Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/6/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/6/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: John, Earl, Crystal, Nicole, Brady, Bonnie, Celeste, Bo, Tek, Patrick, Hope, Jennifer, Jack

Outside the Kiriakis mansion: John says everything is all set for Earl and Crystal. John says that Earl is installing a new computer chip. Brady says Earl is a prison guard and not qualified to do this sort of thing. John says Crystal and Nicole won’t get away with what they did to Marlena. Brady says that is only if they are involved. John says his gut tells him that Crystal will soon expose Nicole as the ring leader.

The Kiriakis mansion: Nicole helps Crystal downstairs with her luggage. Nicole says Crystal is off to the Cayman Islands. Crystal is about to leave the country when she sees Earl.

Brady says that John won’t be able to hear what Crystal and Earl are saying. John says that he will be able to hear everything they are saying.

The Salem Police Department: Bonnie says Patrick wouldn’t have taken Hope hostage. Bonnie remembers good things that Patrick has done. Bonnie worries Bo will act rashly. Bonnie asks God to protect her son. Celeste says God can’t give Bonnie the answer she wants.

In the alleyway: Bo wonders where Patrick is. Patrick tells Hope not to make a sound. Bo calls Tek and says there is no sign of Hope or Patrick. Hope moves and Bo hears the sound.

The Island---The Cliff: Jennifer thinks she can’t hold on any longer. Jennifer says she has to hold on for Jack, Abby and the baby. Jack comes to the edge of the cliff and reaches down to get Jennifer. He pulls her up from the ledge. Jennifer can’t believe that it’s Jack. Jack and Jennifer kiss.

Brady asks how John is going to be able to hear them. John says he has a plan. John has a flashback of offering Earl two year’s salary up front. John told Earl to install a chip in the Kiriakis security system. John says it’s a camera and a listening device. Brady says it’s illegal. John wonders whose side Brady is on.

Crystal introduces Earl to Nicole. Earl says John hired him.

Brady says he’s on John’s side. Brady says this is all against the law. John says that premeditated murder is against the law too.

Nicole wants Earl to leave. Earl thinks that Nicole set Crystal up. Earl is mad that Crystal got a mansion and he got unemployment. Crystal says that Earl was paid very well for his services. Earl says that John is full of questions. Crystal worries that Earl has said something. Earl says he hasn’t said anything yet. Crystal and Nicole go into the next room to talk. They worry that John will catch them. Nicole says that John is determined to prove Marlena died an innocent victim. Crystal says she was since they set Marlena up. Earl says he just needs the money and doesn’t care if Crystal and Nicole get caught.

Bo is about to open the dumpster when a black cat jumps out. He kicks the dumpster. Tek shows up. Bo says that Hope and Patrick are gone. Tek and Bo are about to leave. Hope lets out a muffled scream and Bo comes back.

Bonnie says that Celeste is here to comfort her not scare her. Celeste says she got a vibration on the way over here. Bonnie asks Celeste if she ever gets any positive vibrations. Celeste says what the universe wants to share with her is beyond her control. Bonnie wants to know if Patrick will be ok. Celeste says there is one way to find out, but it is dangerous.

Bo calls out to Hope. Tek says there’s no one here. Bo says he’s going to get Hope back if it’s the last thing he does. Tek reassures Bo that he’ll find Hope.

It’s night time. Patrick finally uncovers Hope’s mouth. Hope hits Patrick and tries to escape. She calls out to Bo. Patrick hits Hope and she falls.

Brady says he knows John has unique ways of getting information. Brady says if Nicole gets suspicious then Nicole will not tell the truth. John says he will get the truth out of Nicole. Brady wonders what the motive is. He wants to know why Nicole and Crystal would kill Marlena. John says he’s going to find out.

Earl says he’s upgrading the security system. Crystal and Nicole are suspicious. Nicole looks at the chip and realizes that it’s a bug.

John tries pressing the button and it doesn’t work. Nicole comes out and shows John and Brady the chip that Earl was supposed to install.

Celeste says that they are going to time travel in the future. Celeste says she needs to hold Bonnie’s hand and needs an object that belongs to Patrick. Bonnie hands Celeste a hair brush that Patrick says belonged to pirates. Celeste says they are approaching the end of Patrick’s life. Bonnie gets scared as the room grows dark.

