Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/9/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/9/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Belle, Lucas, Philip, Manda, Crystal, John, Jan, Nicole, Brady, Jack, Jennifer,

Sami’s apartment: Sami watches a sad movie and cries. Someone knocks on her door and she tells them to go away. It’s Lucas. He wants to apologize. He says that he never should have hooked up with that nurse. He says that Sami is the only woman he ever loved and asks for Sami to take him back. They kiss. It was all a dream. Belle is at Sami’s door. Sami asks if Belle is ok. Belle says her life is over.

The Blue Note: Lucas has a fantasy of Sami. In his head, he kisses Sami, but then it flashes back to reality and it’s really Manda. Lucas orders some drinks for himself and Manda. Philip says Lucas is wasting his time with the wrong girl.

The Kiriakis mansion: Jan says Nicole needs to die. Nicole screams as she falls over in the chair. Jan disappears. Brady runs in. Nicole is unconscious and Brady pleads with her to wake up.

The Kiriakis barn: John wants Crystal to tell everything that happened the night Marlena was killed. John asks Crystal if the person Crystal is protecting is worth saving. Crystal says she’ll tell everything. John gives Crystal five seconds to start talking. John gets knocked unconscious with a shovel and Crystal asks who her rescuer is.

The Island---the cliff: Jack clings to the cliff. He tells Jennifer to hang on. Jennifer says she’s scared and can fell the ledge moving beneath her. Jack tells her to hurry. Jennifer tells Jack to save himself. Jack refuses to leave Jennifer. Jennifer tells Jack that she loves him and Abby and says that one of them has to be there for Abby. Jack again refuses to let Jennifer go. Jennifer starts screaming as the ledge crumbles away.

Jennifer is hanging on to Jack’s feet. Jack manages to pull himself up. Jennifer is so happy that Jack did it. Jack says he needs to find a way to get Jennifer up. Jack says he has a plan and tells Jennifer to stay there. More of the ledge crumbles away.

Brady says Nicole will be just fine. Brady tells Nicole to wake up. Brady takes the tape off of Nicole’s mouth. Brady asks Nicole who did this to her. Nicole remembers telling Jan to tie her up. Nicole says someone went crazy and tried to kill her. Brady asks who tried to kill her. Nicole says it was Crystal.

Jan unties Crystal and lets her go. Crystal asks who Jan is. Jan says she bailed Crystal out of jail. Crystal asks for a moment with John. Jan leaves. Crystal says she and John would have been great together. John wakes up and wrestles Crystal down and says she’s not going anywhere.

Lucas and Philip argue about their love lives. Philip says that Shawn is not coming back. Philip says he and Belle had a fight and that he’s moving out. Manda says she’ll have to skip the drink. Manda has some business to tend to on the phone before she is all Lucas’. Lucas says that he and Manda haven’t been apart for 24 hours. Philip asks Lucas if Lucas listened to Kate. Lucas says Kate was right, but he made this decision on his own. Lucas says it’ll never work out with Sami. Philip says he wouldn’t be so quick to throw something like this away. Lucas remembers Sami flirting with the D.A. Philip says Sami didn’t take the guy home. Philip asks how Lucas and Manda must make Sami feel.

Belle says that she hasn’t been able to keep it together. Sami says she knows how she feels. Sami gets out some ice cream for them. Sami asks Belle about what is going on. Belle tells Sami about going on TV to ask Shawn to come back. Belle says that Shawn hasn’t called. Sami says that Belle is better off without Shawn. Belle says no. Sami says Belle has given Shawn chance after chance and it’s time to move on. Sami brings up Philip. Belle says Philip is just a friend. Sami figures out that Philip is in love with Belle.

John is at Crystal’s throat asking her who set up Marlena and who killed Victor. John vows to make them pay. Jan returns at hits John on the head again! Crystal is surprised. Jan says she’s getting tired of saving Crystal. Crystal asks why she does it. Jan says that if one of them goes down they all go down. Jan says she’s sending John to an early grave. Crystal stops Jan from killing John. Crystal pulls Jan out of the barn and refuses to let Jan kill such a good looking man. Jan and Crystal hide as John wakes up. John sees that Crystal is gone and stumbles out. Jan says that was close. Crystal says that Jan really is a killer. Jan and Crystal recount their crimes. Crystal says that if Brady doesn’t give in to Nicole soon, he’ll be the next victim.

