Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/7/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/7/04

By Nicole
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Characters appearing: Jan, Shawn, Belle, Philip, Nicole, Crystal, John, Patrick, Hope, Celeste, Bonnie, Tek, Bo, Jack, Jennifer

Jan’s country house: Jan paces around with her kewpie doll. Jan wonders if she should let Shawn make the phone call. Jan remembers her conversation with Shawn about the call.

Salem Speedway: Belle takes a call from Shawn. Belle can’t believe it.

Nicole wonders where everyone is. Nicole looks out on the patio and doesn’t see anyone. Nicole worries about John getting Crystal to talk.

The Kiriakis barn: Crystal looks around. Crystal is on the run from John because John is suspicious of her. Crystal thinks John hiring Earl was no coincidence either. Crystal hears a noise and then goes to hide. It’s John coming into the barn. John says that he wants to talk with Crystal.

The Salem Police Department: Bo asks Celeste what she means about seeing Hope dead in a coffin. Celeste remembers her vision. Bo says Celeste is wrong and Hope won’t die. Bo says if Hope dies then it is Patrick’s fault. Bonnie says Patrick is not a killer.

The cargo plane: Patrick is about to take off. Hope holds a gun on Patrick and tells him to shut down the engines. Patrick says they are taking off to find Jennifer and save her. Patrick says that if Hope stops him then she is condemning Jennifer and her baby to death.

The Island---The cliff: Jennifer clings for her life. She hears Jack and realizes he’s really alive. The weed she is holding breaks and she falls. Jack grabs her hand. Jennifer can’t believe that it’s Jack. Jack tells Jennifer to fight and that they’ve come too far to be separated now. Jack reaches out his other hand to Jennifer.

Bo says he’ll make sure Patrick pays if anything happens to Hope. Bo and Tek go off to study the messages on Jennifer’s computer. Bonnie says she has a bad feeling about all of this and she says it’s all her fault.

Patrick says that Hope is very resourceful and that she managed to get out of the cuffs and find another gun. Hope asks Patrick for the gun he took from her. Patrick says he left it in the car. Hope tells Patrick to lean forward. Hope takes Patrick’s gun.

Jack tells Jennifer to hold on. Jennifer can’t believe that Jack is alive. Jennifer says she’s sorry, but she can’t hold on any longer. Jack tells Jennifer that she can do it and tells her to grab his other hand. Jennifer says she can’t and then she falls.

Belle wonders why Shawn is talking in such a way. Belle realizes that “Shawn’s” voice sounds different and thinks it is a bad connection. One of the workers at the speedway tells Belle that it’s just a prank call. Belle is crushed that it’s not the real Shawn. It was a radio show playing a prank on Belle.

Jan thinks Belle is an idiot. Shawn asks Jan to reconsider letting him make the call. Jan says that Belle has forgotten all about Shawn. Shawn says that he will not watch the tape. Jan says she’ll make him watch it until he admits the “truth”. Jan puts in the tape and tells Shawn to watch it.

Nicole sees John come in saying that Crystal spilled everything. John says it’s over and that Nicole will get convicted. Crystal and Nicole fight. It was all in Nicole’s head and she pours herself another drink.

John looks for Crystal and tells her to come out. Crystal comes at John with a knife. John gets Crystal down on the ground. Crystal tries to stop John by kissing him.

Nicole says she has to keep her wits about her. Nicole talks to herself in the mirror. Her reflection tells her to worry. Nicole thinks John will be able to crack Crystal right away. Her reflection tells her that Crystal would turn in Nicole in a heart beat. Her reflection tells her to make it look like she is a victim of Crystal’s.

Shawn knocks over the TV. Jan says Shawn will get punished. Nicole calls Jan and tells her to come over right away or else Bo and Hope will get a call telling them where Shawn is.

Celeste asks Bonnie why it’s her fault. Bonnie says she took things from Patrick that weren’t hers. Bonnie says she is always putting herself above everyone else. Celeste says that it is not Bonnie’s fault. Bonnie says she’s a bad person. Bonnie says she won’t be able to forgive herself if something happens to Patrick.

Tek tells Bo about the messages from Jack. Bo says it was obviously a setup. Bo worries that Jennifer died in the crash. Tek thinks the crash could have been a fake to throw them off. Tek points out that the pilot already used decoys to confuse air traffic control. Bo and Tek wonder how Patrick is involved. Bo thinks Patrick is capable of anything.

Hope still thinks Patrick has something to do with Jennifer’s disappearance. Patrick says he’s the only one who can save Jennifer. Hope continues to hold the gun on Patrick.

