Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/14/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/14/04

By Nicole
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Characters appearing: Nicole, Brady, Jan, Belle, Philip, Mimi, Roman, Marlena, John, Kate, Hope, Patrick, Bo, Tek, Rex, in flashbacks: Victor.

The Kiriakis pool: Nicole takes her drink out to the patio. Brady surfaces in the pool. Nicole talks to a smaller version of herself that is sitting on her martini glass. The little Nicole tells Nicole to go for it with Brady. She says it is the perfect time. Nicole agrees and says she’ll have Brady in no time. The phone rings, Brady answers, and it is Chloe. Nicole is disappointed.

Belle’s loft: Jan says she’ll have to kill Belle. Mimi grabs Jan and says she’s going kill her. Belle and Philip return and ask what Mimi is doing. Mimi says that Jan broke in to Belle’s loft. Belle says that she invited Jan for tea. Mimi says that Belle has lost it. Mimi says that she knows Jan’s secret plan. Mimi says she heard Jan say she was going to kill Belle and Philip. Jan says it’s true.

Kate’s place: Kate says the reports look good. Kate wonders why she’s so unhappy. Kate looks a picture of Roman and knows. There is a knock at Kate’s door. Kate answers her door and it’s John. John says he didn’t know who else to go to. He says that he needs Kate.

The Island---The pier: Roman says that they should find some shelter because there’s a storm coming. Marlena was writing in her diary. There is an explosion in the sky. Marlena thinks it’s a plane. They hear thunder next and Roman agrees that the first sound was an explosion. Marlena worries that it might have been another of their loved ones. Roman looks at the sky with binoculars. He says no one could have survived that.

In the ocean: Hope clings to a piece of wreckage. Her hand moves a little. There is blood on it. The blood is seeping from her hand into the water. Patrick swims up to her and worries about sharks.

In the helicopter: Tek thinks they should pull up because there is too much smoke. Bo keeps the helicopter near the water and calls out to Hope. Hope is gone and only her bracelet remains on the wreckage.

Marlena asks if Roman sees anything. Roman says that the binoculars have long rage night vision. Marlena takes a look and says that she sees clumps of bright light. Marlena worries that it was someone they know. Marlena asks who the man is who is doing this to them. Marlena says that first he made her believe she killed family and friends and then trapped them all on this island. Marlena says that she hates the mastermind. Marlena just wants this all to end. Roman comforts her.

Tek says there is blood everywhere and it looks like whoever is down there is dead. Bo says they could be wounded. Tek says the wreckage is drifting and that they need to circle around or else they’ll lose it. Bo says they are staying and that he’s going down. Tek says Bo is crazy because the storm is building up.

Hope says the water looks clear. Hope asks Patrick how he got rid of the sharks. Patrick has a flashback of saving Hope. He took Hope of the wreckage and then stabbed one of the sharks to confuse the rest of the sharks. Hope screams. Patrick says that something hit them. Patrick says it’s a great white shark. Patrick says that he can’t fool the shark this time.

Jan says that she’s going to kill Belle and Philip with kindness. Mimi says that Jan is lying. Jan says that Belle has put everything all in the past. Mimi brings up all the stuff that Jan has done. Rex shows up and asks if this is Jan. Mimi says Rex is her boyfriend. Jan says that Mimi is paranoid about her. Belle apologizes to Jan. Mimi goes to talk with Belle alone. Mimi reminds Belle that Jan was so crazy about Shawn. Mimi asks about Shawn. Mimi tells Belle to check her messages. Belle says she broke her answering machine. Mimi and Belle say they’ll be right back and go out the door. Jan says that now she has an open invitation into Belle and Philip’s lair. Jan says now she can report firsthand to Shawn about how Belle has moved on with Philip.

John says she needs to talk to someone who is objective. Since it’s about Nicole, Kate says she can’t be objective. John says he just needs to talk. Kate says her work can wait. Kate gets John a drink. John tells Kate about the lump on his head. Kate thinks she should take him to the hospital. John says he’ll be fine. John says he sent Earl to the Kiriakis mansion and figures that Earl and Crystal set up Marlena. Kate asks if he got proof. John says he was so close to getting proof when someone hit him with a shovel. Kate says it wasn’t Crystal because the attack came from behind. John says Brady gave Nicole an alibi. Kate says this is just like when Victor was killed. Kate worries John could have gotten killed. John says that he’s worries about Brady who is living in that house.

Brady talks on the phone to Chloe about her opera schedule. Brady says he’ll have to ask when construction of the opera house will begin. Brady says he’ll call Chloe back. Brady and Chloe say they love each other. Nicole says she wasn’t paying attention. Brady says that Chloe is fine. Brady says Chloe’s agent wants to book her around the world. Brady says he needs to start construction right away or else Chloe won’t come back. Nicole remembers Victor saying that she should destroy the concert hall because then Brady will know what kind of woman she is. Nicole tells Brady she knows just how to save the concert hall and Chloe.

Roman tells Marlena not to lose heart. Roman swears that they will escape. Marlena says that she believes Roman. Marlena says they’ll take everyone with them. Marlena says she wants to see the mastermind when they leave. Marlena talks about what happens psychologically to people in hostage situations. She brings up Stockholm system. She tells the story of four hostages who sympathized with their captors and didn’t want to press charges. They even defended their captors. Marlena says that one of the hostages even got engaged to their captor. Marlena says that the host wants them to get confused between fantasy and reality. Roman says he can’t forget his kids. Marlena says Roman reminds her of John. Marlena says that she fell in love with John because she thought he was Roman. Marlena says she still loved John when she found out he wasn’t Roman. Roman says he knows this. Marlena says the funny thing is that she never stopped loving Roman. Marlena says she loves Roman even more.