John asks Brady where Earl is. Brady says he got away. Brady asks what happened. John says he was interrogating Crystal until her friend showed up and tried to bash him with a shovel. John accuses Nicole of whacking him with the shovel. Brady says this time he can prove Nicole is innocent.

Jennifer tells Jack to hurry because the ledge is falling. Jack tells Jennifer to hold on. Jack starts to move a large fallen tree (?). It is very heavy and takes him a few tries to lift. Jennifer screams out.

Philip is ready to leave. Philip tells Lucas to take care of himself. Manda returns and kisses Lucas. Manda says she’s all his. Lucas still sees Sami instead of Manda as they kiss.

Sami tells Belle to just admit Philip has a crush on her. Sami reminds Belle that Philip chose Belle on “Love is Blind”. Belle says that Philip tried everything to make Shawn come back. Belle asks about Lucas. Sami says Lucas is out with another girl now. Belle tells Sami to do something about this. Sami asks what she can do. Belle tells Sami to go tell Lucas the truth. Belle tells Sami to take a chance. Sami doesn’t think she can do that. Belle says that means Sami will end up alone. Belle says she has to go patch things up with Philip. Sami has a fantasy of setting a romantic dinner with Lucas. Sami says she made a big mistake and never should have pushed Lucas away. Lucas tells Sami that it’s too late. Manda enters wearing a wedding dress. Lucas leaves with Manda. Sami worries about losing Lucas for ever is she doesn’t do something now.

Jan tells Crystal that if John finds her, she’s going to jail. Crystal talks of leaving town. Jan says she has a very good reason to stick around. Jan remembers Shawn.

Brady shows John the rope that Nicole was tied up with. Brady asks John if he’s ok. John says he just has a headache. John and Brady leave to find Crystal. Nicole hopes Crystal is lone gone by now.

Jack has laid the tree trunk out over the ledge and hung a vine from it. Jack lowers himself on the vine and catches Jennifer just as the ledge completely gives out. Jennifer hugs Jack and is thankful that he saved her life. Jack struggles to climb back up the vine with Jennifer in tow.

Brady says they looked everywhere and Crystal has disappeared. Brady says all Crystal’s belongings are gone. Nicole says she knew Crystal left town after tying her up. John asks Nicole who hit him if it wasn’t Nicole. Nicole says she has no idea.

Jan says everything is going to go her way. Belle shows up and says Sami is crazy for thinking Philip has a crush on Belle. Jan hides behind some crates. Philip shows up and apologizes. He says he feels bad. Belle says she has accepted that Shawn won’t come back. Belle says the whole fight was her fault. Belle says that she needs Philip. Philip agrees to stay over at Belle’s. Belle says that Sami had this crazy idea about the two of them. Philip asks what it is.

Sami says she has to do something. Lucas and Manda arrive home. Lucas stops at Sami’s door and looks longingly. Manda notices that Lucas always gets that look when he passes Sami’s door and suspects Lucas still has feelings for Sami. Sami listens to Manda and Lucas’ conversation. Lucas says he’s just used to stopping and saying goodbye to Will. Manda asks if he’s sure. Lucas says he is not thinking about Sami anymore. Manda is thankful.

Philip asks what Sami thinks. Belle says it’s ridiculous. Belle says it’s over with Shawn. Jan knocks over some crates. Belle and Philip see Jan and are shocked.

John says he thinks Nicole’s original accomplice hit him with the shovel. John says he’s going to get the fingerprints from the shovel and then go after Crystal. Brady says Crystal will be tough to find. John leaves and tells Brady to watch his back. Nicole goes to hug Brady and thank him for believing in her.

Jennifer says the vine is breaking. Jack tells Jennifer to hold on. Jack saves Jennifer. Jennifer is so happy that Jack is alive and well. Jack and Jennifer kiss each other as it starts to rain.


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