Jack worries he’s lost Jennifer forever. Jennifer calls up to Jack from a ledge. Jack asks Jennifer if she’s hurt. Jennifer says that she and the baby are both ok. Jennifer can’t believe Jack is alive because Jack’s organs were donated and they buried him. Jack goes off to find a way to get Jennifer off the ledge. Jennifer talks to her baby and reassures the baby that Jack is brave and will save them. The ledge that Jennifer is on begins to creak.

Shawn rattles the door of the cage.

Belle can’t believe that she got a prank call. Belle still hopes Shawn will call. Philip thinks there are only two things that could have happened to Shawn. Philip thinks either something has happened to Shawn or Shawn is choosing to ignore Belle’s message. Belle thinks that Rex was right and that Philip is only biding his time with Belle. Philip says that Belle has tried everything to get Shawn back and he doesn’t understand why Belle allows herself to be treated like dirt. Philip and Belle argue about Belle and Shawn’s relationship. Belle says there must be a good reason why Shawn hasn’t come back. Philip thinks Belle is talking crazy talk. Philip leaves in a huff as he says that Shawn won’t be coming back. Belle is hurt.

Jan arrives. Nicole asks Jan if John or Brady saw her. Jan says no. Nicole says she needs her help coming up with an alibi or else John will send her to jail.

John asks if people really pay her for this. John lassoes Crystal as she tries to get away. Crystal turns to try and fight him. John hits Crystal and she falls into the hay. John says he’s sorry but Crystal left him no choice.

Bo asks Bonnie what Patrick has been up to. Celeste says Bonnie is upset now. Bo says Bonnie should be. Bo vows to get Patrick. Bonnie remembers her conversation with Patrick about Jennifer. Bo asks how long Bonnie has known about Patrick’s involvement.

Hope says that Jennifer is in danger. Patrick says that he’s the only one who can save Jennifer.

Jack says he couldn’t find any rope, but he’s going to tie the seatbelts from the plane together and lower them down. Jennifer says ok. Jack asks Jennifer if she’ll be able to climb up on her own. Jack says he’ll tie the seatbelts up here and then climb down to Jennifer. Jennifer yells that he can’t do that.

Shawn leans up against the cage. Shawn remembers taking Belle up to the roof of the hospital to see the stars and their future. He remembers proposing to Belle.

Belle tells Philip that there could be other possibilities. Philip says that Shawn only cares about himself. Philip thinks Shawn doesn’t deserve a girl like Belle. Philip says it’s not good that Belle is starting to believe what other people are saying about his motives. Philip says that he is a friend and that Belle needs to hear these things. Philip thinks Belle is headed for an emotional disaster if she spends so much time thinking about Shawn. Belle refuses Philip’s help. She walks away.

Jan says this is not her problem and it’s keeping her away from Shawn. Nicole threatens to tell Shawn about Jan killing Victor. Nicole says she’ll have nothing to lose after Crystal tells John everything. Jan asks Nicole what Crystal will tell John. Nicole tells Jan about how she paid Crystal to set up Marlena.

John starts to tie up Crystal. John says Crystal is going to tell him all about Marlena’s death. Crystal is still out cold and John finishes tying her up.

Shawn calls for Jan and rattles the door. He looks at the broken TV and remembers Belle and Philip dancing. Shawn says that he has to get out of here so Belle won’t think he doesn’t love her anymore.

Philip is upset that Belle doubts his sincerity. Philip says he’ll leave Belle alone. Philip says he’s going to pack up his stuff and move out. Belle hates what

Jan thinks the town should be happy Nicole killed the serial killer. Jan asks what the problem is. Nicole says Marlena is John’s wife.

John throws water on Crystal. Crystal can’t believe John hit her. John says Crystal is not a lady. John wants to know everything about Marlena’s death. Crystal mumbles something. John says he can’t hear her. Crystal says something else unintelligible. Crystal spits on John and John says she’s a bad girl. John starts to take off his jacket.

Bonnie says that Celeste’s premonition says Patrick could be in as much trouble as Hope.

Tek says that there is an open police channel. Bo thinks Hope might have left it open so they could trace her. Tek and Bo go off to find Hope.

Bonnie asks Celeste if Patrick will be ok. Celeste gets a vibe and says that things don’t look good for Patrick or Jennifer.

Jack asks Jennifer if she is ok. Jack asks why Jennifer doesn’t want Jack to come save her. Jennifer says that this didn’t work the last time this happened. Jennifer asks Jack if he remembers how long they were on the ledge together. Jennifer says now that she’s pregnant there’s a few added pounds. Jack says he can do it. Jennifer mentions Jack probably wishes Patrick was here right now because this would be right up his alley. Jack says he doesn’t know who Patrick is.

Hope gives Patrick one last chance. Patrick gets ready to take off. Hope counts to three and then shoots.


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