Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/8/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/8/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Belle, Philip, John, Crystal, Tek, Bo, Patrick, Hope, Jan, Nicole, Jack, Jennifer, Davies

Belle’s loft: Philip packs his stuff and Belle arrives. Philip says there are no messages from Shawn. Philip says that is was a nasty trick of the radio DJ to prank call her. Belle says that was a horrible time to tell her Shawn doesn’t care any more.

The Kiriakis barn: Crystal says John isn’t being very nice either. Crystal says she hasn’t done anything. John says he knows Crystal stole Earl’s gun and keys. John asks Crystal if she set up Marlena.

The Kiriakis mansion: Jan says she’s not going to do it. Nicole says she doesn’t want Jan to kill John and Crystal. Nicole wants Jan to make Nicole look like a victim. Jan gets excited at the idea of beating up Nicole. Nicole says she was thinking of just getting tied up and then blaming Crystal for it. Jan still wants to rough Nicole up a little. In the end she agrees to just tie Nicole up and asks where the rope is.

On the road: Tek says that Hope is somewhere in the outskirts of town. Bo remembers Celeste’s premonition of Hope dying. Bo says he doesn’t believe in this psychic stuff. Bo worries he’s lost Hope forever.

The cargo plane: Hope gives Patrick one last chance. Hope’s shot misses. Patrick says he’s glad Hope has a lousy shot. She did it to prove she means business. Hope says next time she won’t miss.

The Island---the cliff: Jennifer asks Jack to remember Patrick. Jack says that he can’t remember. Jennifer thinks Jack is just tired and that’s why he can’t remember. Jack says it doesn’t matter right now. He asks Jennifer what the difference is between a square knot and a granny because Jennifer did girl scouts with Abby. A hug chunk of the ledge falls out from underneath Jennifer.

Tek says the signal is getting closer. Bo wonders why Hope didn’t wait for back up. Tek asks why someone would want to kidnap Jennifer. Bo says this whole thing is sick and wrong. Bo says it must be someone with a lot of resources. Bo says Lockhart is going to tell him everything he knows.

Jack says he missed Jennifer so much. Jennifer says she missed Jack so much too and that so much has happened since he’s been gone. Jack says life isn’t worth living without Jennifer. Jack says that Abby has probably changed a lot. Jennifer says that Abby is very mature. Jennifer says Abby has tried so hard to be strong. Jennifer says she missed Jack so much, she thought her heart would burst. Jack throws a vine down to Jennifer. Jennifer catches it. He says he’s going to pull Jennifer up. Jack hopes he has the strength.

Patrick says he’s the only one who can save Jennifer. Patrick says he has information. Patrick says he wasn’t involved. Hope wants proof that Patrick is innocent. Hope asks about the PDA. Patrick says it had access to her e-mail and information that was practically a map to Jennifer.

Philip says that he’s almost ready to go. Belle says Philip doesn’t have to disappear forever. Philip says Rex just believes that Philip is only biding his time to make a move. Philip is about to leave. Belle says she’s sorry.

Nicole asks Jan to tie her to the chair and then tie her hands up. Jan wants to hit Nicole. Jan starts to tie Nicole up. Nicole says Jan is pinching her. Jan says Nicole is a baby. Jan says she didn’t complain when Nicole stitched her up after Marlena stabbed her. Jan wonders if maybe Crystal is already talking to John. That would mean Crystal has an alibi for tying up Nicole. Nicole hopes that John hasn’t gotten to Crystal yet.

Crystal says that she had nothing to do with Marlena’s death. Crystal says that she doesn’t know anything. John says that Crystal is afraid of going back to jail. Crystal says it’s time for “let’s make a deal”. John says it’s time for Crystal to spill it.

Tek can’t understand why Hope would have gone after Patrick without backup because that’s the first lesson cops learn. Tek says the signal is coming from the airfield.

Patrick says Jennifer sent the number of the plane. Patrick says that he ran it through the FAA records. Hope says those records aren’t open to the public. Patrick says Jennifer was smart. Hope can’t believe she didn’t check her e-mail. Patrick says the last ten flights were round trip flights from Salem to a group of small islands in the Caribbean. Patrick says that must be where Jennifer is.

