Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/13/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/13/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Mimi, Rex, Belle, Philip, Jan, Tek, Bo, Hope, Judge Fitzpatrick, Cazares, Sami, Lucas

Rex’s apartment: Mimi and Rex take a bubble bath together.

The pier: Jan says Shawn would never run out on Belle. Belle says she thought that at first, but now it seems like Shawn just doesn’t want to be with her. Jan flashes her ring and says she’s engaged. Jan remembers trapping Shawn in the cage. Jan says she’s over Shawn and that she’s with a new man who will always be there for her. Jan remembers locking Shawn in. Philip asks who the guy is. Jan says they both already know him.

Sami’s apartment: Lucas is outside Sami’s door and hears Sami crying. Sami says that she’s done with getting her heart trampled on. Sami vows to give up on men. Lucas uses his key to get into Sami’s apartment. Sami throws something and hits Lucas on the head.

The police station: Tek says there is a missile headed toward Patrick’s plane. Bo tells Tek to do something. Tek tells Bo to go over to the missile. Tek says gets into the missile system. It is equipped with a mini-cam. Bo watches as the missile heads for the plane. Tek says it will detonate on impact. The screen goes fuzzy and Bo calls out for Hope.

Sami goes over to help Lucas out and tries to figure out what to do. Sami runs to get some ice and a pillow. She puts Lucas’ head on the pillow and puts the ice on his head. Sami apologizes to Lucas for everything. Sami says she doesn’t know what she’d do if she lost Lucas. Sami apologizes for sending Lucas mixed signals. Sami says that Lucas is the only man she’ll ever love. Sami gives Lucas a kiss. Lucas starts to wake up.

Bo says this is not happening. Bo goes over to the picture of Hope and refuses to believe Hope’s plane was hit. Bo says that Hope is going to be rescued. Bo tells Tek not to tell anyone about this. Tek tells Bo that Hope has died. Bo tells Tek not to say that again. Bo gives orders to Cazares to start the search and rescue. Tek says that the plane is dust and there’s nothing left. Bo says people have said there is no hope his wife survived and they have always been wrong. Bo tells Tek to help him find his wife, or else get out of his way.

In the ocean: Hope floats on a piece of wreckage unconscious.

Mimi says there is nothing like good, clean fun. Rex says he could stay here all night. Mimi says her hands are turning into prunes. Rex says that they should get out and lie in front of the TV all night. Rex and Mimi look at each other in the mirror. Rex tells Mimi she’s beautiful. Mimi asks if Rex ever wanted to “sow his wild oats”. Rex can’t believe that Mimi is acting insecure. Rex tells Mimi that he loves her.

Jan says that she found a tall, dark and handsome man. Jan says she’s found unconditional love. Philip asks if this man has a name. Belle says Jan’s fiancé sounds like Shawn. Jan says that it is Shawn. Philip and Belle are confused.

Bo says that Patrick and Hope could have ejected from the plane before impact. Tek tells Bo to step down. Bo tells Tek to get out of the way. Bo refuses to move. Bo says that every second counts. Bo says that Tek doesn’t know how strong Hope is. Bo says Hope didn’t give up on Jennifer, so they won’t give up on Hope.

Sami brings Lucas a glass of water. Lucas holds the ice to his head. Lucas says Sami is not good at making men happy. Sami says that she’s a horrible person. Sami says that Lucas can sleep with whoever he wants. Lucas thinks that Sami is just jealous. Sami says Lucas is talking crazy talk. Sami hits Lucas with the pillow. Lucas gets mad that she hit his head again. Sami apologizes. Sami asks to look at Lucas’ wound. The two kiss.

Tek says that Bo is not thinking straight and cannot perform his duties as commander. Bo says that he needs to find Hope because she’s probably injured. Bo says that Hope is alive and that he can feel it. Bo grabs Tek’s collar and tells him to get out of the way.

Rex asks Mimi if she’s ok. Mimi says she’s about to admit that Rex is alright. Mimi says that Belle and Shawn’s breakup really got to her. Mimi says that Shawn and Belle were so perfect. Rex says that they are not Shawn and Belle. Rex says that Mimi understands all about his past. Rex says he still believes that Shawn will come back to Belle. Mimi says she loves Rex more than anything. They start to make out.

