Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/12/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/12/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters Appearing: Philip, Jan, Belle, Sami, Lucas, Manda, Patrick, Hope, Bo, Tek, Jack, Jennifer.

The pier: Philip is afraid to ask what Sami said about him and Belle. Belle says that Sami is wrong. Belle is happy that Philip is moving in and that they are still going to be friends. Belle says that it’s over with Shawn. Jan jumps out and knocks over a crate. Belle and Philip see Jan and can’t believe it. They ask how long she’s been in town and ask if she was eavesdropping.

Sami’s apartment: Sami has a dream. In the dream, Sami feeds a cat and then kicks it. Sami takes out the trash and then sees Lucas and Manda off to play tennis. Lucas and Manda kiss then the garbage falls on Sami.

Lucas’ apartment: Lucas and Manda are in bed together. Lucas says he’s going to need a break. Manda asks what is wrong. Lucas sees Sami in Manda’s place and kisses her. Lucas pretends he’s making love to Sami. Manda throws Lucas off and asks what he just said.

The police station: Bo says Patrick could have killed them all. Bo remembers Patrick taking off. Bo worries what Patrick will do to Hope, especially without a pilot’s license. Tek reminds Bo that Hope had Patrick at gunpoint before they left. Tek asks why Hope would go along with this. Bo says they can worry about that after they find the plane.

The plane: Hope says she doesn’t like any of this. They remember taking off despite Bo’s attempt to stop them. Hope says Patrick could have killed them all. Hope asks if Patrick knows where they’re going. Patrick says they’re going to the Caribbean. Patrick says they have to fly under the radar. Hope wants to radio Bo and tell him what they are doing.

The Island---A cave: Jack carries Jennifer into a cave. Jennifer is happy to see Jack. She says Jack has a fever. Jennifer says that this is like a dream come true. Jack says if it were a dream, they’d be dry. Jack says angels saved Jennifer from the plane crash. Jennifer says angels sent Jack to save her from the cliff. Suddenly, Jennifer gets a really bad cramp. Jack asks if Jennifer is going into labor. Jennifer says that if she is, Jack better be ready to deliver the baby. Jennifer says she had a difficult pregnancy with a lot of problems. Jack tells Jennifer to breathe just like before. There’s a flashback of Jack delivering Abby. Jack says this will be a piece of cake. Jack thinks they are having a boy. Jennifer says she doesn’t know what the gender is. Jennifer worries about Abby. Jack reassures her. Jack wants to start a fire and goes to get some wood. Jennifer notices something is wrong and Jennifer tells Jack he has a fever. Jack says it was just the adrenaline. Jennifer says the baby is fine and that it’s not time for it to come out yet. Jack sings a lullaby to the baby. Jack shows Jennifer the locket. Jennifer can’t understand how Jack is alive because his organs were donated. Jack says he can’t explain it, but he can try for Jennifer’s sake. Jack says he promised himself he’d be together with Jennifer again. Jack promises he’ll never let Jennifer go.

Bo asks Tek if they can locate the plane. Tek says he’ll contact the ISA and see if they can track it. Bo wonders why Hope had to do this on her own.

Hope worries about what Bo must be thinking. Patrick says maybe Hope shouldn’t have come. Patrick says that he can land on the next airfield and Hope can go back to Salem.

Belle asks how long Jan was there. Jan says that she dropped an earring. Philip says Jan is a liar. Belle asks when Jan got home. Jan says only a little while ago. Jan says she’s here to apologize to Belle. Jan says Belle wasn’t even there when she fell down the stairs. Jan says she made mistakes and that she’s changed now. Jan says that her parents were killed in an accident. Jan says she’s all alone. Belle sympathizes with Jan. Jan says she heard about Marlena’s death.

Sami is still asleep. She continues the dream. She says she has to talk to Lucas. Sami says she wants Will to live with her before he leaves for college. Lucas says Will wants to live with him in their new condo. Lucas says no man would be interested in Sami. Sami wakes up with food spilled on her. Sami goes into the bathroom and changes. She decides to take Belle’s advice about starting over with Lucas. Sami goes to Lucas’ apartment.

Manda is upset that Lucas called her Sami. Lucas says he doesn’t care about Sami any more. Sami walks in on Lucas and Manda, who are shocked.