Jack hopes this works better than the last time they tried this. They have a flash back to when Jennifer was stuck in a hole and Jack is trying to save her. Jack ended up in the hole too. Jennifer says she loves Jack. Jack asks Jennifer if she’s ready. Jack reminds Jennifer to use her feet. Davies (who was thought to be dead) shows up and tells Jack to help him or he’s dead. Jennifer screams as she dangles from the vine.

Belle says that she’s sorry for the way she treated Philip. Belle says she was mad at herself and Shawn. Philip says he doesn’t like seeing Belle beating herself up. Belle wonders why she can’t get along with out Shawn. Philip says that Shawn is the only one who needs to apologize.

Jan finishes tying Nicole up. Jan is about to tape Nicole’s mouth shut. Nicole tells Jan to get out before anyone sees her. Jan says this is a “lose-lose” situation. Jan says if Crystal talks then Nicole is going down.

John says that if Crystal talks he’ll take the death penalty off the table. John says he thinks that the same person who killed Victor set Marlena up. Crystal says she had nothing to do with Victor’s death because she was in jail. John says that is the perfect alibi, but he thinks Crystal knows something. Crystal doesn’t understand how Marlena and Victor’s deaths are related. John says Marlena must have known who killed Victor and that is why she was set up.

Jack fights off Davies and goes back to rescuing Jennifer. Jack starts to pulls Jennifer up. Davies cuts the vine that is holding Jennifer. Jack is clinging on to the cliff. Jennifer tells Jack to save himself. Jack tells Jennifer to grab his feet. Jennifer says she can’t reach him. Jennifer says that the ledge is giving way.

Bo asks how much back up there is. Bo tells them to wait until he shows up. Tek says there must be an accomplice because Patrick can’t fly a plane.

Hope says she’s going to arrest Patrick and turn over the information to the feds. Patrick says there isn’t time. Bo tells the police to turn off their sirens. Tek sees Hope holding the gun on Patrick. Patrick says he can get in to save Jennifer without anyone seeing. Patrick says it is Hope’s choice.

Belle says she’s not giving up on Shawn. Belle says she’s not better off without Shawn. Philip reminds Belle about Chloe. Belle says Shawn loves her and that something must have happened. Philip says Shawn is his family and he doesn’t want him hurt. Philip says it really looks like Shawn is not coming back together. Belle says that Philip has never really been in love. Philip says that it’s time for Belle to grow up and become independent. Philip says that he knows what it’s like to be in love and in a relationship. Belle says she has changed her mind and wants Philip to leave.

Jan is surprised Nicole has the gall to threaten Jan while being tied up. Jan says she had nothing to do with Marlena. Nicole reminds Jan that Jan killed Victor. Nicole says that if one of them goes down then they all go down. Jan says that Nicole is ungrateful and isn’t keeping up with her end of bargain. Jan says she’s fed up.

Philip says he’ll go and is worried about what happens when the reality of Shawn hits her. Belle shuts the door on Philip. Philip says he tried. Belle checks her messages. There are no messages. Belle throws her answering machine at her door.

Crystal asks what the hard way is. Crystal says that he can’t beat the answers out of her because it won’t hold up in court. John says Crystal is right, but there is still Earl and Brady is probably caught up with him right now. John asks Crystal if the person she is protecting is worth it. Crystal says she tell him everything she knows.

Jan says that it’s time for Nicole to listen. Jan tapes Nicole’s mouth shut. Nicole says she can’t breathe. Jan says that Nicole is the cause of all her problems. Nicole tries to plead with Jan. Jan can’t believe she didn’t think of this sooner. Jan has a knife.

Tek watches Hope through the binoculars.

Patrick says that they are running out of time. Patrick says that the more people involved, the worse it will be. Hope says that Patrick can go, but she is going with him. Patrick objects at first, but then tells Hope to buckle up.

Bo tells Tek to shoot out one of the tires. Bo uses his car to try and stop the plane.

Hope tells Patrick to stop the plane. Patrick says he’s leaving and gets ready to take off.

Jack asks Jennifer to grab his feet. Jennifer says she’s scared and can’t do it. The ledge crumbles and Jennifer screams.


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