Jan says that the man she is going to marry is a lot like Shawn. Jan says this was insensitive for bringing up Shawn. Belle says that it’s not Jan’s fault Shawn is gone. Belle says that Jan still hasn’t told them the name. Jan says the engagement is under wraps and that she should check with her guy first. Philip asks Belle to have some tea. Jan says that would be nice. Philip says that he was only talking to Belle. Belle goes over to Jan and says that it’s time to put the past behind them. Jan says Shawn always said Belle was such a forgiving person. They rehash what happened in Puerto Rico. All three of them head off to have tea together. Philip thinks something is not right with Jan.

Bo says that he won’t stop until he sees his wife with his own two eyes and he knows what happened. Tek refuses to get out of Bo’s way so Bo punches Tek. Cazares tells Bo that the helicopter is almost ready to head out to sea. Bo asks that they wait for him. Judge Fitzpatrick walks in and says that Bo is not going anywhere.

Sami says that it seems like Lucas is doing better. Lucas says that he is dizzy and his vision is blurry. Lucas says Sami threw a bookend at him and he’s not ok. Sami says that maybe she should take Lucas to the hospital. Lucas says that wouldn’t do any good. Lucas says Sami hurt him and that’s why he got mixed up with Manda in the first place. Sami says all her parents wanted was for her to grow up and take responsibility. Sami says it’s so hard for her to trust a man. Lucas says he hated being with Manda. Lucas says that Sami is the only one he’ll ever love. Sami says it wouldn’t be a good idea for them to be together. Sami says they’d be doing it for all the right reason. Lucas says that this is the right reason; they love each other. Lucas tells Sami that he heard what she said. They both find out they love each other. Lucas and Sami kiss. Lucas tells Sami not to be her own worst enemy. Lucas tells Sami to just let this all happen naturally. Lucas says this can happen if they give it a chance. Sami and Lucas kiss. Lucas picks up Sami and they head into the bedroom.

Bo asks why Judge Fitzpatrick is here. The Judge says she’s here to see if Bo is ok. The Judge says that Bo is not allowed to be on this case because he’s too personally involved. The Judge says that she’s going to take away Bo’s badge. Tek asks to speak with the judge. Tek says that in his professional opinion as a psychologist for the ISA he thinks that Bo still has his head on his shoulders and is ready for field work. The Judge doesn’t agree. They go back out of the office and Bo is gone. Judge Fitzpatrick tells Tek to get on the helicopter with Bo and keep him in line. Tek is supposed to arrest Bo if he jeopardizes the mission or the department.

Rex and Mimi are in bed. Rex asks if Mimi is feeling better. Mimi apologizes for acting needy. Mimi believes that Rex loves her. Rex goes to take a shower. Mimi wonders why she keeps looking to other people for validation. Mimi says college was good for her. She says she’s maturing and growing. Mimi says she can handle a mature relationship. Mimi says she and Rex will be fine, but she’s worried about Shawn and Belle. Mimi sits in her window.

Belle’s loft: Philip says he’ll start the tea. Jan compliments Belle on her apartment. Belle was surprised Jan knew which apartment was hers. Jan says she saw the name in the lobby. Jan finds out that Philip lives with Belle. Belle explains that Mimi lives with Rex and Philip needed a place to stay. Philip says the stove won’t light. Jan goes to open a window. Mimi sees Jan in the window and can’t believe it.

Bo is surprised that Tek is coming with him on the mission. Bo vows to find his Fancy Face.

Lucas and Sami are in the middle of making love when Lucas calls out Manda’s name. Sami gets angry. Lucas says that he was just checking to see if Sami was paying attention. Sami plays like she knew what was going on the whole time. Sam starts to tickle Lucas. Lucas kisses Sami again. The bed breaks. They laugh and kiss.

Belle asks how Jan knew how to open the windows so fast. Philip says John put special locks on the windows. Jan says they have locks like that in London. Philip and Belle go to turn on the air conditioning to get rid of the gas smell from the stove.

Mimi comes through the window and grabs Jan. Jan was holding a picture of Shawn and Belle and says they are going to die.

Tek and Bo see the plane wreckage. Bo tells Tek to take them lower. Hope is still unconscious. Tek says there is too much smoke and that they should go up. Bo tells them to wait. He looks through his binoculars and calls out to Hope. Hope’s bracelet is on the piece of wreckage, but Hope is gone.

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