Bo worries Patrick could be a killer. Tek says he’s into the system. Tek finds out that the plane will fly into restricted air space. Tek says that’s where the pentagon tests missiles.

Hope asks why Patrick is so willing to risk his life to save Jennifer. Hope says that Patrick doesn’t look like the selfless type. Patrick says he’s looking for some good karma. Hope asks if the islands are coming up soon. Patrick hopes so because if they don’t find Jennifer, she could die.

Jack starts to get some wood. Jennifer tells Jack to lie down. Jack says Abby must have grown a few inches. Jennifer says she had to buy Abby all new clothes before she left for camp. Jack asks how Jennifer got here. Jennifer says she did everything that Jack told her to do in the messages. Jack says he didn’t send any messages.

Manda says she’s out of here. Lucas tells Manda not to leave. Manda says she was suspicious when Lucas looked longingly at Sami’s door. Lucas claims there is nothing between him and Sami. Lucas says Sami had no right barge in.

Jan says that Marlena was always so nice to her. Jan asks how Marlena could kill all those people. Belle says that no one knows. Jan says that she has changed because her parents have died. Philip warns Belle that Jan could be lying. Belle says that she doesn’t trust Jan, but she doesn’t want to be mean to her. Belle starts some small talk with Jan. She asks her what she’s been up to.

Jack was so desperate to contact Jennifer, but he couldn’t. Jennifer tells Jack about the calls, e-mails and all. Jennifer tells Jack someone sent her their wedding vows. Jack says their wedding was on TV. Jennifer tells Jack that she e-mailed the number of the plane to Hope so that they can track it and rescue them. Jack says Jennifer is so smart. Jack is just happy Jennifer is here, no matter how she got here. Jack seems to be on the brink of unconsciousness. Jennifer worries about him.

Hope says she’s thinking about what Patrick did to get to where they are. Hope remembers Patrick on the wing of the plane. Hope asks Patrick for his story. Patrick says he left home when he was young and was a drifter. The military radios the plane and warns them not to fly into the restricted airspace.

The military calls Bo and Bo tells them not to shoot down the plane because it’s not a threat. Bo says his wife is on the plane and that it’s related to a case they are working on. The officer says that any plane that is not properly identified will be shot down. He says they aren’t turning around and the plane will be shot down.

Lucas says that Sami can’t handle Lucas moving on. Sami says that Manda has anger issues. Sami is glad that Will is away at camp so that he can’t see Lucas with Manda. Lucas is mad that Sami walked in on him. Lucas says Sami was a mistake. Lucas tells Sami to get out because she disgusts him. Sami leaves and says she never wants to see Lucas again.

Jan says she just has to settle some things with her family’s estates and then she’s leaving again. Jan asks where Shawn is because she wants to apologize to him too. Belle says that Shawn went on a road trip and no one knows where he is. Jan says something must be wrong because Shawn would never run out. Belle says now she just thinks Shawn doesn’t want to be with her. Jan remembers dressing up like an old lady to trap Shawn. Jan tells Belle that Shawn must just be tied up. Jan says that she’s engaged.

Jennifer asks Jack if he is ok. Jack says he’s just sleep deprived, but he has so much to tell Jennifer. Jack says there was no serial killer. Jack says that everyone is alive. Jennifer is surprised.

Bo tells the Colonel not to fire. Bo suggests sending another plane to intercept Patrick’s plane. The Colonel says that once the plane entered the airspace the computer gave an order to fire and that it’s too late now. Bo says it’s not too late.

Philip says it’s quite a rock. Jan says that she’s engaged to a great man and that Belle has nothing to worry about.

Lucas says Sami had no right to barge in. Lucas says he’s going to get his key back so nothing like this happens again. He goes to Sami’s door and hears her crying.

Jack crawls towards the fire. Jennifer tells him to lie down. Jack starts to talk about the “others” when he collapses. Jennifer rushes over to him.

Tek says that the missile is headed for the plane. Tek says he’s trying to tap into the missile itself because it has a mini-cam on it. Bo tells Tek he has to save Hope.

Patrick says it is a heat seeking missile and they won’t be able to dodge it forever.

Bo and Tek watch as the missile heads for the plane.


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