from school in his delirium. Jennifer tells Jack that she’s going to go get some water. Jack tries to get up and tells Jennifer “NO water”. Jennifer says that the rain has stopped and there must be water around here somewhere. Jennifer says Jack needs some fluids or else he might die. Jennifer says they have to break Jack’s fever. Jack is delirious and says the baby is coming. Jennifer says the baby is fine. Jennifer gets up to get the water. Jack jumps up and tells Jennifer not to go. Jennifer tells Jack to lie down. Jack tells Jennifer not to go. Jennifer tells Jack that the locket will protect her. Jennifer leaves to go get the water. Jack has a dream of going after Jennifer in the jungle. He finds the locket with blood on it. Jack talks in his sleep and tells Jennifer not to go.

Jennifer walks through the jungle. She says that she needs to make sure she can find her way back. Jennifer breaks a branch as a sign. Jennifer cuts her hand and then touches her locket. There is now blood on her locket.

Jack has his dream again about looking for Jennifer. He sees a grave that says “Baby Devereaux” Jack cries out. Jack wakes up and calls to Jennifer.

The pilot tells Bo they are going back. Bo says that they can fuel up and go back out. Tek tells Bo that Celeste even had a vision of Hope dying. Bo says he doesn’t believe in Celeste’s premonitions. Tek says he’s not a believer either, but Celeste has been right almost every single time. Bo says he’s going to start his own full scale search and he’s going to find Hope alive.

Hope and Patrick have dried off and changed into clean clothes. Hope says the Brady Pub looks just like it does back in Salem. Hope asks who else is here. Marlena says that’s the good news and that they’ll see. Hope and Patrick follow Roman and Marlena into the Brady Pub. Caroline asks if that’s really Hope. Hope runs over to Caroline and hugs her. Hope says she’s so happy to see her. Hope hopes this isn’t a dream. Caroline says it’s not a dream and that she’s really here. Caroline says she’s not as happy to see Hope. Caroline says that if Hope is here that means she may never see Bo again and that is why.

John and Kate sip champagne. Kate says it’s not the same. John agrees and says that it never will be. John says that Roman and Marlena would want them to enjoy this. Kate says that Roman never turned away good food. Kate feeds John a cookie. Kate tells John he has chocolate on his mouth and goes to wipe it off, but sees Roman in John’s place. John wipes the chocolate off his own mouth. Kate doesn’t want to eat the whipped cream at first, but then agrees. John dips the strawberry and then goes to feed it to Kate. In John’s mind he’s seeing Marlena. When he pulls away he gets sad that it’s not really Marlena. Kate asks how they are going to be able to do this and not get sad. John hands Kate the strawberry. John says that this is something they are going to have to work though together. The black gloved hand closes Kate’s door.

Philip says that before Jan can say anything she has to check with him first. Jan says that she has a picture and that her fiancé won’t mind. Jan gets out her wallet and starts to pull out a picture. It’s a picture of Shawn. Jan changes her mind and says the picture she’s thinking of must be in her other wallet. Mimi takes Jan’s wallet and wants to know whose picture it is. Mimi looks at a picture of Jan’s parents. Jan thought she couldn’t live without her parents. Jan says that her fiancé helped her move on in life. Jan says a new love is what Belle needs. Jan says Philip must know what Belle is going through. Jan says it’s a shame that no one ever found out what happened to Victor. Jan has a flashback of electrocuting Victor. Philip says he knows exactly who was responsible.

Jennifer is very tired and leans on a tree. She finds a pool of water and runs over to it. She makes a container for the water out of a coconut and some leaves. Jennifer heads back to Jack.

Jack calls out to Jennifer. He asks where she is. Jack wonders if it was all just a dream. Jack remembers kissing Jennifer in the rain when he finally saved her. Jack wonders if it was just an hallucination. Jack says it was too good to be true. Jack wants Jennifer here one more time. Jack says if Jennifer were here he’d tell her he loves her and he’d tell her goodbye.

Caroline gives Hope some food. Hope wants Caroline to explain what she meant when she said she’d never see Bo again. Caroline says that she shouldn’t have said that. Roman says that Caroline just means that most everyone here has been separated from someone they love. Hope says that she saw Marlena get shot. Hope wants to know what is going on here. Marlena says they’ll tell her everything, but it’s a lot to take in at once. Hope wants to get back to Salem and take all of them with her. Roman says there’s no way off this island. Marlena says there’s no communication either. Caroline asks Hope how Bo is. Hope thinks that Bo is angry at her for running off. Roman says that soon Bo will think Hope is dead just like the rest of them.

Kate says that accepting Roman died was the hardest thing she had to do and she thinks it is the same for John and Marlena. Kate thinks this is why John can’t give up the investigation. John says that he promised Marlena he’d prove her innocent and he will. Kate doesn’t think that will be possible because nine people died and they went to the funerals. Kate says John won’t have the chance to prove it. John says that he needs this for closure. Kate says that it might back fire. John says Kate is only doing this because he cares. Kate says that Philip says the same thing. Kate says that Philip wants her to move on. Kate says it’s easier for people Belle and Philip’s age to move on. Kate says that John moved on after he lost Isabella. Kate says that at this point in her life it’s too late to start over and move on. John says the two of them may be perfect for each other. The person wearing black walks away from Kate’s door.

Philip says that it was Nicole who killed Victor. Jan says she has to go and call her fiancé. Jan thanks Belle for accepting her apology. Mimi can’t believe that Belle is going to be a friend to Jan. Mimi thinks Jan will always be a witch and she can prove it. Belle asks Mimi what she’s talking about. Mimi says they should follow Jan to see what she’s up to.

The fire in the cave has gone out. Jack calls out to Jennifer. Jack realizes that the locket is gone. Jack remembers giving the locket to Jennifer. Jack realizes this means Jennifer really was here. Jack says that he needs to find Jennifer. Jack goes out into the jungle. He screams.

Kate asks what John just said. John says that they each understand what the other is going through. John and Kate decide they would make great friends. Kate gets up to go put on some music. John likes the music. John asks Kate to dance. Kate says this is nice. Kate says this is the first time she’s felt at peace for a long time. A report comes on the radio and reports that Hope Brady is missing and presumed dead.

Hope says this can’t be happening because Bo has already lost so many people. Hope says that this is going to kill Bo. Hope worries because her kids will think she’s dead. Marlena whispers to Caroline that she knows exactly what Hope needs. Caroline knows just what Marlena is talking about and goes off to get it. Marlena says that she’s going to see if she can find Doug. Roman says he’s going to question Patrick and give Hope some space. Alice shows up and says Hope is a sight for sore eyes. Hope faints in Patrick’s arms when she sees Alice.


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