Tek says that they can’t go any lower because of the high swells. Tek tells Bo not to unhook the harness. Tek tells Bo not to go in the water because of sharks. Bo calls out to Hope. Bo drops into the water. Tek says the storm is gaining steam.

A shark rams into the board. Hope screams. Patrick says that the shark smells the blood. Patrick tells Hope to keep her hand out of the water. Hope screams as the shark circles around. Patrick tells Hope not to scream because she might sink them. Hope hears a helicopter. Patrick says they could be 15 miles away from the crash site by now. Patrick tells Hope not to move. The board breaks. Hope falls into the water. Patrick dives in after her.

Rex’s apartment: Mimi gives Belle her old answering machine. Belle says it’s time she gave up and moved on with her life without Shawn. Belle says she was getting advice from many people. Belle says it’s time to start thinking on her own. Belle says she’s through with Shawn. Mimi and Belle hug.

Kate thinks that Nicole could hurt Brady. John says that Kate has always said Nicole is capable of anything. Kate asks if Brady is suspicious of Crystal. John says that while he was in the barn, Brady found Nicole tied up. John says that Nicole claims it was Crystal who tied her up. John says Brady believes every word of Nicole’s. Kate can’t think of anyone who could have hit John on the head. John says that’s the question. Kate guesses it could be Earl. John says Brady followed Earl off the property. Kate comes to the conclusion that it could have been Nicole’s secret accomplice who helped kill Victor. John says it doesn’t matter whoever it is, Brady is completely on Nicole’s side now. Kate says Brady’s emotions have gotten in the way of his logic. Kate thinks Brady is in love with Nicole.

Nicole gives Brady a box. Brady opens it and says he can’t accept this. Nicole says it’s the only way Brady can get Chloe back. Nicole says that Brady wants Chloe back more than anything.

Roman says that he loves Marlena too. Roman says his bond with Marlena is eternal: their children. Marlena says it’s more than their kids. Marlena says she vowed never to love another man after Roman left. Marlena says that it was like falling in love with Roman all over again. Roman says that Marlena chose John when he came back. Marlena says that she didn’t choose John, but that Roman left town. Roman says he left because Marlena loves John. Marlena says that she wanted to save their marriage. Roman says he doesn’t blame Marlena at all. Marlena wonders what would happen if Roman hadn’t left John. Roman asks Marlena if she would really have loved Roman with all her heart or would her heart still be divided. Roman says that he has always wondered what would have happened if he had stayed and fought harder. Roman asks Marlena if things would have been different.

The pilot says that they are low of fuel. Tek calls out to Bo. Tek loses Bo in the smoke. Bo calls out for Hope. Bo grabs on to a board. Bo finds a partially burnt picture of Hope and family.

Patrick brings Hope to the surface and they grab on to a crate. Patrick tells Hope to keep her hand out of the water.

Bo keeps looking for Hope. He finds Hope’s bracelet. He bangs his hand down on a board and cuts his hand. Blood pours out. Patrick and Hope notice the sharks swimming away. Patrick and Hope decide to swim to shore. They can tell they are close because they can feel the tide.

Bo calls out to Hope again to no avail. He starts to swim back.

Philip tosses Rex a water for Jan. Jan calls Chloe “ghoul girl”. Jan says that Philip needs a better girl than Chloe. Belle and Mimi return. Jan thinks to herself that Philip is so in love Belle. Jan says she’s on Philip’s side and that she always gets what she wants. Mimi tells Belle to record her new outgoing message. Belle says that things are over with Shawn and it’s time to make things official with Philip.

John says that Brady cannot fall in love with Nicole because he’s in love with Chloe. Kate says that Chloe is not here. John asks what she means. John says Kate doesn’t like Chloe and didn’t even want her with Philip. Kate says this is completely different because she likes Brady. Kate says she detests Nicole more. John says it’s because Nicole married Kate’s ex. Kate says that’s not it. Kate says that Nicole is just a horrible person. Kate says when love happens, it just does.

Brady says he won’t take Nicole’s jewelry. Nicole says that Crystal took a lot of stuff already, but most of it was costume jewelry. Nicole says that it’s just about enough to break ground on a concert hall. Brady says that this stuff means money and power to Nicole and can’t believe she’d be willing to give it up like this. Nicole says she’d do anything for Brady.

Philip asks what Belle wants to do. Belle says she needs to make up her mind. Belle says she needs to stop worrying about Shawn. Belle says that she won’t take out her anger on Shawn at Philip anymore.

John says Kate is right about love, but hopes that she’s wrong about Brady and Nicole. John says he has to go. John keeps trying to rub his shoulders in tension. Kate gives John a massage. He says that all his tension is melting away. He says he feels comfortable around Kate. Kate says she feels the same.

Brady says she won’t sell the jewelry because it might be all Nicole gets. Brady says he’s going to call Chloe and tell her the concert hall is on hold. Brady says that Chloe won’t be back any time soon. Nicole says if she were Chloe, she wouldn’t need a concert hall to lure her back if she had Brady waiting for her. Brady kisses Nicole on the cheek and says she’s very sweet.

Bo calls up to Tek to get him out of here. Tek lowers down to pick up Bo. Bo and Tek make it back into the helicopter. Bo looks at the picture.

Roman says that he loves Kate with all his heart. Roman says that Marlena was the love of his life. Roman says he’s glad they are still friends.

Patrick pulls Hope up on to the pier at Roman and Marlena’s feet. Roman and Marlena are shocked to see Hope and Patrick.


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