Patrick handcuffs Hope in the car and then goes off to save Jennifer.

Jennifer says she was hoping and praying that Jack was really alive. Jack says Jennifer must know that Jack will always be alive in her heart. Jack disappears. Jennifer realizes that Jack is not really alive. It was all a vision. Jennifer is still hanging on for her life.

The Island---The Jungle: Jack looks at the luggage tag and calls out for Jennifer. Jack says he must save Jennifer. Jennifer hears Jack’s voice and is shocked. She wonders if it’s really Jack. The root she’s hanging on to slips.

Nicole says John won’t give up. Nicole thinks Brady knew about this all along. Nicole wonders why Brady won’t believe in her. Nicole says she thought Brady was the one person he could trust. John says Brady wasn’t involved.

Crystal says that John probably won’t pay him. Crystal says that Earl was involved in Marlena’s death. Earl threatens to tell John all about Crystal and Nicole’s plans. Crystal threatens to kill Earl before he says anything.

Celeste tells Bonnie not to let go of her hand or else the journey will be over. Bonnie says she’s afraid of the dark and wants to go. Celeste and Bonnie end up in the church and see a casket. Bonnie thinks Patrick is going to die.

Among some boxes: Patrick studies the logo on the boxes and it’s a palm tree. He checks it with the PDA. A man comes up behind Patrick with a gun.

Hope’s car: Hope wakes up. Hope says Patrick took everything: her phone, PDA and radio. Hope says that she can track her PDA with her GPS.

On the road: Bo puts out an APB on Patrick saying that Patrick is armed, dangerous and has a hostage. Bo says the hostage is his wife.

Patrick beats up the man with the gun and drags him behind the boxes. Patrick thanks the man for the gun.

Hope starts after Patrick and remembers seeing Patrick come out of the shower. She remembers questioning Patrick about himself. Hope remembers Jennifer defending Patrick. Hope says she will find Patrick. Hope takes a gun out of the glove box.

John says Nicole seems very nervous. Nicole says that she has nothing to hide. Brady asks John what will happen with Earl. Nicole holds out the bug for John to take. When he reaches for it, she drops it. Nicole steps on the bug. Brady says that Nicole was right and that bugging the house would have been wrong. Nicole asks Brady if he was going to let John bug the house. Brady says yes. Nicole asks why. Brady says he wanted to prove John wrong.

Crystal says the one Earl has to worry about is Nicole. Crystal says Nicole is known as the “black window spider”. Crystal says it’s not her fault that Marlena stole Earl’s gun. Earl says that’s not the way it went down and they both know that. Crystal says it’s time to tell everyone the truth. John is behind the garden wall listening in.

Saint Luke’s: Bonnie says, “There’s no place like home” and clicks her heels. Celeste says they have to look in the coffin in order to be sure it’s Patrick or not. Celeste and Bonnie walk toward the coffin together. Bonnie wonders why Bo is there because he is the one who went after Patrick. Bonnie and Celeste open the coffin and start screaming.

Earl thinks Crystal has finally come to her senses. Crystal says the only reason they lied in the first place was so that his wife wouldn’t find out. Earl loves his wife and doesn’t want her to find out he cheated. Earl agrees to keep his mouth shut.

Nicole says she’s sorry. Nicole says that Brady was just trying to help. Brady says that if Nicole is lying to him about this then it is all over.

Brady goes after Earl.

Nicole talks to herself in the mirror. Her reflection tells her it’s time to take care of Crystal.

Hope is in the coffin. Bonnie and Celeste return back to the present. Celeste wonders why they didn’t get any visions of Patrick. Bonnie is thankful Patrick is going to live and worries about Hope. Bonnie remembers that the brush belongs to Hope and not Patrick. Celeste says Hope is going to die and Bo overhears.

Patrick gets in the cargo plane and gets ready to fly. Hope gets on the plane too and holds a gun on Patrick.

Jennifer says she thought she heard Jack’s voice. Jennifer thinks she should hold on for the baby.

Jack wonders why he can’t find Jennifer. He thinks for a moment that she died in the plane crash, but then thinks otherwise. He calls out to her again. Jennifer calls back. He goes to the cliff. Jennifer sees Jack. The weed she is hanging on to breaks and Jack reaches down to get her.


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